Bodily Enlightenment – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!


Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

Bodily Enlightenment

Enlightenment, or the truly religious and spiritual
Salvation or Liberation of Man, is a matter of literal
bodily transfiguration by the Transcendental Light or
Life-Radiance that pervades the world and the body-mind of
Man. That bodily Enlightenment does not occur as a result of
any manipulative bodily culture, but as a result of
ego-death, or the transcendence of the inner being (the
mind). Therefore, when self-transcending love fulfills
itself beyond all fear, all holding on to the psyche, or all
possession by the self of independent consciousness, then
the ultimate stage of human life begins – wherein the body
at last dissolves in the Light of the world.

All forms of bodily dissolution (or death) prior to
mind-death are simply instances of apparent separation of
mind and body, leading to conventional rebirth, or the
continuation of the illusions of independent subjective
experience. And all fulfillment of the mind, or the
independent subjective being, is only a distraction from the
true Self, the Divine Personality or Identity, which is
Realized when the mind is transcended.

Only when the mind or inner self dissolves, finally and
beyond all the effects of fear, so that the body-only
expresses the Ecstasy of Love-Communion with the Light of
Life, are we Awakened to the Transcendental Truth. It is an
incomparable Realization, and very few human beings have as
yet come to this tacit, obvious, and direct consummation of
the human cycle of existence.


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