Divine Incarnation and the Traditional Method of Death – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 9: The Western Way

Divine Incarnation and the Traditional
Method of Death


Traditional esoteric meditation systems are based on
duplication of the pattern of death (or “return”), expressed
via methods of inversion, withdrawal of attention and energy
from the autonomic or peripheral nervous system, exclusive
concentration of attention in the central nervous system and
the brain, and so forth. Such practices are exercises based
on prior emotional, philosophical, and psychic recoil (or
revulsion) from the relational pattern of psycho-physical
existence and experience. But once the processes of
inversion, meditation, or “return” have become complete – to
the point of a Transcendental Awakening or Enlightenment,
the motive of revulsive recoil from the relational or
dependent patterns of experience is itself transcended in
newly discovered Spiritual Happiness. Therefore, from the
point of view of Enlightenment (rather than the point of
view of suffering which provokes the conventional and
inverted search for Enlightenment), the “great path of
return,” or meditation in the likeness of dying, is

The Way that I Teach is founded on the presumption of
Enlightenment, rather than on the presumption of suffering
which provokes the search for Enlightenment. The Way that I
Teach is a Process wherein the Work of Enlightenment
determines the practice. My Argument, my Work, and my
Presence or Company among those who come to me all serve the
Awakening of the presumption of Enlightenment, so that the
individual may live and practice in the ecstatic disposition
of Transfigured Equanimity rather than the egoic dilemma or
self-possessed disposition of fear and entrapment.
Therefore, even though initial adaptation to the practice of
the Way develops many characteristics of interior attention,
the primary and ultimate force and attitude of the practice
is not based on a duplication of the exclusive and inverted
pattern of death (or the abandonment of body and mind). The
ultimate practice of the Way is Radiant, founded on Ecstasy,
or priorly Enlightened Equanimity, which spontaneously and
inherently Transfigures and Transforms the body-mind and the
world of its relations with the Brightness of the Divine
Life-Power. Therefore, the practice of the Way that I Teach
is based on self-transcending Ecstasy, or present
God-Communion, and that practice is expressed via a
duplication of the process of birth, or the Radiant
Incarnation of God, rather than on death, or the idea of
return to God.

Practice of the Way that I Teach Shines via Love, or
relational Happiness, free of doubt and separative recoil or
contraction of body, emotion, and mind (or attention). The
Way does not develop on the basis of self-possessed seeking
into the subjective or interior dimension (although the
evidence of the deep psyche is not strategically
suppressed). Rather, the Way develops on the basis of prior
freedom from bondage to the subjective position (or the idea
of an independent internal self).

The Way that I Teach is based on the presumption of the
Fullness, Onliness, Oneness, and Universal Presence of the
Divine Being, Who is the Identity of all beings, and in Whom
all phenomena arise as nonbinding modifications of Its own
Radiant Consciousness. Therefore, the problematic, internal,
independent, and separative self, enclosed and limited by
the body-mind, is utterly absent from the presumptions on
which practice of the Way is based. There is no internal,
finite, separate, and independent self. That is only an
illusion we conceive on the basis of our fearful recoil from
the experience into which we are Mysteriously born. But if
we Awaken to the Living God, the Radiant Self and Universal
Body of all, then we are drawn into Ecstasy, or fearless
God-Communion, in which the subjective illusions of the
body-mind are transcended in the Intuition of a Single,
Infinite, Radiant Field of Being, Which includes all beings
and things and processes and events, and in Which there are
no “consequences” for birth, change, and death, but there is
only the Eternal Humor of Love, Transcendence, Bliss,
Wisdom, and Happiness.

The Living One is always already Present, Alive, Inviting
us to Ecstatic Remembrance and Freedom in Divine Communion.
The Living One Transfigures or Outshines us in every moment
we Remember and Surrender into the Divine Condition, prior
to the self-recoil. The Living One is God, the “Expected
One” Who is always already here, the Eternal Master Who is
Shown directly to Man in the Incarnate Adept and Duplicated
in the Happiness of all True Devotees.


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