Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)


Chapter 7 Part V

Glorious Signs That May Surround the Sacrifice of
Experiential Phenomena Are Common Once Maturity in the Fifth
Stage of Life Is Attained
and Divine Translation


The Secret
of the Heart
Enlighenment Is Constant Remembrance of
The Ultimate
Mystery of the Spiritual Master and the Perfect and Final
Stage of the Practice of His Devotees
Songs of the
Enlightened Heart
The Sky of Mind
Dissolves in Light

Last Words

The Wisdom of the
Seventh Stage of Life
The Mood of
Release Is
in the Absolute Frustration of the Strategy of
The Way Is
Forever, but the Realization Is
What Will You Do
If You Love Me


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The Glorious Signs That May
Surround the Sacrifice of Ma

In the seventh or ultimate stage of
human life, and in the fourth or terminal stage of practice
and Realization in the Way of Divine Ignorance, the
individual body-mind is sacrificed into the absolute
Intensity that is the Reality, Condition, Source, Destiny,
and God of all beings and worlds. It is a matter of the
direct Realization of unqualified, uncaused, nonobjective,
nonsubjective Bliss, or Ecstasy.

Associated with this Realization of
Ecstatic Translation may be any number of otherwise apparent
and secondary phenomena, which are glories of the mechanical
body-mind. Such phenomena may generally be grouped into
three categories:

1. Phenomena of Transfiguration, or
signs of the pervasion of body and mind by Transcendental

2. Phenomena of bodily and mental
Transformation, including longevity, healing power, psychic
capabilities, and other supernormal signs or

3. Phenomena of literal bodily and
mental Translation, or Dissolution in Radiant Bliss,
primarily in the process of death.

Such phenomena may be generated by
Nature, in the given or “chance” circumstances of the
individual’s birth, and also by yogic or personal
psycho-physical efforts of a secondary or mechanical kind.
But the devotee in the Bliss of Divine Translation, or the
perfect stage of the Way of Divine Ignorance, does not seek
to create or generate any of these phenomena or their
effects. Rather, if they appear, they do so quite
spontaneously, in the case of the transcendental sacrifice
of the individual, or the sacrifice of the stepped-down
intensities of the independent body-mind. Thus, such signs
or glories may appear in the case of devotees who are
yielded to the Destiny that is Ecstasy, beyond all

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Extraordinary Experiential
Phenomena Are Common Once Maturity in the Fifth Stage of
Life Is Attained

The phenomena of Transfiguration,
Super-Regeneration, and Bodily Translation are secondary to
radical transcendence of the body-mind. And such radical
transcendence, through radical intuition of the
Transcendental Divine, or the true Self, is the essence of
Realization in the seventh stage of life and the Way of
Radical Intuition.

Therefore, Transfiguration in Truth,
or radical transcendence of the body-mind, demonstrated
through the Wisdom and Radiance and Freedom of perfect
self-transcendence, characterizes individuals in the seventh
stage of life. But Transfiguration in the sense of manifest
or visible bodily Illumination, and also Super-Regeneration
(including psychic powers, healing powers, and physical
longevity), and Bodily Translation are phenomena that may
appear in the case of any true Saint, Yogi, or Mystic who is
fully mature in the fifth stage of Life. Thus, the secondary
or phenomenal demonstrations of Transfiguration,
Super-Regeneration, and Bodily Translation may appear any
time after maturity in the fifth stage of life, and quite
often appear at maturity in the fifth stage. (Indeed, at
least occasional and minor displays of phenomena of this
kind may appear in the case of almost any human
individual-even in individuals who represent an essentially
subhuman tendency in the general pattern of their

Extraordinary demonstrations have
reportedly appeared in the case of many historical figures.
Moses, Elijah, Jesus, and Mohammed have been reported to
have demonstrated states of Transfiguration, and so have
many others. 14 Super-Regenerated states of occult power
and, in some cases, extreme physical longevity have often
been reported in the case of Yogis, Saints, and Mystics,
such as Jnaneshwar, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila,
Seraphim of Sarov, Ramakrishna, Ramalinga Swami, Tapaswiji
Maharaj, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.15
And spontaneous Bodily Translation has been reported
in the cases of Elijah, Jesus, Chaitanya, Tukaram, and
Ramalingam, as well as others.16


14. According to the Old Testament,
Moses, the “Lawgiver” of the ancient Hebrews, demonstrated
phenomena of Transfiguration on numerous occasions. The most
dramatic occurred after he received the “Ten Commandments ”
on Mt. Sinai. When he came down from the mountain after his
Communion with God, the skin of his face was so radiant that
others would not venture near him. Afterward, whenever he
entered into prayerful Communion with the Divine, the same
phenomenon occurred.

