Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)


Chapter 7 Part II

Root of Body and Mind Is in the Heart, and the Awakened
Heart Enlightens and Dissolves the
Source of the Heartbeat
Anatomy of the Seven States of Life
Heart, the Body, the Crown, and the Seven States of
Body of God
Anatomy of the Third Eye
Anatomical Secrets of Mysticism and the Higher Evolution of
Structure and Process of Transcendence in the Last Three
Stages of Born Existence
the Heartbeat and the Min
Is the Transcendental Consciousness and Radiant Life That
Pervades the Body, the Mind, and the
Evolution of Man and the Sacrifice of the
Three Primal Conditions and the Unique Truth of the Divine
Mysticism and the Radiant Personality of
Good Principles of Jesus
Was a Sacrifice, Not a Survivor
“Spirit” and the “Single Eye” in the Teaching of Jesus and
the Ancients
Is the Whole Body
Essential Teaching of the New


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The Root of Body and Mind Is in
the Heart, and the Awakened Heart Enlightens and Dissolves
the Body-Mind

The region of the body where the
heart appears is the region of
the primary root of the psycho-physical being. All of the
states of manifest awareness waking, dreaming, and sleeping
have their root in the region of the heart. The heart is
also the locus of the primary disposition of the entire
body-mind. That whole body disposition is free or
unobstructed feeling-attention-which is love and Divine

And that whole body disposition,
which is the root of all common states of awareness, also
has its root in the region of the heart. It is in the heart
that the primal transition or spontaneous original
modification is made, wherein the All-Pervading Life and
Transcendental Consciousness becomes self-conscious in the
form of an integrated personal being. Therefore, it is at
the heart that the moment of that transition can be
inspected, and its very process can be transcended. When
this transcendence of the self-defining motive in the heart
is Realized, then the Life of God is Awakened bodily, and
the bodily individual is Translated into the Radiant Divine.

The root of self-consciousness, or
the gesture of self-definition and of attention as the
bodily subject, may ultimately be intuited and felt to be
located to the right of the median of the chest. It is,
truly, a most subtle center of the “ether” of Consciousness.
It is located in the upper region of the heart. The heart is
tilted in the body. The larger mass of the heart lies toward
the left of the median, but the upper region lies toward the
right, and this appears to account for the sense that the
locus of self-consciousness is toward the right of the
median, by a distance of the width of perhaps three fingers.
In any case, it is indeed at such a point on the right that
the center of self-conscious awareness is to be found and
transcended. The root origin of self-consciousness is found
by the mature devotee in the Way of Re-cognition, and it is
felt and intuited on the right, prior to breath and
heartbeat, prior to body, perception, and

This locus of the heart, on the
right, is the center that must be penetrated, once the
body-mind is purified and intensified by regenerative
practices and higher contemplation. And only the penetration
of this heart-root permits the higher brain and the entire
psycho-physical form to be pervaded by the Transcendental
Radiance and Bliss of God, beyond all sense of independent
self, and beyond all perceptions, subtle or gross. Once that
invasion by the Flood of Radiant Life is made, the whole
body-mind begins to be Transfigured and Transformed by
Divine Love and Humor.

The Process of the free emanation of
Radiant Life from the Awakened Heart is one in which the
Heart Radiates toward the Great Center in the crown of the
brain, above the brain core and the functions of personal
perceptual and mental activity. The Life-Radiance is felt to
move to the crown in a spiral or coil, up and forward from
the heart region, back through the throat, and up and
forward in the corona of the crown. This is the Spiral
Radiance of the Heart, which Enlightens the brain and the
whole body.

The Radiance of the Heart may be
seen in subtle vision in the brain, but it is Itself beyond
all subject-object relations. Therefore, to intuit that
Radiance is to become self-sacrificed in It. For this
reason, the Awakening of the Heart and its Radiance, which
passes to the crown, and simultaneously to the entire body,
is a Process in which all self-conscious experience of the
body-mind is transcended by virtue of the Transfiguring
Power of Life.

The brain core may present subtle
visions of a mental and physical kind. Thus, the inner brain
may reveal its “bindu”4 or “eye of light.” That
“eye” is surrounded by a halo that is golden yellow, and may
also show us lights in the spectrum of red, orange, and
yellow, representing the lower structural vibrations of
bodily experience, the vital-physical and lower mental
functions, and the left side of the brain. And the golden
yellow halo surrounds a brilliant blue center, which may
also show us lights in the spectrum of blue, indigo, and
violet. And the balanced glow of green may also be seen
between the halo and the blue. The spectrum in the range of
blue to violet represents the higher structural vibrations
of bodily experience, the higher mental-psychic functions,
and the right side of the brain. Thus, the halo and the blue
center represent the balance of the body-mind. And at the
core of this figure, a shining, white, five-pointed star may
be seen at last, which shows the subtle origin of the bodily
energies, before all colors and all divisions and all the
play of body and mind.

But this vision in the brain core is
not the ultimate Radiance of God. It is only part of the
higher physics of bodily existence. The bright whiteness may
even be seen to pervade the upper brain like a crown, and
shine above the body into all of space. But the viewer is
the limited body-mind, and the vision is ordinary. Only when
at last the heart breaks and yields the born self, the whole
and entire body-mind, into the All-Pervading
Life-Radiance-only then is the true Bliss of Divine Love
Revealed, and “I” is gone beyond all knowing.


4. A
psycho-physical center or point that is the locus of
energies and transmutations of consciousness. A vision of a
single or complex center of light, or several points of
light, sometimes colored, is commonly referred to as the
bindu. The term may also be used to refer to a sense of a
locus infinitely above the thinking mind, and which is
Silent, beyond form and visibility.

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The Source of the

The ultimate Identity or Condition
of the human person is not a mind, entity, or object. The
inner core of the body-mind may appear to mystical vision as
a point of light or any other subtle shape communicated by
the nervous system, but the “Free soul” of the body-mind is
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. The relationship
between the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness and the
body-mind is epitomized at the heart, where the experiential
identification of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness
with the body-mind may be inspected and transcended. But
there is no independent soul in the body-mind. Rather, the
body-mind itself is the independent soul, or the
psycho-physical covering of the Free soul.


The Source of the Heartbeat
(the point at which the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness
is directly intuited)

The sinoatrial node in the wall of
the right atrium is the root of the Life-Current in the
heart and thus the entire body. It sets the basic pace of
the heart’s rhythm and so it is called the “pacemaker”.


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The Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, or the Free Condition of the body-mind, is
intuited through discrimination (“re-cognition”) at the
right side of the heart. The point of discriminative
intuition is not any muscular feature, such as the
grape-like recess in the right atrium, nor any subtle
visualization of lights in the central region of the heart.
Rather, the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is directly
intuited and discriminated from limiting identification with
the body-mind at the point where the Force of Life is
tangibly combined with the nervous system.

The bulk of the physical heart is in
the left of the center of the chest, but the “pacemaker” of
the heartbeat is located in the right atrium, or upper right
chamber of the heart. It is here that the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness is continually associated with
the impulse of Life in the individual body-mind. The nerve
impulses are sent from the sinoatrial node (the “pacemaker”
in the upper wall of the right atrium) to the distribution
point or atrioventricular node just below, and the space
between them is the true heartbeat, the area we intuitively
identify as the Life-Center, or the “seat of the

The “pacemaker” (sinoatrial node) is
unique among all the nervous structures of the body-mind in
that its cells possess an intrinsic rhythm. These nerve
cells contract continually at a relatively constant rate,
distributing nervous energy to the entire heart and
initiating the heartbeat. The rate of the heartbeat is
modified by hormonal and other psycho-physical changes
communicated in the body and the brain, but the primal
activity of the pacemaker is native to the pacemaker itself.
It works on its own, in direct association with the
Transcendental Force of Life, independent of the brain and
all other extended functions of the body-mind.

The identification of the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness with the independent body-mind
via the heartbeat is the source of the illusion of limited
or self-contained existence. Thus, in the sixth stage of
life, it is at the source of the heartbeat in the right
atrium that the investigation of the relationship between
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness and the body-mind
is made. When there is intuitive inspection of the sense of
identification with the body-mind at this nerve center on
the right side of the heart, the Free Condition of the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is Revealed, and
ultimate Mastery of the body-mind by the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness is assured.

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The Anatomy of the Seven Stages of

The purpose of adaptation in the
first three stages of human life is to establish and develop
the physical, emotional, and mental-volitional functions of
the extended body-mind. Thus, adaptation and growth occur
most prominently in the patterns of the gross physical
consciousness and the autonomic nervous system (both in its
sympathetic and parasympathetic or “right-sided” and
“left-sided” functions), while the central or cerebrospinal
dimension of the nervous system (the conduit of Life in Man)
remains outside the plane of consciousness and conscious
responsibility. Indeed, even the functions of the autonomic
nervous system remain essentially automatic and under the
control of unconscious and lower subconscious

In the first three stages of life,
the body-mind develops in its fully extended or gross form,
organized around the phenomena of the autonomic nervous
system and the gross physical-emotional-mental play of
experience. However, in the process, the conscious being
becomes superficial. Its sphere does not include
Transcendental, higher psychic, deep physical, or even lower
psychic responsibilities. The body-mind tends to develop a
fixed association with the gross physical plane of
experience, controlled by unconscious and lower subconscious
impulses or tendencies, which are organized via the
autonomic nervous system and the lower coil of the body-mind
(epitomized at the “navel,” or the solar plexus and the
complex of lower vital functions). Thus, the fourth stage of
life must eventually appear, in which the limitations of the
first three stages are transcended.

In the fourth stage of life, the
purpose of adaptation is to gain positive control over the
unconscious and lower subconscious motivations that create
the conventional patterns and phases of gross physical and
mental (or psychological) behavior, desire, emotion,
thought, and will. Thus, the processes in the fourth stage
of life purify, harmonize, and positively transform the
fixed, self-possessed, and self-divided behavioral patterns
of the unconscious and lower subconscious dimensions of the

The means of this evolutionary
procedure are spiritual. That is, the extended body-mind
(controlled by the autonomic nervous system and the
unconscious and lower subconscious tendencies of the bodily
being) is consciously submitted to the Transcendental
Reality and made to be obedient to the Law of sacrifice, or
love, in the pattern of all relationships.

The submission of the body-mind to
the Transcendental Reality, or the Divine Person, is a
matter of aligning the gross body-mind (or active
feeling-attention) to the All-Pervading Life-Current, which
is directly communicated to the central or cerebrospinal
nervous system. Thus, in the fourth stage of life, the fixed
association of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness with
the extended body-mind, the unconscious and lower
subconscious mind, the superficial conscious mind, and the
dual or dynamic patterns of the autonomic nervous system is
transcended. The Radiant Transcendental Consciousness,
communicated via the cerebrospinal nervous system, is
permitted to Master, purify, harmonize, and positively
transform the gross dimension or lower coil of the human

The fourth stage of life is the true
and critical beginning of fully human and spiritual life. It
is the beginning of literal functional and psychic
submission of the extended body-mind to its own
root-processes and its Transcendental Source or Divine
Decondition. In the fourth stage of life (and, therefore,
the practices of the Way of Divine Communion, the Way of
Relational Enquiry, and the first phase of the Way of
Re-cognition) the gross patterns of the body-mind are
realigned to their roots in the central nervous system
(expressed via the higher brain and the spinal line as well
as the whole bodily disposition of love, or self-surrender)
and to the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, which is
the Matrix of the central nervous system, and thus of the
entire body-mind. Therefore, in the processes of the fourth
stage of life, the central nervous system is released from
fixed and irresponsible or grossly controlled association
with the functions of the autonomic nervous system and the
gross body-mind. In this manner, the gross behavior and
status of the lower body-mind is purified, harmonized, and
positively transformed.

In the fifth stage of life, or the
middle phase of the Way of Re-cognition, the purified,
harmonious, and positively transformed gross body-mind,
including the autonomic nervous system, is entirely released
to the central nervous system. The central nervous system is
made to dwell in direct Communion with the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, but attention in the central
nervous system is exercised to withdraw the Life-Current
from its fixed association with the autonomic nervous system
and the gross body-mind. As a result, the gross dimension of
the body-mind becomes a matter of free association rather
than fixed or obsessive and irresponsible association, and
the center of Communion with the Transcendental Reality
becomes the brain core, the higher subconscious psyche or
mind, and even the superconscious psyche or mind. In the
extreme upward withdrawal of the Life-Current experienced at
this stage, the central nervous system is abstracted or
disassociated from the autonomic nervous system, thus
permitting a state of intense contemplative absorption in
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. However, this
state (or “nirvikalpa samadhi”) is merely a temporary
condition, dependent on the higher physiology and higher
psychic disposition of the human body-mind.

