Advaitayana Buddhism, The Introduction of


The Introduction of Advaitayana Buddhism

The name “Advaitayana Buddhism” indicates the unique sympathetic likenesses of Adidam to the traditions of Advaitism (or Advaita Vedanta) and Buddhism. In His examination of the entire collective religious tradition of Mankind, Avatar Adi Da has observed that these two traditions represent the most advanced Realizations ever attained previous to His Appearance. The primary aspiration of Buddhism is to realize freedom from the illusion of the separate individual ego-self. The primary aspiration of Advaitism (or the tradition of “Non-Dualism”) is to know the Supreme Divine Self absolutely, beyond all dualities (of high and low, good and bad, and so on). Advaitayana Buddhism is the Non-Dual (“Advaita”) Way (“yana”, literally “vehicle”) of Most Perfect Awakening (“Buddhism”). Advaitayana Buddhism is not an outgrowth of the historical tradition of Buddhism, or of the historical tradition of Advaitism. Advaitayana Buddhism is the unique Revelation of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, which perfectly fulfills both the traditional Buddhist aspiration for absolute freedom from the bondage of the egoic self and the traditional Advaitic aspiration for absolute Identity with the Divine Self.