The Knee of Listening – Hearing – Chapter 3 (2004)



The Life and Understanding


Franklin Jones

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Chapter 3 – Hearing – 2004 edition



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Hearing Has Nothing to Do with the Mind

Watch an exchange between Adi Da and a devotee in 2004 on the matter of Hearing.

NOTE: Hearing (See Beezone Study on HEARING) has a yogic component to it.

Adi Da Samraj and Devotee – K. Edwards

November 21, 2004


1. Hearing

2. Lesson of Life

3. The Life of Understanding – Chapter 3 Adi Da’s 1973 Course on The Knee of Listening

4. The Knee of Listening – Chapter 4

5. The Knee of Listening – Table of Contents


Important adjunct to reading of chapter – Adi Da discussing chapter