Thus, in the final development of
the fifth stage of life, it is realized that the central
nervous system, the superconscious mind, and the higher
subconscious mind are only transitory and mediating
mechanisms or forces. To project attention into the
extremities of the central nervous system, and even to enter
into the “light body” that surrounds and pervades the
central nervous system and the entire extended body-mind, is
not to be free in God but only to be relatively free of the
grosser play of experience. The felt separation from God
remains even in that case, and the mind retains the illusion
of independent or egoic existence.

In the sixth stage of life, or the
final phase of the Way of Re-cognition, the plane of
practice is removed from the natural circuitry of both the
autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system. The
body-mind as a whole is transcended in direct or radical
Identification with the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. The means of this Transition is
discriminative intuition at the point of the heartbeat, on
the right side of the median of the chest. At the point of
the heartbeat, the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, or
the Eternal Self of God, first enters into association with
the human body-mind. Therefore, radically discriminative
insight at that point yields the Realization of perfect
transcendence of the body-mind by the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. The heart of Man is thus Liberated into
perfect Identification with the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, the Divine Heart, prior to body, mind,
independent self or soul, and all conventions of independent
subjective experience.

However, the Realization in the
sixth stage of life is exclusive and impermanent in nature.
The Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is abstracted into
Itself, and It is Realized only by strategic exclusion of
the phenomena of the body-mind. Therefore, the seventh stage
of life appears, in which the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness is natively Realized and communicated in free
association (rather than in either fixed association or
fixed disassociation) with the parts of the human

Thus, only in the seventh stage of
life, or the Way of Radical Intuition, are all conditions of
the body-mind, or experience, natively transcended in
Identification with the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, while at the same time all conditions of
experience are subject to Mastery by the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, to the point of ultimate
Translation into the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.

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The Heart, the Body, the
Crown, and the Seven Stages of Life


The physical heart is the epitome of
the entire physical body. And the states of consciousness,
or psyche, associated with the general region of the
physical heart, epitomize the entire consciousness of the
human individual.

Thus, the lower section of the
physical heart corresponds to the range of physical
functions just below and above the physical heart-the solar
plexus or “manipura chakra” (which is also directly
associated with the anus) and the region of the throat (or
the “vishuddha chakra”).

The lower section of the heart lies
to the left of the median of the chest. And the state of
consciousness associated with the lower section of the heart
is the ordinary “waking” state, including the living and
responsive gross body consciousness (associated with the
solar plexus) and the verbal mind (associated with the
throat and the mechanisms of speech and discursive thought
in the brain). The state of waking consciousness is felt to
be associated with the heart in the left side of the chest,
because it is actually associated with the lower section of
the heart (which lies on the left side of the

Just so, the middle section of the
physical heart corresponds to the general realm of functions
in the midsection of the body-including the physical heart
itself, and the lungs-or the blood circulating and breathing
cycles. In itself, the middle section of the heart is the
“anahata chakra,” the wheel of the psyche. It also
corresponds to the creative dimension of life and
consciousness, associated with the sex organs (and the
“swadhishthana chakra”), the hands, and the brain core (or
“ajna chakra”).

The middle section of the heart lies
directly behind the median of the chest. And the state of
consciousness associated with the middle section of the
heart is the “dreaming” state, including both the
subconscious mind (associated with the emotional-sexual
functions, below the heart), and the superconscious mind
(associated with the superconscious functions in the brain
core). It is the realm of dreams and subtle visions, or
subtle knowledge, both low and high in the scale of Nature.
This state of consciousness is felt to be associated with
the central region of the heart, because it is actually
associated with the middle section of the heart.

The upper section of the physical
heart corresponds to the range of physical functions
extremely above and below the heart-or the crown of the
brain (the “sahasrar”) and the lower root of the body
(including the perineum, the “muladhara chakra,” and the
feet) prior to all association with activity in the psychic
centers or “chakras” that lie between the two extremes (or
the upper and lower terminals of the body).

The upper section of the heart lies
to the right of the median of the chest. And the state of
consciousness associated with the upper section of the heart
is the “deep sleep” state, which includes not only the
unconscious “mind” (associated with the pure elemental or
sheer physical state itself, prior to self-conscious
awareness) but also the Transcendental Consciousness, prior
to all forms of psycho-physical experience or experientially
defined self-conscious awareness. This state of
consciousness, in both its conventional and its Awakened or
Transcendental forms, is felt to be associated with the
heart on the right side of the chest, because it is actually
associated with the upper section of the heart.

Therefore, the process of our
Awakening and self-transcendence in Ecstatic God-Communion
must ultimately be considered in relation to the heart, the
epitome of the whole and entire body, the epitome of the
psyche or mind, and the epitome or “doorway” of the soul. It
can be seen, by the description I have just given, how the
waking state, even in its verbal or conscious mental
associations, is the most superficial dimension of human
awareness-even though it is conventionally the most obvious
and the one with which we feel most bound and identified.
And the internal or sub jective dimension of dreams and
mystical knowledge is only subtler than the gross dimension
of the body-mind. The interior and the exterior are a play
of high and low, “mind” and “body,” mutually causing effects
in one another. But the realm of subconscious and
superconscious dreams is, for all of its glamor, nothing
more than the compound of self-conscious energies-the
inwardness of the psycho-physical self (or the “covered”
soul). Therefore, Truth and Bliss are Realized only in the
case of Transcendental Awakening, wherein the upper section
of the heart becomes the instrument for the Enlightenment of
the Whole Body and the Translation of the Free soul into the
Divine Domain.


In the first stage of life, the
lower dimension of the heart and brain and body is born and
brought to Life. It is the living physical stage of
adaptation, corresponding to the ordinary waking state of
physical consciousness, associated with the solar plexus,
the mouth, the anus, and the cycle of eating

In the second stage of life, the
middle dimension of the heart and brain and body is brought
to Life. It is the primal emotional-sexual stage of
adaptation, corresponding to the ordinary, dreaming (or
subjective) state of relational feelings, reactive emotions,
and sexual sensitivity, associated with the sex organs, and
the cycle of breathing (reception-release).

In the third stage of life, the
lower dimension of the heart matures in its higher
functional realization-or the development of the will, the
attitude of self-control, and the elaboration of the mind of
verbal associations.

In the fourth stage of life the
middle dimension of the heart becomes dominant. The psychic
principle becomes the master of the mental and physical
principles. The lower functional range of the body-mind is
turned about, or reoriented toward the subtle etheric and
astral mechanisms upon which they depend. (Thus, the Bodily
Current of Life is activated, apparently rising from its
motionless and unconscious state at the muladhara chakra,
and expanding upward, to energize the swadhishthana chakra,
the manipura chakra, the anahata chakra, and the vishuddha
chakra.) And the moral disposition of self-transcending
relational love becomes the center of individual existence,
producing the life of service to others and of
Love-Communion with the Living God, intuited and felt from
the heart or psyche of the body-mind.

In the fifth stage of life, the
middle dimension of the heart matures in its higher
functional realization-or the development of the
superconscious mind, the ascent of attention into the Sky of
Wisdom above the brows (the regeneration of the Bodily
Current of Life at the ajna chakra).

In the sixth stage of life, the
upper dimension of the heart is Awakened in its own Root,
the Foundation of the body-mind, prior to extended or
experiential awareness. It is the stage of exclusive
Self-Realization, or the Awakening of Consciousness while
the body-mind sleeps.

In the seventh stage of life, the
upper dimension of the heart is Awakened beyond
qualification, in its Free State, wherein no conditions of
experience (or the body-mind) are either excluded or
demanded. Thus, in the seventh stage of life, the whole and
entire body-mind, extended between the sahasrar and the
muladhar, is Enlightened by the Radiance of the totally
Awakened heart, head to toe. The heart Shines in all
directions. Therefore, since the heart epitomizes and indeed
is the body-mind, the body-mind itself is entirely Illumined
by the Radiance of the heart. And as that Radiance
intensifies, through Transcendental love, or Heart-Freedom
in Bliss, the body-mind is gradually Outshined. At last,
that Shine is felt only between the upper right of the heart
and the extreme terminal of the sahasrar, or the crown of
the head and brain (since the upper terminals of the heart
and the head naturally correspond to one another). Then, in
sudden Ecstasy, all conditions Dissolve in Love-Bliss, the
Radiant Sea of Divine Glory in which the body, the heart,
the mind, the brain, and the Infinite World of Experience
are floating forever-undifferentiated and unknown, unless
there is the illusion of noticing.

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The Body of God

Those who meditate on the functions
of the lower dimension of the heart and the mind of vital
and verbal contemplation attain the etheric body at death.
Then they dwell for a time in the society of which the
elemental Earth is a shadow, and they are eventually reborn,
according to their desires.

Those who meditate on the functions
of the middle dimension of the heart and the mind of psychic
or high-minded contemplation attain the astral body at
death. They dwell for a time in each of the worlds or colors
of subtle and dreamlike intensity, until they become wholly
capable of Truth and Love.

But those who are yielded beyond the
world, the body, the mind, and the total psyche, and who
transcend the acts of attention by ecstatic submission to
the Disposition of the highest dimension of the heart, are
Translated into the Body of God at death. They abide
eternally in the Divine Domain, the Transcendental Form,
from which worlds and minds and bodies extend like the
superficial hairs of a peach.

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The Anatomy of the Third

In the fifth stage of life, the
sensorium, or the brain core, wherein the senses and all
mind forms originate and are controlled, is inspected and
transcended. The traditional descriptions and conceptions of
the ascent to the brain core tend not only to be
metaphorically religious and cosmological, but they tend
also to be related to the primary organ or function of
sight. Thus, the mysticism of the fifth stage of life is
most often communicated in terms of vision, visions, lights,
and the Ultimate Light above all lights. Likewise, the
position of contemplation in this stage is most commonly
referred to as the “third eye,” or the pineal gland.
However, all of this represents a simplistic and exclusive
or cultic point of view.

Truly, the higher phase of mystical
ascent, or the fifth stage of life, is a matter of
concentration of attention in the brain, or the roots of all
the sensory and mental functions of the body-mind. Thus, the
mechanisms of the brain core, including the cerebellum, the
fourth ventricle, the cerebral aqueduct (which is the
“narrow gate” of religion and the “brahmarandhra” or “hole
of Brahman” of yogis), the brain stem (beginning at the
medulla), the corpus quadrigemina, and the diencephalon
(including the pituitary body, the hypothalamus, the
thalamus, and the pineal body, as well as the third
ventricle), are all part of the field of ascended mystical
experience in the fifth stage of life.

Certain parts of the brain core are
indeed associated with the internal mechanism of vision.
Thus, an important aspect of practice in the fifth stage is
inspection of the various levels of the phenomena of vision
in the brain core. These areas of inspection of internal
vision are especially associated with the mechanisms of the
optic chiasma, the pineal body, and the visual cortex at the
upper rear of the brain.

However, other dimensions of
mystical ascent are equally as important as those of vision.
Indeed, in the literature of mysticism, the second most
prominent mystical phenomenon is that of internal sound or
audition. The “Word” is in the same primal position as the
“Light.” Thus, another important aspect of practice in the
fifth stage is inspection of the various levels of audition
in the brain core. The primary areas of inspection of
internal audition are in an ascending line, beginning at the
medulla (or the “Mouth of God”), and extending into the
auditory area of the brain, in the temporal lobe.

Although the internal senses of
vision and audition are the primary mystical functions, the
mysticism of the fifth stage of life also includes
inspection of the internal mechanisms of the senses of taste
and smell and touch. Thus, mystical ascent is associated
with a total heavenly or supersensual experience, even of a
dreamlike or psychedelic variety. But in the Way of Divine
Ignorance the significance of practice in the fifth stage of
life is not supersensual experience itself or belief in an
ascended cosmology wherein the soul journeys to God. Rather,
practice in this Way is engaged for the sake of direct
inspection of mystical phenomena, re-cognition of them as
merely conditions of one’s own body-mind, and thus the
transcendence of mysticism itself.

The mystical tour of our esoteric
anatomy may be summarized as contemplation of the
Life-Current via the roots of the senses and the brain-mind
in the brain core. The route of that tour of inspection
begins at the junction of the medulla, the cerebellum, and
the fourth ventricle of the brain-even though concentration
is simply directed into the basic brain core, immediately
above and between the eyes and ears. The progress of
inspection is upwards from the medulla, the pons, and the
midbrain, in association with the cerebral aqueduct. From
thence the circuit may appear to go up and then down and up
again, as the course moves forward to the region of the
pituitary body, then up and back to the thalamus (which is
divided into two parts). Then the course may appear to go
further back and somewhat down toward the pineal body,
before continuing up and back to the visual

The entire brain core, and not
merely the pineal body, is the true ajna chakra, the
mystical third eye, or the “seat of the soul” (as presumed
by the ancients). And by surrendering into the Life-Current
via the roots of the senses in the brain core we may
tran-scend all limiting associations with the phenomena of
body and mind, and so regain our intuitive identification
with the Radiant Life-Current or Transcendental
Consciousness Itself. However, this Ultimate Event may not
be Realized through upward concentration of attention in the
brain core. First there must be the dissolution of attention
in the Transcendental Consciousness, via penetration of the
bodily root of self-consciousness in the region of the
heart. Such is the Realization in the sixth stage of life.
Then the Transcendental Consciousness resumes its Identity
with the Radiant Life-Current, prior to all confusion by the
phenomena of psycho-physical experience. The mind, or
attention, is Translated into the Transcendental
Consciousness, and the body is Translated into the Radiant
Current of Life. Such is the Realization in the seventh
stage of life.

