Why Donate?

 Why Donate to Beezone?

a nonprofit (501(c)3) public charity and educational foundation

Why donate to the Beezone?

The first consideration before I
donate to any organization or cause is to find out if it’s
credible, and the second consideration is, “where’s the
money going?” So, let me start with the first consideration
“Is the Beezone credible?”

The Beezone is a legal nonprofit
educational foundation centered in California. It’s been
incorporated since 1998 and received it’s tax exempt
charitable status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in


a nonprofit (501(c)3) public educational foundation
established in 1998






Your donation will be used to maintain and improve Beezone’s ongoing research and compiling of its library now and in the distant future. I am the sole researcher and content provider for Beezone. Therefore, any financial assistance you give will help expand the human resources needed to keep Beezone one of the finest online libraries designed for the awakening and demonstration of an Enlightened World.

Thank you,

Edward J Reither