Four Primary Principles of Conscious Childrearing, Epilogue

Four Primary Principles of Conscious Childrearing


(unpublished talk by Adi Da, 12/17/82)

Children are like Mickey Mouse. They have that
same kind of force for us, that same kind of innocence. They have
received no bad news yet. They do not operate with mental problems,
and they act as if they are immortals. They can become afraid in
certain situations, but most of the time they act as if there is no
death, no threat, no problem, nothing negative about

We become profoundly attached, emotionally
attached, to these beings because they are free Life-Signs for us.
This says something about our adult life, about what we accept as
adults. We presume that only children should be Life-Signs to one
another, but we should not be involved in this mortal vision, either.
It is our responsibility to grow spiritually and not be confined to
the neurosis of the lower stages of life, so we can be Life-Signs for
one another. This is what those who consort with one another should
be—free Life-Signs, emotionally, mentally,

The spiritually alive personality is in some ways
just like a child—not uninformed as a child is, but free by
virtue of transcending adult information. We take our information too
seriously and do not take our Truth seriously enough. We should all
be like Mickey Mouse. The reason that we enjoy children is that they
have not learned what we have learned. Now that we have learned it,
we should not take it any more seriously than children do who have
not learned it yet.


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