When the Transcendental
Consciousness and the Radiant Life-Current are Realized to
be One and Free, the anatomical corre-spondences to that
Realization are found in the heart and the upper brain. The
anatomical reference of the Intuition of the Tran-scendental
Consciousness is in the region of the heart, on the right
side. And the anatomical reference of the Realization of the
Radi-ant Life-Current, prior to the body-mind, is the crown
of the brain, or the upper region of the corpus callosum,
the upper ex-tremities of the lateral ventricles, and the
corona radiata (the true sahasrar or, metaphorically, the
Highest Heaven of God).

Between the heart on the right and
the corona radiata above, the Current of Life is felt to
stand like a pillar (or a “lingam”). Its Circuit appears
like an S-curve, moving up and forward from the right side
of the heart, including the total heart in the process, and
then passing back and up through the base of the throat to
the fourth ventricle, then up into the brain core and the
third ventricle, and thence to the lateral ventricles and
the corona radiata, or the Infinite Radiance of

The Current of Life between the
heart and the crown is Full of Transcendental Radiance, or
Infinite Love. And by its Power the whole body becomes
Radiant. In the seventh stage of life, or the Way of Radical
Intuition, the Process is one of tacit surrender of the
body-mind into the Living Radiance of the Transcendental
Consciousness. Thus, even the body becomes a Sacrifice in
that Bright Bliss. The body is at last given up in the
joyful Freedom of Transcendental Love.

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The Anatomical Secrets of
Mysticism and the Higher Evolution of Man

The fibrous white conductor material
of the brain core, ex-tending like a corona via the corpus
callosum into the cerebrum, and associated with the higher
brain functions, is the mediator of the highest functional
reach of Man. When the Radiant Life-Current or Bio-Energy of
the bodily being is fully polarized toward the brain, all
functions and perceptions are released from their objects,
and they invert, or become transparent, to the All-Pervading
Divine Radiance which is the Source, Sustainer, and ultimate
Destiny of the entire body-mind.

The spinal cord is a continuation of
the white fibrous conductor material of the brain, and it
contains a functional core of gray matter as well. The
general mass of gray matter in the brain surrounds the
coronal core of white matter. But the gray matter is
secondary, being only an extension or “effect” of the white
core, which forms the primary conductive material for the
functional nerve-force of the body.

The fibrous white material of the
corpus callosum joins the two hemispheres of the brain and
provides a “roof” for the precious core of the brain,
wherein the individual is defined and organized, bodily and
mentally. A corona of white fibers, called the corona
radiata, extends from the corpus callosum and invades the
entire brain with Life. The system of ventricles, or brain
spaces, surrounds the corpus callosum and the brain core
with the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid provides a
protective cushion around and through the subtle structures
of the spine and brain.

The system of ventricles in the
brain is curiously shaped and it is traditionally likened to
the form of a bird with extended wings. In the Hindu
tradition, a yogi who has stabilized the bodily currents in
the brain is thus called a “Swan” or “Great Swan” (“Hansa”
or “Paramahansa”). And when Jesus was baptized by John, the
Spirit, or Life-Power, Awakened in his brain was likened to
a Dove descending from God (or transmitted to the head of
Jesus via the hand of John). The “wings” of the swan are
pressed toward the front of the brain, and its “neck” and
“head” are ex-tended into the upper rear of the brain,
above the cerebellum. Because of the functional association
of the ventricles of the brain with the cerebrospinal fluid,
the brain core, the corpus callosum, and the coronal network
of white fibers, the higher brain states and psychic states
of traditional yoga are often related to the image of a swan
resting on a lake, with the sun shining behind. Also,
because of the association of the Awakening of the brain (in
the fifth stage of life) with internal sound, the brain core
is also traditionally likened to the shape of a conch, which
may be made to emit the “Om” sound, or the “Word,” that
represents the Creative Vibratory Source of all
psycho-physical phenomena (or all the experiences of Man).
The corona of white fibers in the cerebrum also may be
likened to an open and upturned flower, and so the image of
a lotus rising from a lake toward the sun is also commonly
used in the traditional symbology.

This complex circuit of white
fibrous material, in functional association with the organs,
fluids, and ventricles of the brain core, provides the true
“cave” or “royal road” of mystical religion and esoteric
yoga. The mystic and the yogi work to reverse the down-ward
and outward polarization or disposition of the bodily
core-the root system of the spine and brain. By various
means, a disposition of inward or balanced and upward
contemplation is established, wherein the current of
nerve-force or bio-energy in the body is polarized toward
the highest center of the brain. In this process, the
auditory and visual functions come ultimately to


epitomize the entire psycho-physical
system. The bodily currents are redirected or polarized, via
the spinal line, to the brain core. And attention in the
organs and functions of hearing and seeing is inverted, or
turned in toward the brain roots of these perceptions. In
this process, the brain centers associated with lower bodily
attention and the activities of the speech mechanism and the
verbal mind are sublimated and bypassed. Attention passes
along the lines of nerve-force, from the organs of vision
and audition, into the brain interior. On the way, many
levels or forms of perception and cognition are revealed.
The experiences are primarily of sights and sounds, in the
form of both subtle physical and subtle psychic or mental
states. These experiences are characteristic of the brain
core itself, independent of the gross

The route or way within the brain
core follows and touches upon the various functional
mechanisms of the brain associated with the “swan on the
lake.” The shape of the “swan” is traced, making a curious
pattern of arcs and tunnels, provided by the various
features of the brain core. Particular forms of internal
lights and sounds appear at each station. And various forms
of sub-conscious and pre-mental “visions” (including the
“crescent” or “quarter moon”) may appear spontaneously, to
characterize the state of mind at each station.

Ultimately, the bodily and brain
currents stabilize in the region of the “head” or “eye” of
the “swan. ” This primary center of the brain core,
associated with the pineal body, is traditionally called the
“third eye,” the “ajna chakra,” or the “bindu” (the lesser
center). It is the ultimate locus of personal consciousness
in relation to the subtle field of the brain’s relations,
perceptions, and cognitions. However, this is not the
terminal realization of mysticism and yoga. A highly
developed self-mastery, mental intelligence, and mystical
experience may appear in the case of an individual in whom
the internal Current of Life is stably polarized to the
pineal body of the brain. But the ultimate fulfillment of
the process of upward contemplation is in the release of the
Current of Life and Consciousness from all binding
association with the independent psycho-physical mechanism
of the personal body-mind. The Realization of the Radiant
Divine involves perfect transcendence of all specific and
self-defining functions of body and brain.

Therefore, the higher dimension of
the religious and spiritual Sacrifice of Man is associated
with the release of the bodily concentration of the
Life-Current, from the brain core into the white fibrous
corona of the total brain. This is attained by relaxation
and feeling-release of the concentrated energy of the pineal
body, the “eye” of the “swan,” into the “beak” of the
“swan,” where the proverbial pearls are separated from the

The “beak” of the “swan” is the
“Maha Bindu,” the Great Center, or the primal root of the
function of vision, in the upper rear of the brain, just
below the aperture or indentation in the crown of the skull.
When the Current of Life is able to pass from the personal
and bodily mechanisms of the brain core, or from the “bindu”
to the “Maha Bindu,” then there is release of all limitation
by independent psycho-physical states. In that Event, the
Life-Current breaks out of the bodily mold and the psychic
structures of the brain core, and literally Enlightens the
entire brain and body. This Bodily Enlightenment is
initiated via the spreading of the Illuminating Radiance of
the Life-Current into the white fibrous corona of the
cerebrum, and thence to the entire body. That corona of a
thousand or more fibers is the “sahasrar,” the “thousand
petalled lotus” of yogis, and the “halo” of the

This entire mechanism and process is
inspected, experienced, and its limitations transcended in
the later stages of practice in the Way of Divine Ignorance.
In the third stage of practice, the Way of Re-cognition,
stable upward contemplation in the brain core is
established. But in order to make the sacrificial transition
from the psycho-physical awakening of the brain core, or
“bindu,” to the release of the entire body-mind, via the
“Maha Bindu” and the white fibrous corona of the brain, into
the Unqualified and All-Pervading Divine Radiance, there
must first be the Radical Awakening of the heart, or the
disposition of the whole body-mind, to its ultimate Identity
and Condition.

Therefore, before the ultimate
Sacrifice, or Divine Translation, may be Realized, the
illusion of independent existence must be dissolved at the
heart. Mere upward contemplation is not sufficient for
Divine Translation. The heart must break in radical
intuition of the Condition of consciousness. Thus, in the
fourth stage of practice, the Way of Radical Intuition, the
Awakened Heart, or the Divine Self, rather than the awakened
“soul,” or the purified but independent self, is the
foundation of the Process of the Way. And the Radiance of
the Heart penetrates the brain core to its Root, Brightening
the total brain and the entire body-mind, and releasing all
of it, beyond sound and sight and form, into the Radiant
Divine Consciousness and Absolute Bliss of Transcendental
Love. By this means, the Sacrifice is fulfilled in the
Dissolution and Translation of the psycho-physical
individual into the All-Pervading and Transcendental
Radiance of Divine Existence.

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The Structure and
Process of Transcendence in the Last Three Stages of Born

What we commonly acknowledge to be
mind, or the activities of thought and self-conscious
association with differentiated phenomena, is a
psycho-physical process that is epitomized and expressed
through the complex of functions in the brain core. That
complex of functions is physically defined by the corpus
callosum above and the higher portions of the brain stem

This “mind region” of the brain is
also the area of mystical contemplation-or mental-psychic
experience of functions above the verbal mind and of objects
subtler that the gross physical. The gray matter of the
cerebral cortex is an extension of this brain core, and it
generally serves the various functions of the mind,
including the management and unification of physical
activities of all kinds.

However, the white matter above the
brain core is the terminal circuit of the Life-Current in
the body. It is the region above the conventional mind. It
is the borderland of all physical and psychic limits. It is
that mechanism which is brought into function when the
Life-Current is Realized in its All-Pervading Condition,
prior to the structures of the body-mind and the independent
subjective self.

The brain core is the region of
thought and mystical subjectivity. The region of thought, or
the verbal-intentional mind, is associated with the eye
level of the head, and lower. The region of mystical
subjectivity is associated with the level of the brain that
is at and just above the brows.

The region of mind associated with
the functions of the brain at and somewhat above the brows
is the general region of the “third eye” and the mystical
experiences of subtle or heavenly realms of the cosmic
order. But the white matter above the brain
core-particularly the corona radiata-is the Platform from
which the mind is sacrificed into Infinity. Such is the
“sahasrar,” or the region of the Transcendental Liberation
of Life.

Therefore, mystical processes lead
attention above the verbal-intentional mind, via the
Life-Current in the spinal line, culminating in the
structures at and above the upper extremities of the brain
stem. But attention cannot go higher than the deepest
profound of subtle objectivity in the brain core. Thus,
mystical interiorization cannot penetrate to Infinity.
Attention cannot pass from the “third eye” to the “sahasrar.

In the fifth stage of life, yogic
mysticism raises attention into the extremities of subtle
experience-or the heavens of ascended knowledge. But
Liberation in God is not Realized at that stage or by such
means. In order for the Life-Current to cross the Divide
between the “third eye” and the “sahasrar, ” or between the
body-mind and Infinity, the gesture of attention and the
illusion of an independent conscious self must be utterly
Dissolved in the true Self.

The highest extreme of the ascent of
attention is called “nirvikalpa samadhi,” or total
Absorption of self-consciousness in Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. But, in fact, the seed of differentiated self
remains in such ascended Absorption of attention. Attention
is yet extended outside the heart, or the root of
self-consciousness, as a gesture toward an independent
Object, and, therefore, such “samadhi” is not only
temporary, but it re-mains a form of subject-object

Thus, even though the independent
self may appear to transcend its own limits and the limits
of all objects that are less than Infinity, as long as the
gesture of attention is not itself Transcended, there is no
Perfect Absorption. For this reason, even “nirvikalpa
samadhi,” or selfless Communion with God, is actually a form
of “savikalpa samadhi,” or Communion between self and God.
It is simply an extreme form of Absorption, in which the
self appears to be Transcended, but in which it is simply in
a profound state of distraction.

