Humanity ‘All at Once’

“And now we see militarism and commercialism united in a loving clasp, coalescing into a sacred biune duality of national life and patriotic aspiration and causing and driving by their force the most irrational, the most monstrous and nearly cataclysmic, the hugest war of modern and indeed of all historic times.”

“No change of ideas or of the intellectual outlook upon life, no belief in God or Avatar or prophet, no” victorious science or liberating philosophy, no social scheme or system, no sort of machinery internal or external can really bring about the great desire implanted in the race, true though that desire is in itself and the index of the goal to which we are being led. Because man is himself not a machine nor a device, but a being and a most complex one at that, therefore he cannot be saved by machinery; only by an entire change which shall affect all the members of his being can he be liberated from his discords and imperfections.”

The Passing of War?, April 1916


Sri Aurobindo


“One whose understanding of the seeming world is founded on the heart’s own Perfect Knowledge of the one and True and Very Self of all, knows the one and True and Very Self of all is itself the one and only source of all and the one and fundamental substance of all. “In all the seeming world of universe, only the one and True and Very Self is, pervading all as all and transcending all by being all at once.”

Adi Da Samraj


Self-Liberated From

The Stave In The Wheels

A New Essay Written for the Book
Not Two Is Peace:
The Ordinary People’s Way of Global Cooperative Order
By the World-Friend
Adi Da

“Unless prevented from doing so, all systems will spontaneously righten themselves. The universe is a self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process. All systems are self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening-unless something interferes with the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process. The current power-structures in the human world are actually preventing the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process of humankind from happening.”


For this is certain that nothing we form and no outward system we create can last beyond its appointed or else its possible time. As this great materialistic civilisation of Europe to which the high glowing dawn of the Renaissance gave its brilliant birth and the dry brazen afternoon of nineteenth-century rationalism its hard maturity, is passing away and the bosom of earth and the soul of man heave a sigh of relief at its going, so whatever new civilisation we construct after this evening of the cycle, yuga-sandhyā, on which we are entering,—for those are surely mistaken who think it is already the true dawn,—will also live its time and collapse fiercely or decay dully,—unless indeed there is that eternal Spirit in things and he should have found in its keynote the first sounds of the strain of his real harmony, in which case it may be the first of an ascending series of changes to the creation of a greater humanity. Otherwise, all this vast clash and onset of peoples and world-wide bloodshed would be only a fortuitous nightmare, and the happiest known age of nation or mankind only the pleasant dream of a moment. Then the old-world gospel which bade us look upon human life as a vanity of vanities, would be the only wisdom.”

Sri Aurobindo, 1919