Body, Sex, and God Realization – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!


Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

Body, Sex, and God-Realization

Both the anti-sexual mind (or the self-conscious body-negating and sex-negating “oriental” mind) and the self-possessed sexual mind (or the anti-ecstatic body-exploiting and sex-exploiting “occidental” mind) are naturally and inherently transcended in the Mood of God-Communion (or heartfelt ecstatic and self-transcending surrender of the body-mind in the Radiant Transcendental Being). Therefore, in the Way that I Teach, there is no presumed “problem” about bodily existence and sex. If the problem is transcended, the “two minds” of our self-divided state are also transcended.

From the point of view of Transcendental Ecstasy, there is no inherent difference between bodily or sexual experience and the absence of the same. The existence or experience of psycho-physical states is neither inherently problematic nor demanding of either self-conscious suppression or self-possessed exploitation. In the Way that I Teach, the point of view of practice is neither toward nor away from phenomena. Rather, it is, in every moment, a matter of Abiding in Transcendental Ecstasy, or heartfelt inherence of the body-mind in the Radiant Being (prior to the form of experience). In that case, a natural psycho-physical economy develops, founded on the equanimity of Divine Bliss. That economy perhaps develops and changes over time, but it expresses the non-problematic or priorly free Disposition of Transcendental Realization. Nothing is added or subtracted from that Realization by any experience, and there is no profound tendency toward either the “coolness” of suppression or the “heat” of obsessive exploitation of conventional psycho-physical states.

For this reason, I have continually stressed the non-ultimate or conventional significance of mystical (or yogic, “upper coil,” and higher psychic or psycho-physical) phenomena. Such phenomena are founded upon the suppression, inversion, or sublimation of the vital, “lower coil” functions of the sense-mind. They are merely conditional or conventional experiential states (as are the “lower coil” states which are their opposite or lower counterparts). In any case, whether our present experiences are low or high or positive or negative in the spectrum of our possibilities, they are nothing but apparent modifications of the Radiant Transcendental Being, in Which we inhere, and Which is always already the Condition of “I” and all phenomenal events.

It is only the Realization of Transcendental Ecstasy that establishes us in the Divine Being as the Condition of all our experience. And only that Ecstasy grants us the equanimity, the power of discrimination, and the essential freedom necessary for us to be Happy and rightly oriented while alive.


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