Therefore, the mind is not truly
transcended in the fifth stage of life. And in the second
phase of the Way of Re-cognition, wherein the fifth stage of
life attains maturity, the subtle distinction between self
(or attention) and the Radiant Reality is observed and
re-cognized. When this occurs, the Process moves into the
sixth stage of life, wherein the gesture of attention is
re-cognized in the heart.

In the sixth stage of life, the
body, the contents of mind, and attention itself are all
re-cognized, or obviated, in the soul, or the Free
Disposition of Unqualified Consciousness, located in or via
the heart. In this manner, the soul is Liberated from
distraction, by Realizing its Identity with the true Self.
That Identity is not true of the manifest or covered soul,
the “I,” the body-mind. Rather, it is priorly or Eternally
true of the Free soul, prior to the “I” of the body-mind.
Therefore, when the “I” is made a radical Sacrifice in the
heart, the soul Awakens to its Transcendental

Even so, the sixth stage of life is
not the terminal or Perfect stage. Enlightenment is not the
Realization of the inner being, the soul in its strategic
independence from the phenomena of differentiated
experience. Rather, Enlightenment is Ecstasy, or
Transcendence, which neither includes nor excludes
phenomena. Only in this Disposition is the soul Free. And
only when the soul is in this Disposition do its
psycho-physical or experiential, coverings become gradually
obsolete and fall away, through motiveless non-use or

Thus, in the seventh stage of life,
or the Way of Radical Intuition, the soul Exists in Ecstasy,
as the Heart (rather than in the heart, or the inner being).
And in this Perfect stage of life the Bodily Life-Current is
Released or Liberated from the body-mind and all association
with the internal mechanisms of the brain core. When the
devotee abides as the Heart, re-cognizing all phenomena as
only unnecessary modification of Itself, while It neither
embraces nor resists any experiential condition-then the
Bodily Life-Current becomes not only naturally polarized
toward the brain, and thereby Released from concentration in
the lower functional body, but it is actually Released even
from concentration in the brain. This is due to the fact
that the mind, or the independent gesture of attention, is
itself Dissolved through re-cognition in the

Therefore, in the Way of Radical
Intuition, the Bodily Life-Current is Released from its
structural association with the body-mind. This only occurs
when the root of the body-mind, which is the gesture of
attention, is re-cognized or Dissolved in the Heart. It is
not that attention, or the mind, passes up with the
Life-Current, through the crown or fontanelle, beyond the
gross body, into an astral body and astral realms of
experience. Rather, the mind is itself Dissolved in the
Heart, the Divine Self. Therefore, the Life-Current of the
body-mind is Released from the structural destiny of the
covered soul. In this manner, the “sahasrar” is not merely
Illuminated in itself, but the Bodily Life-Current is
Identified with the Universal All-Pervading Radiance of the
Heart, the true Self. Therefore, the Life-Current does not
itself pass up and out through the crown, but it is Diffused
Universally in the Heart, via the body-mind as a whole. (The
Life-Current in the spinal line is polarized to the crown,
but it simply Radiates as a whole, in all directions to
Infinity, without passing up and out. Movements up and down
are not true of the Life-Current itself, but they only
reflect the motion of attention in the Life-Current, and
attention itself is, in the Terminal Event, Dissolved in the
Transcendental Ecstasy of the Heart.) Such is the mechanism
of Whole Bodily Transcendental Enlightenment. It is
Perfected only in Ecstasy, or utter Transcendence of the
structural limits of the body-mind and the independent
subjectivity or differentiated self of the inward soul.

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Beyond the Heartbeat and the

There is a Current of Vibratory
Force pervading the entire body. It is the body’s Life and
the Light of its mind. It may be felt to be identified with
either the whole body itself or with the prior Condition of
the whole body. It is perfectly identical to the whole body
itself, but it is ultimately not qualified by the finite
body or any of its conditions. It appears to be structured
and limited via the mechanisms of the gross body, and its
principal functional locus is thus identified with the
spinal line, running from toe to crown, and vice versa. The
elemental and outer aspect of the whole body is controlled
by the pervading Current, as etheric, or electrical and
magnetic, energy. Thus, the illusions of conventional
subjectivity and inwardness involve a turning of attention,
the egoic expression of the Life-Current of the manifest
bodily-being, from the lower body and its outward functions
and toward the upper body and the brain, which is the
controlling core of the outer functions. But the Truth of
the whole body is at the heart, where the prior Condition of
the Current of the body is intuited, prior to all
differentiation of form and thought and self.

The brain controls all of the
psycho-physiology of the gross being. That is, the
Life-Current of the whole body controls the gross processes
via the brain and the descending structures of the nervous
system. Thus, the heartbeat is also controlled or regulated
via the brain and nervous system, but the heartbeat itself
originates at the heart itself, in its direct association
with the All-Pervading Life. The region of the heart is the
central and senior dimension of the whole and entire body.
Indeed, the heart, the dimension of feeling-intuition, is
the epitome of the whole body, whereas the brain is only a
part of the whole body. The heart is the dimension of the
manifest being wherein the Current of Radiant Life that is
pervading the structures and controls of the whole body is
contacted directly and intuitively, prior to perception and
conception. Life is “located” at the heart, prior to all
limitation-even prior to the heartbeat.

The heartbeat is a manifestation of
the extended and defined being. It is, like thought and the
mechanics of the brain, an expression wherein and whereby
the All-Pervading and Prior Condition of the Life-Current of
the whole body is interpreted and defined in limitation. The
Truth of the whole body is at the heart. That is, the
Transcendental Condition and Life of the whole body is
intuited, through penetration of the limiting reactivity of
the whole body, to be prior to the heartbeat, and thus prior
to self, mind, body, and all relations.

Therefore, the Way in Truth is not
toward or within the bodily structures themselves, nor even
toward any perception or conception, gross or subtle,
impressed upon the All-Pervading Current of Life via the
nervous system and the brain. The Way of Truth is at the
heart, prior to recoil and structure, prior to every
extension and action of manifest existence and experience.
It is the Sacrifice of the whole body at Infinity. It is
Love rather than Yoga. In the Process of this Way, the
psycho-physiology of body, life, and mind, even of the
higher mind and the inner self, is transcended. The tyranny
of the heartbeat and the bodily structures wherein
consciousness is defined and the Infinite is differentiated
are all obviated released of the power of implication and
limitation. Then the very Divine stands forth, in radical
intuition, as the Truth of the All-Pervading Current or
Radiant Life, of which all differentiated conditions are the
present modification.

When the heartbeat, the structures
of the body, the brain, and the mind cease to define the
consciousness, then consciousness is Realized as the Heart,
the Condition in Reality, the Radiance of God prior to all
knowledge. Such is ultimate Self-Knowledge, the Foundation
of Bodily Enlightenment. True or Perfect Enlightenment is
Sacrifice of the whole body at Infinity, rather than the
attainment of consoling structural and subjective states of
the differentiated being, high or low. When that Sacrifice,
Love, or Radiance is perfect in Ignorance, the body-mind
Dissolves in Divine Translation of Consciousness, from the
planes of unnecessary modification to the Perfect Domain of
Bliss, wherein there is Perfect Responsibility for all
Experience. That Translation is the necessary Destiny of
devotees in the Way of Radical Intuition. It is the Gift of
God. Until it is given, the arising of manifest conditions
continues, during the present life and in conditions after
the present life is past. Until then, all conditions are
tacitly re-cognized, on the basis of radical intuition of
the Real Condition of all present arising, and no condition
has power to suppress the essential Bliss or Radiance of
Divine Ignorance. At last the unqualified intuition of the
Real Condition is transformed into unspeakable Glory beyond
the worlds of mysterious problematic embodiment.

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God Is the Transcendental
Consciousness and Radiant Life That Pervades the Body, the
Mind, and the World

The entire world, and every living
individual, is pervaded by a Transcendental Consciousness
and Radiant Energy that is the single Identity and Ultimate
Source, Sustainer, Mover, Transformer, and Destiny of every
thing and every one. That is God, the Divine, the Real, the
All-Pervading, Transcendental, Bliss-Full

The individual body-mind is a
temporary and dependent ex-tension, reflection, and
modification of the Very and Living Divine. The individual
does not in any way create or sustain itself, or determine
its ultimate Destiny. The individual is wholly and always
presently dependent on the Divine, which is alive as all
beings. Only cooperative, conscious, and self-released
participation in the Divine by the individual body-mind
permits the Divine to Sustain and Determine a benign or
ultimately positive and transforming individual life-cycle,
and to draw the individual into the Destiny that is Divine.
But if the individual recoils from the Divine Life and
Identity, then the life-cycle degenerates, and reactive
experiential destinies bind the individual to illusions,
until he is Awakened from self to God.

The Divine as All-Pervading Radiance
spontaneously individuates as the bodily form, and pervades
that form as Life, whereas the Divine as Transcendent
Ignorance eternally transcends all forms as Unqualified
Consciousness. The Life-Radiance is ex-pressed, or
spontaneously modified, not only as the bodily form, but
also as its states of feeling and mentality. The range of
experiential states-bodily, vital, emotional, and mental, as
well as unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and
superconscious-is broad and complex, ordinary and
extraordinary. But no experiential state, however high in
the structural scheme of our born possibilities, is itself
the Realization of the prior Divine Condition or Absolute
Truth of the body-mind. And unless that Condition and Truth
is Realized in the present moment of experiencing,
experience itself, no matter how extraordinary, is
self-binding, deluding, degenerative, and an instrument of
separation from the Bliss of God.

Individual existence in a world is a
riddle and a torment, unless it may be established in right
Relationship to the Radiant Reality that is its Life, or
Energy, and in right Identity with the Transcendental
Ignorance, or Unqualified Consciousness, that is its very
Self. And the Way in which we may live in such right
Relationship and Identity with the Divine Reality, free of
fear and illusion, is in conversion, or the “turn about” of
every aspect of the body-mind, from self-possession to
Ecstatic God-Communion.

All the religious and spiritual
“Ways” that have been communicated among men are historical
gestures toward the self-sacrificial or Ecstatic Communion
of the individual with the One and Ultimate Divine Reality.
The Way of Divine Ignorance is simply a most radical,
summary, and completely considered form of this necessary
obligation of Man.

Communion with the Radiant and
Transcendental Divine is ecstatic sacrifice of the whole and
entire body-mind into the Radiant Energy that pervades it
and the Unqualified Consciousness with which it is
Identical. And the process of such Communion assumes a
particular character in the case of the human individual,
because the structure that must yield into the Divine is
constructed or fabricated according to a specific complex

Clearly, the common characteristics
of human individuals are bodily, vital, emotional, and
mental. Therefore, the most rudimentary form of Divine
Communion is the intuitive turning of all bodily, vital,
emotional, and mental functions, conditions, experiences,
and relations into forms of functional surrender to the
Radiant Divine Life. Such is the whole bodily religious
obligation presumed in the Way of Divine Ignorance by
members of The Free Communion Church. In that process, the
Living Power of God is permitted to pervade, enliven,
sustain, transform, and Awaken the entire bodily being. And
the primary instrument of that process is the whole bodily
disposition of ecstatic or self-releasing sacrifice into the
Divine. That disposition is the one of total, profound, and
free feeling-attention, or relaxation of the entire
body-mind into the All-Pervading Life through love. The
means of this sacrifice includes devotional practices, forms
of personal functional discipline of a wholly regenerative
kind, and a continuous moral orientation to others through
heartfelt service and clear-minded intelligence.

As the individual matures in
Communion with the Living and Transcendental Divine, the
unique and specific design of his own structural condition
becomes more and more apparent. Therefore, the process of
Sacrifice in God begins to take on more of the “esoteric”
form of a highly sophisticated yogic exercise. And growth in
this Way begins to include higher psycho-physical awakening
to the structural design by which the individual body-mind
mediates the Radiant Energy and Unqualified Consciousness of
the Divine.

The illusion of independent
existence as a subtle body-mind or “soul” is a great
temptation in the advancing stages of spiritual maturity,
just as the illusion of independent existence as a gross and
worldly body-mind tempts and occupies the usual man in his
subhuman ordinariness. Therefore, the Sacrifice of the
body-mind in the Living Divine must continue and become even
more pro-found as the subtler experiential revelation of the
structures of the human body-mind increases-or else such
growth can itself lead to an intensely deluding form of
psychic self-possession.