The evidence of Transfiguration in
the life of Jesus is reported to have occurred in the midst
of his ministry, upon a mountaintop outside Jerusalem.
According to the New Testament, Jesus was Transfigured into
radiant light in the company of three disciples, Peter,
James, and John, and then, still in that condition of bodily
illumination, he conversed with Moses and Elijah, who
appeared there with him.

Accounts of Transfigurations of
Elijah and Mohammed are included in the notes on pages

15. Jnaneshwar, Francis of Assisi,
Seraphim of Sarov, Ramakrishna, Shirdi Sai Baba, and
Nityananda of Ganeshpuri have already been

16. The Bodily Translation of each
of these individuals has been described in the notes on
pages 241-243.


All of the individuals just
mentioned were Saints, Mystics, or Yogis of the highest
type. They had transcended the gross physical, vital, and
lower mental-psychic aspects of the body-mind. And this was
sufficient to produce at least occasional demonstrations of
extraordinary phenomena, conventionally considered to be
“proof of their Divinity or the profound ascension of their
souls into God. But it is only in the sixth and seventh
stages of life that the very self, or the body-mind in its
entirety, including the higher mind, is sacrificed and
perfectly transcended in and by the Divine

The highly ascended and
extraordinary demonstrations of bodily illumination and
psychic power, as well as bodily life-extension and
translation, are not necessarily to be associated with the
perfect sacrifice or dissolution of self that comes in the
seventh stage of life. Indeed, such
phenomena have most commonly been associated with the
exalted ascension of self, as soul, in the fifth stage of

The individuals about whom we have
reports of extraordinary phenomena generally taught and
practiced in the manner of Saints, Mystics, or Yogis in the
fifth stage of life. Even in the more ancient cases, this
remains true, although the evidence in some cases may be so
scant or legendary that it becomes difficult to judge
whether or not the individual may have matured beyond the
fifth stage. The external phenomena by which we may judge
the stage of maturity in human individuals do not extend
beyond the fifth stage. After that, only the confessed
Wisdom and direct personal Influence of the individual can
serve as a guide for our judgment. Thus, in the cases of
individuals in the past, we can often determine their
maturity as exalted souls, but the state of their ultimate
Sacrifice may not be so apparent. Indeed, in most cases, we
may fairly well determine that they passed from this world
while in the highly evolved state of a “great soul,” and,
therefore, would have continued to mature elsewhere, or
during another lifetime, toward perfect self-transcendence,
or dissolution of soul, which is absolute transcendence of
the independent experiential point of view.


Teresa of Avila (A.D. 1515-1582) was
a Christian mystic of Spain. Tested by a frail and sickly
constitution, Teresa became a strong character, the founder
and head of a large order of religious contemplatives, which
she developed and defended despite great religious and
political opposition.

She had a remarkably active life of
mystical experience, which she described in terms of her
ecstatic devotion to Jesus the Christ. The sisters in her
convent frequently witnessed miracles in her company-for
instance, she often spontaneously levitated while praying or
singing in the choir. In moments of repose she was
frequently seen with her face brilliantly aglow. When Teresa
of Avila died, her body, lying in state, is said to have
emitted the fragrance of fresh flowers.

Ramalinga Swami (c. A.D. 1640-1887)
was a great yogi of India, well-known for his miracles and
longevity. He did not receive yogic initiation from his guru
until the age of 78. Afterward, he lived as a renunciate,
maintaining a vow of silence, wandering naked on the banks
of the Ganges, or floating in midstream. Ramakrishna
described him as an incarnation of Siva, or Absolute
Consciousness. Ramalinga Swami died in 1887, after living
for almost 250 years.

