Aurobindo – 150 Years Old

“So long as war does not become psychologically impossible, it will remain or, if banished for a while, return,” he wrote in an April 1916 essay titled, The Passing of War, two years into the First World War, illustrating that the need for war lies within; tanks and guns are mere puppets in the hands of more powerful generals driving armies within us. “War is no longer, perhaps, a biological necessity, but 
it is still a psychological necessity; what is within us, must manifest itself outside.”

Sri Aurobindo


Sage for the age: Remembering Sri Aurobindo on his 150th birth anniversary


Given the depths and heights Sri Aurobindo touched with experiential and realised knowledge, his teachings continue to be relevant in the 21st century, guiding individuals, collectives, nations. 

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Published: 14th August 2022 05:00 AM  |   Last Updated: 13th August 2022 02:21 PM