All of the functions of the human
body-mind must ultimately participate in this Ecstatic
Sacrifice. But there is a primal core to the body-mind that
represents its fundamental structural orientation. It is the
disposition of this core that determines whether experience
is subtler and more mental or grosser and more physical, and
whether experience will be an end in itself or a form of
participatory sacrifice in the Radiant Divine

The central white fibrous core of
the brain, extended into the gray matter of the brain mass,
together with the central white and gray core of the spinal
column, is the primal structural feature of the human
body-mind. The white fibrous material of the brain core is
the central carrier of the bio-energy that is extended from
the All-Pervading Radiant Current of the Living Divine. All
thought, perception, sensation, form, and activity develop
as an extension of this white vibratory core of the

Therefore, as the individual matures
in the Way of Divine Ignorance, more and more sophisticated
inspection and responsibility arise relative to the
structural and bio-energetic core of experience. However,
that bio-energetic core is not Truth, nor is any
experiential modification of that core a form of
God-Realization. Rather, that core itself must become the
ultimate Sacrifice in God. The experiential core of the
body-mind is secondary to the Divine Disposition or Ecstatic
Sacrificial gesture of the whole body-mind itself.
Therefore, at every stage of practice in the Way of Divine
Ignorance, structural responsibilities of either a
functionally extended or a primal variety are awakened, but
all experience of the body-mind is re-cognized, or yielded
into the very Divine. Thus, the whole bodily disposition of
the heart is senior to the primal structural core of
experience, whose primary seat is in the upper rear of the
brain core and in the crown as a whole. The body-mind itself
is secondary to Love, or the Ecstatic Sacrifice of the

In the seventh stage of human life
in God, which coincides with maturity in the Way of Radical
Intuition (the fourth or perfect stage of practice in the
Way of Divine Ignorance), the whole and entire body-mind
becomes a perfect Sacrifice into the Radiant Divine, and
Translation into the Divine Domain of Existence occurs. The
mechanics whereby this Translation occurs may truly be
understood only in the case of actual Realization. But the
primary structural armature or root of the Sacrifice is the
one defined by the intercourse or Living Connection between
the root terminal at the right side of the heart (or the
Awakening to Identity with the Un-qualified Consciousness or
Divine Ignorance of the Real) and the primal terminal of the
brain, the corona radiata and the rear-most upper extensions
of the corpus callosum and the pineal body (or the Awakening
to Perfect Sacrifice of all experiential states in the
All-Pervading Transcendental Radiance of the Divine
Reality). This Spiral Current between the heart and the
crown is simply the primary evidence of a Process wherein
the Awakened heart Radiates simultaneously in every part of
the body-mind, and beyond the body-mind, to the degree of
Infinity. The Radiance of the heart is a single
Transcendental Medium, whereby Dissolution of the
in-dependent experiential states of the body-mind occurs in
the ultimate spiritual Realization of God.

All of this talk of structural
esotericism and Divine Translation is remarkable, most
profound, and clearly beyond the capacity of the ordinary or
subhuman understanding common at this stage of evolution on
Earth. But the whole affair is necessary and in-evitable. No
thing can remain separate from God forever. Both a basic
understanding of this process and a most direct Awakening to
the Divine are within the capacity of anyone who responds to
the Argument and the Person of the Spiritual Master. It is
only necessary to “hear” and to “see”-to renounce one’s
loveless and self-possessed independence, or one’s
childishly self-possessed tendency to dependence, and to
surrender in a “manly” fashion (whether male or female) to
the Divine Understanding and Presence that is Inherently and
Eternally at Work in every world, and in every man, and in
every part.

This was made clear to Bubba by the
Graceful God and En-ightener of Krishna and Gautama, Moses,
Jesus, and Mohammed, Ramakrishna, Shirdi Sai Baba, Divine
Nityananda, and Beloved Ramana Maharshi. Do not be deceived
by the madness of the times and the sophistications of
ordinary men. The same God that Awakened Me is at Work in
the heart and even in the bodily cells of Man, and that same
One can remove the doubts and torments of any one at

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The Evolution of Man and the
Sacrifice of the World

Man is only a brief design in the
numberless evolutionary stages of the World. And the
individual human being is only a moment, a specimen, a
partial realization of Man. The individual is not made for
his own sake, but to be a sacrifice toward Man-so that Man
may fulfill his evolutionary destiny. And Man is not made
for his own sake, but to be a sacrifice toward the ultimate
evolutionary process of the World. And the World is not made
for its own sake, but to be a sacrifice to the unqualified
and eternal Divine. If the design of Man is examined, he is
revealed to be a composite of all previous creatures,
environments, and experiences. His body below the brows is a
machine of animals and elemental cycles. He is full-made of
horses and crocodiles, honey bees and swans, sardines and
earth forces, redwood and fruit palm, Amazon, Pacific, solar
fire, Everest, weather of water and air, all the usual
stars, and antique ocean mammals leaning away from Earth. He
is not truly unique below the brows. He is, rather, a
summation of all that came before him and every thing that
he already knows.

But Man is also a new stage in the
event of time. His newness or uniqueness is hidden in the
brain. His lower or vital brain, including his rudimentary
speech and thought, is part of the summary and reflection of
the past. But the middle range of his brain, beginning with
the higher verbal or abstract mental functions, is the
doorway to the future. And above the thinking and imaging
function of the middle brain is the naked mass of yet
unadapted purity, the higher brain, which Communes with
Light. This higher brain is the structural cauldron of the
present and future evolutionary changes of Man and what is
beyond Man in the scheme of the World.

The individual is only a moment, and
his structural adaptation of the whole body-mind to its
potential above the brows is generally quite modest, if it
occurs at all. Man, at any moment, is the summary of what
has been. Therefore, the millions or billions of men and
women who live and die in every generation may add a
fraction of development to the destiny of Man. But the
Teaching of Truth is also given to all, so that the
principles of structural evolution may be grasped and
fulfilled by at least a few in every generation. Thus, the
realization of these few is also added to Man, and all
future men and women may be raised up by such

The Spiritual Master is given the
task of communicating the Laws of evolution and of sacrifice
to his own generation, so that Man may be raised up in God.
And the Spiritual Master himself advances the evolution of
Man by a difficult process of personal psycho-physical
transformation. But what he realizes cannot be added to Man
until many representatives of mankind embrace the Way of
Truth and submit to the process of transformation and

The individual is a sacrifice to God
through Man. Man is a sacrifice to God through the World.
The World is a sacrifice to God in every present moment.
Therefore, all things and beings are a present, past, and
future sacrifice toward a Condition that no one in time can
appear to have Realized Perfectly-since everyone in the
present summarizes the past, and a few, at best, demonstrate
an Awakening to the future and ultimate Condition. But even
the Spiritual Master generally appears to others in the
bodily form of the present state of Man.

Even so, the radical Realization of
the ultimate Destiny of the World is possible in the present
and in the case of any individual who will give himself up
to the Divine in Truth. This is also the Teaching and the
Demonstration of the Spiritual Master. Most individuals are
content to pursue an ordinary personal destiny, by
exploiting what Man has already become. Such individuals
live a basically subhuman life, and they add nothing new to
Man. Others are not content unless they can exceed
themselves. But unless they transcend the old creature and
enter into the development of the higher brain, they do not
exceed the present state of Man. Therefore, only a few
individuals in every generation enter into the evolutionary
module of the higher brain, through which the whole body is
brightened in the universal Field of Light. Such individuals
work changes in themselves by exploiting the potential of
Man. But until what they do is also communicated and lived
by greater numbers of individuals, even their experiment is
not added to the Incarnation of Man.

Therefore, the Spiritual Master
appears, to communicate the Way of the transcendence of self
and the transcendence of the present stage of Man so that
mankind may more generally fulfill the higher trend of
evolution, rather than fall back upon itself in regressive
self-possession and exploitation of the elemental

However, the Spiritual Master is
also full of Transcendental urgency. He also communicates to
Man. He reminds Man that even he is a moment, a process,
grotesque when seen in himself. He reminds Man that his
beauty and happiness are in his Ecstasy, his sacrifice
toward what is yet to come and what is Perfect. He reminds
Man that his true Destiny is not in his own evolutionary
fulfillment, but in the fulfillment of the sacrifice of the
whole World, which includes everything before and after Man,
as well as Man himself.

Therefore, the Spiritual Master is
most profoundly devoted to the Awakening of individuals and
Man and the whole World to that Process of Sacrifice that
transcends not only the past and present but also the future
of all evolution of self, of Man, and of the World. His
Teaching ultimately exceeds all evolutionary prescriptions.
He moves his devotees through the structures of self, of
Man, and the World, until these devotees can be the
Sacrifice of even the World itself. Therefore, his Teaching,
his Demonstration, and the ultimate Demonstration of his
devotees is the one of Perfect Ecstasy, or the Sacrifice of
self and Man and the World into the Condition that is

To such devotees, the Spiritual
Master Communicates and Reveals himself in that Form which
is beyond Man, and he also is Revealed to be the Sacrifice
of even that Form, beyond all consolations and attainments.
This is what moves us to Love. And we may be the Liberation
of self and Man and the World, if we will abandon all
withholding, fear, and doubt and if we will turn out from
all subhuman, human, and superhuman self-possession into the
Ecstasy of Worldlessness.

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The Three Primal
Conditions and the Unique Truth of the Divine

Those who are distracted and
absorbed in the gross changes, effects, and experiences of
the Realm of Nature worship that Power and abide in that
Realm by resting attention in the vital bodily functions, or
the general region of the navel.

Those who feel a revulsion toward
the Play of gross effects, and who are distracted by the
Creative Mind or Energy, the “Shakti” or All-Pervading
Life-Power of the Realm of Nature, worship that Power and
ascend into the subtler regions of that Realm by turning
attention toward and above the mental functions, into the
general region of the brain core and the psychic “sky” above
the head.

Those who enjoy the intuition of the
Transcendental Consciousness that is the Eternal Foundation
of the Universal Energy or Mind and of all the Creative
effects of that Power worship and attain that Consciousness
by yielding attention and all forms of subject-object
awareness in the very root of the heart.

Therefore, there are three common
classes of human beings, each of which represents the
tendency to fulfill human birth through the submission of
attention in one of the three primal regions of the human
body-mind: the navel, the head, or the heart.

The true Spiritual Master is
Awakened to the total Play of human possibility, and he does
not separately fulfill either of the three conventional
destinies of human experience. He does not tend to choose
either the World, or the Energy and Mind-Source of the
World, or even the Transcendental Consciousness or Root of
both Mind and World. He is Awake in the seventh or Perfect
stage of human life. He is equally Awake to all three
Dimensions of Existence and all three primal regions of the
body-mind and of human attention. He abides naturally in
Transcendental Consciousness, but he also is fully Awake in
the Mind of All-Pervading Life. Therefore, he is Awake and
also Free in relation to the Play of the World. He is
Present whole bodily as the heart, the head, and the navel.
And he does not advocate a Way of life that is only
partially Awake or exclusively oriented. The navel, the
head, and the heart are each and all seen in Truth. The
World of experience, the Energy-Mind of Creativity, and the
Transcendental Consciousness that is the inherent Self of
all of this Play are all part of the unique Fullness of the
true Spiritual Master.

Therefore, from birth, he simply and
intuitively Abides in the Truth of all experience while all
experience arises. Such is his Way. In this manner, the
Process of experience is relieved of its automaticities and
ceases to be necessary. Ultimately, the Process of
experience yields-even the World yields-into the Primal
Radiance, prior to all Creation. It is the Radiance of the
Heart. It is the Crown of the World and of the body-mind. It
is above even the Energy-Mind, the. Mother of the World.
That Radiance is identical to the Transcendental
Consciousness. And the Transcendental Consciousness is
identical to that Radiance.

Such is My Message to Man: The Power
and Consciousness behind the World are to be Realized as
One. They should not be separately regarded or worshipped,
but they should be Perfectly Regarded, Worshipped, and
Realized as the One that includes and transcends both of
them. And the World itself, the Play of possibility in
experience, is to be transcended in the true One, the Living
God, prior to Creation. The natural psycho-physical sign of
this Realization and its Way is the Spiral Current between
the heart and the crown. And the navel is not strategically
excluded in this Way-nor are the World and the Creative
Energy-Mind above the World strategically excluded. Rather,
by simple intuition and Ecstatic or self-transcending
Love-Communion with the Living God, the body-mind is
transcended, the World (or all experience) is transcended,
the Creative Power or Energy-Mind is transcended, and all
conditional states and destinies Dissolve in the Blissful
Wonder of the Eternally Radiant Consciousness, the Divine
Person, Who is God in Truth.