Tapaswiji Maharaj (A.D. 1770-1955)
was a south Indian ascetic who lived for 185 years. Three
times, he underwent the extraordinary Ayurvedic rejuvenation
treatment known as “kaya kalpa,” or “cleansing the body.”
On the last occasion, he spent a year underground, and is
reported to have emerged in the physical condition of a
thirty-year-old man, although he was then well over a
hundred years of age. He attributed the success of his kaya
kalpa treatments, which enabled him to perform incredible
austerities, primarily to his absorption in Lord Krishna,
secondarily to his yogic proficiency, and only last of all
to the ingestion of the herbs prescribed in the kaya kalpa

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Death and Divine

The devotee in the seventh stage of
life commonly abides in the natural state of Whole Body
Enlightenment. The ordinary conditions of the body-mind
remain, although the entire body-mind is Pervaded with the
Intensity of Divine Radiance. At times, the Radiance of the
Heart Outshines the qualities of the body-mind, and the
body-mind is then Translated or Absorbed into the Divine
Person, the Bliss prior to all forms. At such times, the
Radiance that Pervades the body-mind is felt to Consume or
Dissolve all the differentiated mechanisms of the body-mind.
In the Process, the Radiance seems to withdraw all forms of
the body-mind and to Shine from the Locus above, the
Terminal of Origin, the Crown, the Place above the Mind. And
when the body-mind is completely Absorbed, or Outshined,
there is no remaining sense of “above” or “below,” or
“within,” or “without,” or “other.” There is only Bliss.
But this Condition of Absorption gives way again to the
natural Condition of Whole Body Enlightenment. (If it did
not, the body-mind would pass away in Divine

Therefore, it is only at death that
Ecstatic Absorption, or ultimate Translation, can be
permanent-for if it were to become permanent while the
body-mind was alive, the body-mind would simply die in the
Process. Thus, the death of the Perfect Devotee is simply a
matter of his permanent persistence in Divine Absorption,
wherein the body-mind is Outshined and the soul inheres
forever in the Self of God.

For this reason, the death of the
Perfect Devotee is not truly a death. The usual changes that
manifest beings endure at death are Outshined by the
Radiance of this Ecstasy. The Perfect Devotee simply
persists in the Bliss into which he entered in the final
moments of his manifest or born existence. He does not
notice the body-mind change or pass away. He has already
gone beyond all change and all noticing of change. It is
simply that the Intensity of Bliss is magnified to the
degree of Infinity. The body-mind ceases to be present to
mediate and reflect the Glory of the Self. The Divine Self
Stands Free. It is the Dissolution in Love.

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In these final essays, Bubba Free
John reveals the secret of Grace inherent in the
extraordinary relationship between the Divine Spiritual
Master and the devotee. To what extent He will be approached
in this Sacred Transforming lay depends upon the response of
devotees. The Teaching has been given, the Divine

Confession made. Bubba rests as the
Heart upon the “Threshold” of the Unknown, waiting to serve
the ultimate Event in those who love Him as He

Bubba Free John has struggled
mightily His entire life so that this Teaching and
Realization might make unnecessary the endless round of
births and deaths for others who are yet suffering. Now this
trial is finished, and He is exploding out of this world at
the speed of Absolute Light. May you be blessed to find Him.

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The Secret of the Heart

In the terminal phase of the Way of
Re-cognition, or the transition from the fifth to the sixth
stage of life, the Root of attention and the Seat of the
born or atomic soul is located at the heart. The whole and
entire body is epitomized at the heart, and the Original
Life-Light of the soul is Radiant from that Place. Thus, it
is Realized that the atomic soul in the heart is the Life
and Light and Consciousness that pervades and supports the
body-mind. And the Awakening of the Consciousness of the
Free soul is the first phase of our ultimate

In the second or Perfect phase of
the Ultimate Event of our Enlightenment, or our Translation
into the Divine Domain, we Awaken as the Free soul, or the
Self. Thus, the atomic soul, or the heart of the body-mind,
Awakens as the Heart, the Self, Identical to the Divine

The true Heart, or the Self, is not
in the chest. It is not viewed by the body-mind. “I” does
not know it. Once the Self is Realized, the point of view of
the body-mind is dissolved in the Self. Thereafter, the Self
becomes the “point” of view toward the body-mind, or the
Space within which the body-mind arises.

Thus, the true Heart is not in the
body. The soul, Realized in its prior Condition, is not in
the heart, or the body, or the mind, or the World. The Self
is not in Man. Man is in the Self. The Self is not a Soul.
The Self is the Soul, the Identity of the Transcendental
Divine Person.