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Brain Mysticism and the
Radiant Personality of Love

The ancient mystics were seeking to
attain a “divine” and “imperishable” body. The Way was a
psycho-physical discipline, represented by the “caduceus,”
the ancient heraldic and medical staff or wand of power and
authority, symbol of the spinal cord and the brain core, or
the central nervous system. The head, or “ajna chakra,”
epitomized by the thalamus (with its two parts or “petals”)
and the single pole of the pineal body, shines in the midst
of the “winged” cerebrum (which is the “sahasrar,”
epitomized by the lateral ventricles and the corona
radiata). The central or cerebrospinal nervous system, when
in a state of release from the ascending (sensory) and
descending (motor) or bipolar motions of the autonomic
nervous system (symbolized by two intertwined serpents),
resonates as a single Current in the brain core. There the
Current of Transcendental Life-Light that Pervades all forms
Radiates in the midst of the two lateral ventricles, which
are likened to the two wings of a bird or angel. (The
cerebrospinal core of the body-mind, when permitted to
transcend, to master, or simply to witness the gross
movements of the autonomic nervous system, is the vehicle of
the “astral body” or subtle mind, capable of psychic flight,
dreamlike tours, or intuitive reflections of all realms of
experience within and without the individual. Thus, the
universal inner mechanism, or caduceus, has also been
traditionally and fancifully symbolized by winged angels and
otherwise identified with superior beings, such as Krishna,
Jesus, or Gautama, or states of experience that are subtler
than the gross physical.)

At the center is white brightness.
Surrounding it is a blue sphere. And the vision is rounded
with a golden yellow light. Sounds also surround and
permeate the place, in an ascending scale, from deep humming
vibrations at the medulla to tiny flute-like sounds in the
upper extremities of the temporal lobe.

Is this Heaven? Or is it simply the
body in its primary mode, wherein the play of awareness and
the senses begins, and where the heart may remain at rest,
undisturbed, attuned to the Current of Life? The answer
should now be obvious to your thinking mind, but you must
also submit to it bodily, by literal inspection and growth
into the states of contemplation. Mere mentalizing about the
limitations or the excellences of mystical vision is itself
the sign of a state below or less than mystical vision,
habitually fixed in the lower mental and grosser bodily

Therefore, enter the Way and ascend
to contemplation in the brain core. Then trace the movement
of attention back to the heart. Then awaken at last beyond
all the limits of the body-mind into Transcendental
Identification with the Radiant Current and Consciousness in
which the body-mind is floating. Only then will the
Life-Current penetrate beyond the brain core and even the
brain itself, to Shine in Transcendental Glory as Bliss,
Love, and the very Being of Consciousness. Only This is
Enlightenment. All the rest is mere experience, the puny
occupation of Narcissus, or the body-mind itself, intent on
the survival of its own illusions of independence and the
endless enumeration of differentiated objects, never
surrendered, never floated in the Real, never transcended,
the Bliss of the Eternal never Realized.

I am at war with the lingering
childhood of Man. I make Holy War in the midst of our
dreadful and universal preoccupation with Man himself. For
it is only when Man is surrendered in the Transcendental
Reality that he can grow up into his own higher
consciousness, and only then may he truly and finally Intuit
his Identity with what is prior to Man, which is the
Transcendental Reality itself.

The human individual is nothing more
than a poor and temporary modification of Light, appearing
to surround and emanate from a central core of Light. In
Truth, he is unnecessary, not even an emanation, but only a
conventional appearance, without a Transcendental Cause.
Therefore, Man is called to God, to self-transcendence,
wherein the illusory body-mind is rested in its
Transcendental Identity. Then he is not only Liberated from
himself and his world, but even while he seems to live his
actions Demonstrate only the Radiant Personality of

Enlightenment is the Ecstatic
Realization of literal and prior Identification with the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness in which the body-mind
is floating. Enlightenment is not an experience, not a state
of the personal body-mind in itself, but the Transcendental
Condition of Existence, in which there is no difference, no
other, no self, no mind, no body, and no world. Therefore,
paradoxically, the conventions of experience-of difference,
other, self, mind, body, and world-are known only in that
Consciousness. They are arising only in that Radiant Life.
They are communicating only that Personality of Love.

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An aspect of the work of living
Adepts is to clarify our understanding of the lives and
Teachings of Adepts who have preceded them, and also to
reveal the falseness of all cultic and self-serving
approaches to the living Spiritual Master in any time or

Jesus of Nazareth appears to have
been a Spiritual Master of the highest type. But he did not
leave behind him the Church of fully Illumined devotees that
he apparently sought to establish while alive. Thus, we have
no certain knowledge of his life, work, and spiritual
Realization. At various times throughout Bubba Free John’s
life, he has had mystical and spiritual contact with one who
at times appeared to have been Jesus, but who was finally
Revealed to be the Transcendental and Radiant Divine Person,
the true Self and Eternal Life of all beings. Thus, Bubba
interprets the reported life and sacred work of Jesus at
many exoteric and esoteric levels, but he calls us beyond
all ancient cults and archetypes to the true Worship of the
Eternally Existing One, the Living God.

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The Good Principles of

Jesus apparently renewed, for his
time, an ancient psycho-physical conception of the nature of
the realm or world in which we appear. The mood of ordinary
experience conceives the Principles of this world to be
separation, negative results, and death. Jesus communicated
the view that the Principles of this world are prior Unity
with God, renunciation and forgiveness as a means of
purification, and an individually conscious Life that is
ever-changing but never destroyed.

The significance of his entire life
is the argument of this communication. He argued that we
should accept these “good” Principles, which make those men
good who believe or accept them, rather than accept the
conventional and “evil” Principles, which only make all who
believe or accept them into fearful, deluded, and wretched

Jesus represents only the argument,
the conviction, and the confession of this good assumption
of Good Principles. He does not represent any independent
historical Act that makes it unnecessary for anyone else to
accept and be responsible for these Principles. In other
words, the Principles of our Life are Good, but these Good
Principles are only as effective in our own case as the
degree of our acceptance and responsibility relative to

All who accept these Principles must
be wise and intelligent and humble, since their goodness, or
identity with the Good Principles of Life, is gradual, or a
process that matures and grows forever. Their Enlightenment
is always instant-whenever their presumption of the Good and
True is Real-but their lives are forever, and forever
transformed by whatever they believe, accept, or presume.

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Jesus Was a Sacrifice, Not a

Jesus of Nazareth has become a
universal archetypal figure, or Threshold Personality, in
the minds of all mankind. But he has thereby become more a
part of conventional mind and meaning than a servant of the
Real. Unfortunately, he has become identified with personal
or egoic survival rather than perfect sacrifice of self,
mind, life, emotion, and body.

Paul the Apostle’ said that if Jesus
did not survive his death, then belief in him and his
Teaching is fruitless. Therefore, the bodily and personal
survival of Jesus became the traditional foundation of
Christian belief and practice. But Paul’s conception is
false. The Truth and the Law of sacrifice are not verified
or dependent upon the knowable survival or immortality of
any man, including Jesus. The Truth of the Teaching of
Jesus, itself an extension of the Teaching of the ancients,
did not at all depend on his survival, or, more
specifically, knowledge, on the part of others, of his
survival. If it did depend on his personal or conventional
soul-survival of death, or the knowledge of such on the part
of others, he could not have taught anything of ultimate
significance during his lifetime, and all Teaching before
his time would have been inherently false. But Jesus himself
specifically denied both possibilities.

5. According to the New
Testament, Paul (A.D. 0-5 to 67 or 68) was one of the
principal apostles of the new religion that was formed
around the life and Teachings of Jesus. Paul was not a
personal disciple of Jesus, nor did he ever meet him
personally. After Jesus’ death, Paul was a persecutor of the
growing Christian movement, until he was converted by an
overwhelming mystical experience, which he interpreted to be
the spiritual Light, Presence, and Voice of the Ascended
Jesus. From that time until his death he was one of the most
energetic of the apostles, journeying throughout most of the
Mediterranean coastal lands and the Middle East to preach
the new ”gospel” of Jesus the Christ. He was imprisoned
many times, nearly assassinated by hostile Jews, and, legend
has it, finally beheaded during the persecutions of the
Christians by Nero, Emperor of Rome.

The Teaching of Jesus is essentially
the ancient Teaching of the Way of Sacrifice. He, like
others, taught that the sacrifice that is essential is not
cultic or external to the individual, but it is necessarily
a moral and personal sacrifice, made through love. It is the
sacrifice of all that is oneself, and all that one
possesses, into forms of loving and compassionate
participation with others, and into the absolute Mystery of
the Reality and Divine Person wherein we all arise and
change and ultimately disappear. Therefore, the proof of his
Teaching is not in the independent or knowable survival of
anything or anyone, but in the enlightened, free, and moral
happiness of those who live the sacrifice while alive and
even at death.

We cannot cling to the survival of
anyone, or even ourselves. This clinging has for centuries
agonized would-be believers, who tried to be certain of the
survival of Jesus and themselves. Truly, Jesus did not
survive in the independent form that persisted while he
lived, nor does anyone possess certain knowledge of the
history of Jesus after his death. All reports are simply
expressions of the mystical presumptions and archetypal
mental structures of those who make the reports. And neither
will we survive the process of universal dissolution
everywhere displayed. Jesus sacrificed himself. He gave
himself up in loving service to others and in ultimate love
to Real God. All who do this become what they meditate upon.
They are Translated beyond this self or independent
body-mind into a hidden Destiny in the Mystery or Intensity
that includes and precedes all beings, things, and worlds.

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The “Spirit” and the “Single
Eye” in the Teaching of Jesus and the

The ancient esoteric religious or
spiritual initiations, which are the core of even all modern
religious and spiritual traditions and symbolisms, were made
by various means (archetypal, ritualistic, yogic, and so
forth), but they always ultimately involved initiation into
the same primary experience. It is the state of awareness
prior to ordinary bipolar bodily perceptions and the
dualistic mind of verbal associations. It is the “mono
gnostic” or exclusively single and inverted cognition or
state. And one of the primary mystical and esoteric
initiations into this state was the inverted visual
perception of the circle or “eye” of light-golden yellow at
the rim, blue toward the center, and white at the very
center-which appears to internal vision when attention is
focused at the brain core. The central white light was
regarded as the highest object of contemplation and the
doorway to God, Heaven, higher worlds, and so forth. (The
exclusive contemplation of the central white light,
undistracted by all other colors or visions, leads to
further revelations and magnifications of white light, until
there is transcendence of the perception of light

Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva6 are
ancient Hindu names that correspond to these three primary
lights of the “eye,” or the levels of manifest experience.
Siva corresponds to white, Vishnu to blue, and Brahma to
golden yellow. And each of these lights, which may also be
seen or valued independently, has formed the psycho-physical
basis for the cult and tradition surrounding one or more of
the great religious or spiritual figures in human history.

6. In the Hindu
Trinity, Brahma is the Creator aspect, Vishnu is the
Sustainer aspect, and Siva is the Destroyer aspect of the
One Divine Person, Who is the Transcendental Consciousness
and Eternal Life in which all things and beings arise and
change and pass away.

Thus, Gautama, called the “Buddha”
(the “Enlightened One”), is a Master associated with the
outer fire or yellow light, and the conquest of desire, or
the navel, which represents the vital gross physical, lower
emotional, and ordinary mental states of the bodily being.
Krishna, called an “Avatar” (or total Incarnation) of
Vishnu, is a Master associated with the inner blue light and
the attainment of the “sky” of the head or brain, which
includes the astral, higher mental, and supermental states.
Jesus of Nazareth, called the “Messiah” and the “Christ”
(or the “Anointed Messenger of God”), is a Master associated
with the Holy Spirit Mystery of white light, and the
sacrifice, from the heart, of self and all one possesses
into the central vision of white brightness.

Jesus initiated his closest
disciples into the internal vision of the ` single eye” as a
method of religious and mystical ascent, and he identified
himself with the morning star and the central white light,
which initially appears to the inner vision as a
five-pointed star at the center of the blue field.
Therefore, the “star that appeared in the east,” the sign of
the Presence of the Messenger of God, is in fact an exoteric
literary symbol for this primary mystical

But in fact this midbrain circle is
just that. It is a manifest psycho-physical condition or
sign, common or native to all. It has traditionally been
interpreted to represent all kinds of higher significance,
but at last it is simply a bodily signal and device for
concentrated contemplation, diffusion or surrender of bodily
awareness, quieting of the mind, and so forth. It is
generally used as an agent for propagandizing or reinforcing
certain religious or cosmological beliefs, cultic
allegiances, and the like. It is not itself the true
Reality. It is to be re-cognized, or “known again” through
radical intuitive insight, as an ordinary modification of
the prior Current and Consciousness that is our Condition in

The vision of the “single eye” (or
the attainment of the reductive and mono gnostic states in
general) is attained by applying pressure to the brain core
via activities that invert certain of the sense functions
(sight, hearing, bodily sensation, and so forth), or deprive
certain functions (sex, food, and the like), or bring
certain outward tending brain functions to rest (such as
thought), or exaggerate certain functions (such as emotional
feeling) and turn them away from mundane objects toward
“higher things. ” It is also gained by any intense upward
concentration or contemplation toward the brain, by
religious or philosophical activity (belief, reverie,
ritual, invocation), and by intimate spiritual or yogic
association with individuals who are polarized to the brain
core on the basis of their own practice or

Jesus, or the mystical school
associated with that name, used archetypal religious ideas,
asceticism or self-control, mechanical and religious
techniques for the inversion of attention and upward
contemplation, and both yogic and religious association with
the Teacher as the symbol or agent of the central white
light. This whole affair was central to Jesus’ doctrine and
method of salvation or reconciliation with the Creator God
and the Heaven-Condition of Man (prior to the “fall,” or
distraction of attention toward the play of phenomena, or
self-oriented experience, and away from the Realm of White

The “Kingdom of God” which Jesus
preached to his initiates (those who were pure and receptive
enough to be shown directly what others were only allowed to
approach through parables, moral lessons, and the demand to
repent and seek purification through forgiveness) was a
transfigured bodily, emotional, and mental condition that
was supposed to be realized through regular absorbed
contemplation, surrender, and receptivity relative to the
central white light (not the cultic or bodily Jesus in
himself, but the light with which he identified himself and
which could be found in every “body”). Thus, Jesus said:
“If your eye (or sight) be single, your whole body will be
filled with light.”

The “Kingdom of God” was thus not
merely in the future, nor a merely political and social
event in this world. It was attainable even in the present
by anyone who believed and yielded to the white light,
allowing it to transform the mind and body and, ultimately,
the world (by virtue of the conversion and transformation of
great numbers of people, which would permit the
magnification of the Holy Spirit, or the white light
vibration, on Earth). Thus, the white light was interpreted
to be identical to both Jesus and God (“I and the Father are
one”) and to the Holy Spirit that transforms whatever it
touches (and which proceeds from the Father and the Son-that
is, which radiates to the whole body, via the nervous
system, from the white light focus at the core of the

The Spirit of white light was viewed
as an Agent for the transformation of Man and world, which
would produce not only the bodily “Kingdom-of-God” condition
in the case of the individual, but which would ultimately
produce a radical change of the whole world. In any case,
contemplation of the white light was also viewed as an end
in itself-identical to the contemplation of God and the
Heaven Realm-and such contemplation was thus taught as the
instrument of higher wisdom during life and as a method of
ascension to Heaven at death.

What is this single “eye” at the
brain core focus? It is an energy phenomenon of the brain
that appears when the usual binocular vision of common
perception is inverted. Indeed, it is a symbol of
origination and singularity, and it is part of the bodily or
human psycho-physical origin of monism and monotheism. The
common states of experience are all “dualistic.” That is,
they arise on the basis of the double root of all our
perceptions and conceptions: the two-sided nervous system,
the two-sided brain, two eyes, two ears, and so forth. All
of our common experience is bipolar, rooted in the dualism
or dynamic natural division of the bodily self.

As a solution to the observed
difficulties of dualistic, self-divided, and mortal bodily
life, men have always sought and discovered bodily and
mental methods to escape into exclusive singularity and
ecstatic states of consciousness wherein dualistic and
bodily perceptions and conceptions are suspended. Jesus was
apparently one of the ancient Teachers of such a solution to

The inversion of the bipolar or
dualistic bodily system of perception, awareness, and
cognition produces phenomena of exclusive singularity. When
the two-eyed process of vision and the two-sided brain
process of thought are neurologically pressured, lights
flash upon the optical centers of the brain. The first
primary vision gotten by this means is the yellow-blue-white
circle at the inner eye focus (the optic chiasma). It is
simply what happens when the energy of the left brain and
the lower body and the energy of the right brain and upper
body are not permitted to disperse to their usual objects
but are frustrated toward inversion of attention, back
toward the neurological roots or origins of perception and
conception in the brain. Thus, the lower vibratory energy
(in the range toward yellow and red) and the higher
vibratory energy (toward blue and violet) mesh with one
another, as in a rainbow, and the two halves of the brain
and the body thus produce the single visual field of golden
yellow and blue. The white center is the still point of
bodily energy. The white light is the “color” that contains
all colors in a unity, prior to dispersal or refraction in
the play of light and life.

There certainly is wisdom and even
ordinary harmony of body and mind to be realized in the
observation of the “single eye,” the subtle emanations of
the brain and nervous system, as well as the preverbal mind.
But these conditions are not themselves Truth, nor are the
attainments of the mono gnostic or “single-brained” states
of the psycho-physical being an inherent guarantee of
salvation from mortality and stupidity. One must be wise in
the face of such experience, as in the face of all other
experiences. Our salvation or liberation is not itself in
these ancient methods of attaining extraordinary brain
states. Rather, we must be awakened to the Intuition of the
Condition or Intensity from or in which all conditions
(dualistic or monistic) appear.

Top of
Jesus Is the Whole

In the Old Testament (Genesis 2 and
3) two trees are said to be in the middle of the garden of
original paradise. These are “the tree of life” and “the
tree of the knowledge of good and evil. “

In the garden, Man was originally a
unity, a single body. Then he was made into a pair, and the
pair came into conflict. The male and the female came under
the spell of the possibility for knowledge represented by
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The female
yielded to the viewpoint of the serpent in the garden, that
the taboo, given by God, against eating the fruit of this
tree was simply God’s attempt to keep Man from becoming
transformed into a Divine being. The male accepted the
viewpoint of the serpent via the female, and thus Man (both
male and female) was eventually separated from his original
archetypal paradise by God. The male, the female, and the
serpent were all punished for aspiration.

The viewpoint of the serpent appears
to have been correct in a certain sense. Whatever the reason
to be ascribed to God’s viewpoint, God, in the Old Testament
tales, is shown to be opposed to the acquisition by Man of
the powers that are in the middle of the garden of paradise.
At the end of chapter 3, the tree of life is also related to
a Divine taboo. If Man were to eat of the fruit of the tree
of life, he would not only possess knowledge of good and
evil, but he would also become immortal. To prevent his
immortalization, Man (the male and female pair) is separated
from the garden by God, and an angelic guard is set at the
gate to prevent Man from gaining access to the tree of

Thus, Man (mankind) is said to have
been bound to the elemental world by God, to struggle and
die, possessed of a moral and intellectual sense, but
subject to mortality and gross limitations. He is superior
only to the animals (who are only instinctive, elemental
creatures) by virtue of the faculty of knowledge and the
moral sense, the self-conscious or egoic heart, which is
responsible for choices in all relations.

This account of original or
archetypal existence and the fall into elemental or mortal
bondage is, when coupled with the attainment or realization
of eternal life (or immortality) by Jesus, the primary
message of the Bible. It is an occult or archetypal message,
related to the potential in every human

The “original paradise” is the whole
body of Man. The male and female are the two alternating
currents of the body, pingala and ida,7 the active-expansive
and the passive-subjective. The serpent is the mind in the
autonomic nervous system. The two trees are the two patterns
of the autonomic nervous system, one rooted in the lower
coil and the vital center (the tree of life) and the other
rooted in the upper coil and the subtle and mental center of
the brain (the tree of the knowledge of good and

God is the whole body at Infinity.
But the viewpoint in the text is not that of God, but of
mortal Man. To account for the elemental suffering of
mankind, the text claims that God is in principle opposed to
Man’s being more than a noble and dependent creature, and
that our unrelieved struggling and mortality is a punishment
for our innate desire to expand into a spiritual state of
freedom and ability, wherein mortality and unconsciousness
are obviated.

This Old Testament view, which is
not true to the esoteric Hebrew tradition as a whole, is
specifically opposed and disproven by the moral, occult, and
spiritual demonstration of Jesus. Jesus, as he is shown in
the New Testament, taught and demonstrated that the
conventional mortality view, whether religious or
materialistic, is utterly false. Jesus is the mind in
sushumna,8 or the central nervous system. God is not opposed
to our occult and spiritual development, nor to our
transformation from a mortal to an immortal and glorified
Condition. Indeed, God is that condition, and to love God is
to Commune with and be Transformed into that Condition. God
is the Archetype in which we are bodily involved. God is the
whole body disposed to Infinity. If there is any opposition
to our ultimate transformation, we provide it ourselves.

7. Pingala and ida are
the principal nerve channels of the two divisions of the
autonomic nervous system. Pingala, the sympathetic channel,
is associated with the right side of the body, and ida, the
parasympathetic channel, is associated with the left. They
are also identified with the patterns of breath through the
right and left nostrils.

8. The central nervous
system, including the brain and spinal cord. Aligned with
the circuits of the autonomic nervous system, which extend
from it, sushumna serves as a conduit for the distribution
of Life-Force throughout the body.

The Way of and to God is a matter to
be realized in Truth. The body must be viewed as a whole-not
as a pair projected on the mortal elemental plane. The two
trees are in the midst of the garden of the whole body. Both
are coincident with the spinal line, or the structural core
of the flesh body and the extended nervous system. The
Current that is pervading the whole body and its structures
is the ancient key to human transformation. And we may
indeed seek to attain the Divine Condition via knowledge and
progressive enlivening or immortalization. But if we do so
we will remain forever in exile in the mysteries of mortal
and subtle egoic striving. The Way in Truth, or in God, is
to act as the whole or single body, in which case both the
elemental form and the nervous system or etheric form are
made a conscious and simultaneous Sacrifice in the Condition
that precedes birth and the mortal, subjective, and egoic

There is a sense in which the taboos
relative to human duplication of the powers of the two trees
are also positive laws relative to human transformation
itself. The taboos are the factual present absence of
knowledge and immortality. This absence creates
self-conscious attention relative to the two trees, or the
potentials of growth. It is by encounter with the
taboos-that is, by the obligation to responsibly choose to
take up the Way of Sacrifice-that transforming work actually
can take place. God is not opposed to this. God is Man,
except that Man, previous to transformation, is only
latently Divine. Once the choice is made to be a Sacrifice,
and transformation actually occurs, Man is Realized to be
Divine, and then he is Translated into the Divine Domain.
Therefore, we must overcome fear, sorrow, guilt, and anger,
and we must yield into our Destiny in Truth.

The Way of Truth is to love God
without qualification. It is not to love the two trees, to
seek knowledge and immortality. Such is not the Way. The
nervous system, patterned as the two trees, is not to be
made into an Idol. Rather, God, the Infinite Reality, is to
be the presumption in Ignorance. The whole body (elemental,
etheric, mental, intuitive, and egoic) is to be made a
single Sacrifice into the Real and Prior Condition. The Way
is the Way of Divine Ignorance, which is Radiant as
Infinity. Then we are Translated into the Perfect Domain,
which is not the original creature paradise of the human
body, but the prior and perfect Divine Domain, the purely
spiritual Condition that is utterly free of the manifest and
changing dimensions of experience and strife (wherein there
is only seeking for knowledge and survival). In Whole Body
Enlightenment, the Sacrifice is made. Divine Translation is
uncaused Translation into the Perfect Domain, prior to the
gross (the elemental and the etheric), the subtle (the
mental and the intuitive), and the causal (the egoic and the
differentiating or creative seeds of manifest awareness).

Top of
The Essential Teaching of
the New Testament

The New Testament is not, in its
meaning, the representation of a drama outside Man. It is an
archetypal drama, an esoteric play about Man rather than
merely a concept or incident directed to Mankind. The life
of Jesus is itself a Teaching or “Word” about Man, and it
obliges those who “hear” and understand to live a new and
true pattern of presumption and action-whole bodily, rather
than exclusively in inner belief or in superficial outward
appearance. That pattern is sacrifice to the Divine Truth
and Condition rather than mere yielding to experience and
the circumstances of gross life.