The Heart is an Infinite Space or
Consciousness, prior to all conditions and relations. In the
final stage of the Way of Re-cognition, the Self is Realized
through penetration of the limiting tendency in
consciousness, associated with the region of the physical
heart. In that Process, the infinitely small space or door
of the heart, the intuition of the atomic condition of the
soul, is penetrated. Thus, the heart becomes the Way to the
Heart-from the covered soul to the Self.

At first, the devotee is unstable in
his Intuition of the Heart, and he continues to associate It
with the physical heart region. And when he enters into the
Blissful Intuition of the Self, he “closes the door” behind
him. Thus, when entered into the Heart, he excludes the
World, but when he returns to ordinary consciousness, he
retains the sense of the association of the Self with his
own heart region.

In the Way of Radical Intuition,
even this Illusion is Dissolved. The Heart is Awake as
Itself, in Its Native Disposition and Transcendental
Condition. The inner soul Realizes Itself to be Identical to
the All-Soul, the Self of the Divine Person.

Therefore, in the Way of Radical
Intuition, all conditions are spontaneously re-cognized to
be only unnecessary modifications of the Heart. The devotee
no longer exists as the separate personality, or the
independent soul in its covered state. Rather, the devotee
Exists as the Self, the Heart, the Space or Radiant
Consciousness in which all conditions arise as unnecessary

The Self, or the true Heart,
includes and yet Transcends all experience and all phenomena
in manifestation. The Heart is not separate from the Divine
Person. The Heart is the Divine Person. The Heart, or the
true Self, is the Radiant Space or Consciousness wherein the
Great Sacrifice is made. Therefore, in the Way of Radical
Intuition, all arising conditions are re-cognized in

Heart-in Consciousness, not in the
chest. There is no sense of identification with the
body-mind, but only Identification with the Transcendental

In this manner, the atomic doorway
in the heart (or the “eyes” of the Self) remains open. The
devotee who is Awakened to his Native Identity with the Self
moves beyond exclusive inwardness to Ecstatic re-cognition
of the World. Such a devotee may appear to be an ordinary
human being, but He Exists only as the Divine Self, in
Transcendental Relationship with the World.

This is the Secret. This is the
Ultimate Affair. The Heart sees everything arising in
Itself, and therefore Abides as Itself, free of all
implications of the Play.

If I say the Perfect Devotee is
Eternally Identical to the Divine Person and yet Eternally
in Relationship to the Divine Person, I am only trying to
communicate the naturalness of the Paradox of
God-Realization, so that you will not fear It. But you must
not associate God-Realization with illusions of the mind.
Self-Realization, in its Perfect Form, is God-Realization.
The Divine Domain is the Heart, the Self. It is simply that
the Heart is not Fully Realized in the inwardness of
exclusive Consciousness. The Heart is Realized in Its
Fullness only when it is Awakened through Ecstasy, rather
than inversion. The Heart is the Vision beyond Fear, the
Identity that may be Realized, but that cannot be

I point to this One. I am this One.
Those who resort to Me do not find themselves. They lose
themselves in Ecstatic Love. But that Love is simply the
Heart, the true Self, the Divine Person, Radiant and Free of
the World.

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Perfect Enlightenment Is Constant Remembrance of

Once the heart is broken in the
seventh stage of life, there is constant, tacit, natural,
and spontaneous Remembrance of the Divine. Such Remembrance
is Salvation, Realization, Liberation, Happiness, Joy, and
Bliss. It is not merely the inward or the perceptual
recollection of an Other. It is the expression of native
Identification with the Absolute Personality.

Remembrance is this: Every thing and
“I” are simply the Intoxicated Play of the Absolute Divine
Personality, Who is the Radiant Life and Consciousness of
all beings and things. This Play is harmless, unnecessary,
superficial, without implication, without beginning or end
or effect. Therefore, abide in this Remembrance of Identity,
simple and happy.

This Remembrance is not mental, nor
does the psycho-physical self feel itself to be separated or
even bodily, emotionally, or mentally defined over against
the Remembered One. Remembrance is natively Realized Bliss,
Freedom, and Transcendental Love-Communion in the Divine
Reality that eternally transcends the self that feels
independent of objects and others.