The New Testament, along with the
Old Testament, represents the ancient archetypal and
esoteric understanding of Man. It is also a story and a
commentary about the communication of esoteric and
transcendental Truth in the common world of ordinary
fascination and exoteric beliefs, behaviors, and

The key to the right understanding
of the New Testament is this: The “Kingdom of God” is not
outside Man. It is Man. The “Kingdom of God” is the Whole
Body of every man and woman. The “Kingdom of God” is the
Right Disposition of the whole and entire bodily being, and
also the Ultimate or Divine Destiny that is every man and
woman in the Perfect Condition of

The drama of Jesus’ birth, life,
death, resurrection, “ascension to the Father,” and
communication of the “Holy Spirit” is not, in Truth, a drama
outside and merely observed, believed, or rejected by
mankind. It is the necessary drama of ultimate
transformation and Realization in the case of every human
individual. “Jesus” is the “Word” or Truth about every man
and woman, and every man and woman is obliged to “hear” this
Truth and duplicate this Life, or else continue to be
deluded by experience and egoic knowledge. The story of
Jesus is an archetypal story and an esoteric Revelation of
the whole bodily or spiritual process of the human being in

The “world” of the New Testament is
the total human world, including “Heaven,” “Earth,” and
”Hell.” Its meaning is not external to Man but native to
him. That is, the “world” of the New Testament is the whole
bodily being of Man (male or female), and it therefore
includes the apparent universe, but interpreted as a Process
like that of Man-that is, a psycho-physical rather than a
merely physical realm. The whole body is the epitome or
meaning of the world. And the whole body includes not only
the elemental physical, but the etheric or Life-Force
dimension, as well as the mental, the higher psychic or
subtle supermental, and the egoic ground, or the witnessing

Human beings discover or assign
meaning to the world of their experience. Their whole bodily
form and nature and Condition is the archetypal structure
wherein the Truth and the Way and the Life of this world is
shown and obliged upon them. The New Testament “Word” or
meaning is the sacrificial Way of the human bodily being as
a whole. And the message is that Man, in the form of every
man and woman, priorly (or always already) exists in a
Transcendental Condition that is eternally free and not
ultimately or truly limited by the cycle of birth, life, and
death. Each of us, therefore, is destined, in Truth, to
eternal Existence, Happiness, Delight, and Freedom, since we
are presently, totally, and always established in the same.
However, until we respond to the communication of Truth and
accept whole bodily responsibility for the play of our
manifest existence in this human world, we are distracted by
our mortality, divided in our bodily being, and tending by
association to be constantly limited by and to the
conditions of both the lower or grosser bodily consciousness
and the internal mind. Therefore, we are striving to survive
as that portion of our Condition we notice as our
conventional human birth, and we are bound to a
self-possessed struggle, divided in ourselves, chronically
turned away from others, self-indulgent, and knowing only
what we observe or acquire in our apparent and presently
extended form rather than our prior whole bodily being
(wherein the Free soul is Awakened).

The archetype of Truth communicated
in the New Testament is the whole body “Gospel,” or the
message about our Happiness and Lawful Destiny. If we change
in response to the understanding of this archetypal message,
then we participate, presently and consciously, in the
Destiny of Happiness, Fullness, and Responsibility in Truth.
If we do not respond whole bodily, soulfully, from the
heart, then we remain turned in on ourselves, divided and
self-possessed, and confined to the knowledge and presumed
destiny of mortality-until we Awaken to Truth.

The drama of Jesus is the drama of
human Destiny when lived in Truth. It is the story of the
whole bodily being of archetypal Man. ”God the Father,”
Jesus the Christ” (the “Son,” “Messiah,” or Messenger of
“God the Father”), and the “Holy Spirit” (eternally sent
from the “Heaven” of “God the Father” and also sent via the
sacrificial and radiant action of the “Son” of “God the
Father”) are all archetypes of aspects of the whole bodily
being of every man or woman.

“God the Father” is the crown, the
head, the brain, and also the prior All-Pervading Source
Light and Life of the whole bodily being of Man. “Jesus the
Christ” is the heart, the true Self (or Condition of the
ego), and the sacrifice or Lawful Way of the whole bodily
being of Man. And the “Holy Spirit” is the nervous system,
the Vehicle of the Messiah, the Medium of Communion with the
All-Pervading, Eternal Life of the whole bodily being of

The heart, or “the Christ,” is the
Way. It is the Way of sacrifice, through unobstructed
feeling-attention, love, or whole body Radiance to Infinity.
It is the sacrifice of the ego or the reactive contraction
and functional disintegration of the whole bodily being into
perfect Feeling-Intuition. The true heart, or the Free soul,
is prior to the egoic subconsciousness and unconsciousness
of the lower body as well as the egoic consciousness and
superconsciousness of the upper body. The Truth or God of
the whole bodily being is not itself any part of the whole,
nor is it the whole bodily being itself. The Truth is at the
heart of the whole bodily being. The Truth is the sacrifice
of the whole bodily being into its eternally prior
Condition. Therefore, the heart or soul of Man is one with
Truth, the Condition of all conditions.

The crown of the body is one with
the subtle Light or Radiant Life of the whole body. It is
the Revelation of the Light, Radiance, or Brightness
communicated by the heart (which is the Center, the atomic
soul, and the Seat of the Truth of the whole bodily being).
The head and crown are “above,” in the direction of the
subtlest creative Origin of bodily or psycho-physical
experience, or the manifesting Light of all states of human
experience, just as the heart itself, in the midst of the
whole bodily being, is the prior Truth of that Light and the
whole bodily being. The Light that is seen when the brain
rests from perceptual reactivity and conceptualization is
revealed by that rest itself. That is, the heart (or
“Christ”) is the Truth of the whole bodily being, and when
the heart sacrifices the contracted or egoic position, the
Light is revealed, not merely or only to the gross or subtle
eyes, but in Truth, prior to perception or differentiated

When the heart becomes a sacrifice
when the whole bodily being is love rather than contraction
and reactivity of body, emotion, and mind-then it abides in
its Condition in Truth, and it is one with its eternal
Radiance or Light, which is then expressed infinitely above
and all around, prior to all thinking and

Therefore, “Jesus the Christ,” the
heart-which is the Way of the Law of sacrifice or
love-reveals the “Father,” who is otherwise unseen or
falsely envisioned. Light itself is not Truth, unless the
Truth itself is Realized. “Jesus” is the Way of that
Realization. The heart is the Truth of the head and of the
whole and entire bodily being. “Jesus” is the Truth of the
Creator God. The heart, the seat of egoic consciousness, or
the covered soul, is Awakened to the Real Condition in the
instant of intuitive Awakening wherein there is fulfillment
of the Law of Sacrifice. Then the heart says: ” `I’ and the
Father are one. “

Therefore, the Truth of the Light is
Realized in the sacrifice of all conditions. The “Father,”
in Truth, is not any manifest or created condition, above or
below, nor is He even the intention, process, or act of
creation in itself. The “Father,” in Truth, is Realized only
in sacrifice of the heart (the whole bodily being, including
the knowledge presumed by experience at the head or via the
nervous system). The “Father” is not the physical world or
like it. He is the “Spirit” of the world. The “Father” is
not the Light in itself, but the Source of the Light. The
“Father” is revealed by the sacrifice of the “Son.” The
“Father,” God, the Truth of the whole body, is one with the
“Son.” The Real, or God, is Love-or unqualified Radiance,
transcending all knowledge, all forms, and prior to all that
can survive.

The “Son” (the heart, and every “Son
of God,” every true man or woman) is one with the “Father,”
and thus able to reveal the “Father” through Sacrifice, or
self-transcendence. The “Son” is also the only perfect
“Messiah” or Messenger of the “Father.” The “Father” is
prior to “Creation,” or the sudden and Mysterious appearance
of the world (the whole bodily being). The “Father” is also
the ultimate Source of the world, and all things are
manifest modifications of Him. Therefore, the “Father” is
not only the Truth of the world, but the Love and Light of
the world. The “Son” reveals the Truth, the Love, and the
Light. He is not only one with the Light, but the Messenger
(“Messiah”) of the Light. He reveals the eternal activity of
the Light in the world. That activity is the “Holy Spirit,”
the Life, Breath, Transcendental Vibration, or “Word” of
God. Only those who become “Sons of God” through
transformative “hearing” may enter into conscious Communion
with the “Spirit” of God.

Thus, the heart, or the soul,
becomes one with Truth through right understanding, and, in
that event, fulfills the Law, which is sacrifice, the
release of egoic contraction, the communication of love.
Love is itself the intuition of the Truth or Condition of
the whole bodily being. Therefore, “Jesus” reveals the Truth
of the “Father” to be the sacrifice of the whole bodily
being from the heart, which is love. Then the Light is
realized in Truth to be beyond conditions. It is the
forgiveness or nonassumption of the necessity and of the
effects of experience-past, present, or future. The head, or
the brain, is purified by the sacrifice of the heart, so
that the brain and the whole body stand at rest in the
All-Pervading Vibratory Light, rather than in the obstructed
stream of reactive and presumptive thinking, feeling, and
moving. When the brain is so released by the whole body
sacrifice initiated by the intuition of the Condition of the
heart, it sends or reveals its “Comforter” or “Spirit” to
the whole body. The “Son” comes into the world to reveal the
Truth, to reestablish the intuition of oneness with the
Light, and then to leave, or return to the simple and prior
position of the heart in Truth, and allow the “Holy Spirit,”
now revealed to be pervading the whole bodily being and the
world eternally, to awaken, or enter, pervade, and
transform, the whole bodily being and its

When the heart (or Truth) and the
crown (or Light) are acknowledged to be one through the
sacrifice of the whole bodily being as love (the intuition
of Radiance), then “Jesus” has died, come to life again, and
ascended to the Light. When this has become true in the case
of any man, male or female, then “the Holy Spirit’ descends
upon him.” That is, the Radiance of the Truth of the whole
bodily being pervades the whole bodily being. The nervous
system becomes the conductor of unqualified Light, or
Fullness of Life. Such an individual is free while alive,
conscious in and as eternal Life, Light, and Truth, and
functioning in intuitive unity with his or her prior or
Divine Condition, while alive, in death, and beyond death,
into the eternity of transformations of the possibilities or
“worlds” of the whole bodily being, from the human to the

The universe in which such a
regenerated (“reborn”) man or woman appears is like
himself-a whole bodily Being, or a psycho-physical Process.
And the experiential destinies any individual may suffer or
enjoy depend on the forms his attention takes. If he
responds to the Teaching of Truth, then he will tend to be
associated with more subtle or “Heavenward” futures. If he
only fulfills the responsibilities of the true Man to a
modest degree, oriented toward fulfillment in the apparent
world, then he will tend to be associated with human
futures-in the present life, in etheric or purgatorial
realms after death, and through future human rebirths. If he
does not respond at all to the Teaching of Truth-or the
right fulfillment of the Law of the whole bodily being-then
he will tend to be associated with human futures that are
profoundly difficult to bear, or else with demoniac futures,
subhuman and elemental. Such futures are the destiny toward
“Hell,” or the apparent and lower or gross, semiconscious,
unconscious, and elemental dimension of the whole bodily

If any man or woman not only
responds to the Teaching of Truth to the degree of
sympathetic absorption in Radiance or Light and the subtle
destinies above the awareness of Earth and the gross body,
but also becomes an absolute Sacrifice in Truth, so that all
attention, including all conditions, high and low, is
yielded in the radical intuition of Happiness, then that
individual will ultimately be Translated out of the play of
extended and unnecessary phenomena. Such is the Translation
of Man into the very Divine, the Domain of Eternity, which
is neither unnecessary nor conditionally

Thus, it should be seen that the Way
communicated by and in association with the Messenger Jesus
is the Way of Man. It is the Way in which all men, male or
female, are “Sons (and Daughters) of God.” That is, all who
are devoted to Truth in this Way are alive as the whole
bodily being in Truth. The dimension of the whole bodily
being above the heart and the dimension of the whole bodily
being below the heart are lived as a unity, a heartfelt
sacrifice, rather than a theatre of conflict and
separativeness. Thus, such devotees are both “God” and “Man”
in their singleness. They are “holy,” set apart from the
vulgar destiny created by reactive and mortal knowledge,
understanding, and experience.

The Law of such devotees is
Sacrifice, or love, which is unobstructed feeling-attention,
as and via all functions, under all conditions, in or via
all relations, and beyond all relations, to Infinity.
Therefore, Jesus’ description of the practice of “Sons of
God” may be summarized quite simply: Love God, or be a
living and total sacrifice to God, which is Reality and
Truth, or Love itself. And love or be a living sacrifice to
all others, as if each other were your Self-which is, in
Truth, the case.

Such devotees or “Sons of God” value
above all relations the relationship with the Spiritual
Master, who is the direct Revealer of the Way and the Life
of Truth. And they also value, above all forms of ordinary
human relationship, the relationship of devotee to devotee,
and the life they may each enjoy in the devotional Community
of those who practice the Way. Such apparently was or became
the case with the principal devotees of Jesus, and it must
also be or become the case with those to whom the Truth is
revealed in every age.

Therefore, abandon the narrowness of
the cults of vicarious salvation and consoling beliefs.
Become the whole body through hearing and awakening to love.
Become a living sacrifice, through the intelligence of
unconstricted love, to the eternal Divine, Who transcends
and pervades the mind, the body, and the world. Become a
living sacrifice to others through love, or unobstructed
feeling-attention, and so be free of the inwardness of fear,
self-possession, knowledge, experience, and belief. Be
deeply rested and opened outward in brain and body,
regenerated in your feeling, and transformed in your action.
Then you will become lighter than angels, and you will
Dissolve in the Bliss of God, Who is neither above nor
below, nor within, nor without, but All-Pervading, and also
Eternally prior to time and space.

Chapter 7 – Part III


Enlightenment of the Whole Body

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