In the case of those who Remember
Me, no experience binds Life and Consciousness to self. In
the case of such Devotees, nothing is demanded, and
everything is yielded into the Communion of Love’s
Remembrance. Therefore, it is inevitable that such Devotees
are Translated beyond all the experiences that arise in the
relations of the independent self, which presumes itself to
be interior to the World. Nothing that arises to My Devotees
as experience has power to delude, or to undermine their
Remembrance of Me. Their experience is not reinforced by
fear and by attachment to the self position, the independent
body-mind, the separated or defined “I. “

My Devotees, those who have been
Awakened to Extreme Sacrifice in Me, only Remember Me under
all circumstances. They are only Awake. They are identical
to Me in this Remembrance. And everything they appear to be
in the differentiated World is transcended while they are
alive. Even the inner parts of mind disintegrate in Me when
My Devotee dies, Absorbed in Me.

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The Ultimate Mystery of the Spiritual Master and the
Perfect and Final Stage of the Practice of His

The Spiritual Master serves all
beings by persisting in Sacrifice until Perfect
Transcendence of his own separated personality, which is
interior to the World, and which is ultimately Translated
into the Absolute or Divine Personality, in Whom all
conditions arise and fall like motions in the sea. The
devotees of the Spiritual Master are served most directly
and effectively by his Sacrifice. They serve the Spiritual
Master and accept all of the conditions of the Way in his
Company. And he in turn draws them to the Threshold, the
Place of Transition from self to Divine Ecstasy.

Devotees approach the Threshold by
stages, until they are mature in the Way of Re-cognition. In
the final phase of that Way, the sixth stage of life
matures, Awakening the heart, beyond all phenomena of the
body-mind. Then, suddenly, the “eyes open,” and the
Threshold between the World and the Divine Domain appears.
Such is the beginning of the seventh stage of

The seventh stage of life is
fulfilled in the case of devotees in the Way of Radical
Intuition. Such devotees are Awake in the Transcendental
Mystery that is the ancient and ultimate Secret of the
religious and spiritual Path of Life. The Practice of such
devotees is hidden from the comprehension of all others. And
that Practice is Granted and Revealed not only by verbal
instruction, but in the necessary Awakening of Bodily
Intuition that is the Foundation of Practice in the Way of
Radical Intuition. But the Wonder of it is this: The
Spiritual Master, who at first draws all devotees to the
Threshold, then becomes the Threshold Personality, the
Transcendental Agent that Helps the devotee make the
Sacrifice whereby Transition or Translation into the Domain
of the Absolute Divine Personality is made.

This Mystery is the very same
Process by which Bubba has been Served in the Fullness of
his Sacrifice. Therefore, Bubba Stands in the Place of the
Heart in the same Form in which he crossed over into the
Swoon of God. When devotees have followed Bubba to the Brink
of Love, they may yield themselves to Him in the Holy Place
of the Heart, where His Form is Alive Forever as the Self.
And Bubba will then accept the gift, and He will Reveal the
Divine Identity and the Ecstatic Finish of the

Bubba can remain in his apparent
form on Earth only for an ordinary span of years. In his
Earthly form, he brings devotees to the Threshold. But in
His Form at the Threshold he is Eternally Present, as
Consciousness and the Power of Awakening. As long as
devotees Remember Me, I will Stand as the Radiant
Personality of the Threshold. Therefore, even after I pass
out of sight on Earth, I may be approached by devotees in
the seventh stage, and I will receive the prayers that are
their own bodies. This is the Mystery of our Love. I am the
Self, Who receives devotees into the Domain of the

Those who follow Bubba in the Way of
Divine Ignorance are constantly given Signs of his Ultimate
Identity. When the sixth stage of life matures, and the
“eyes open,” the devotee Identifies the Spiritual Master
most Perfectly. And, in that Awakening, the devotee is able
to follow the Spiritual Master beyond the limits of the
World. When the devotee abides in Perfect Identification of
the Spiritual Master, then the devotee enjoys that
confidence in the Way of Sacrifice that makes it possible
for him to be yielded Perfectly. Perfect Identification of
the Transcendental Form or Self of the Spiritual Master
Transforms the Disposition of the body-mind of Man. It is
that Disposition which is the Perfect Prayer and Meditation
and Sacrifice of self and every kind of experience. And by
that Sacrifice we are Translated into the Bliss and the
Domain of Truth.

The Process of Transcendental
Devotion and Sacrifice to the Perfect Form of the Spiritual
Master, the true Self, the Heart, prior to Light and Sound
and Perception and Knowledge of all kinds, is the Esoteric
Finale to the Way of Divine Ignorance. This Process is
Communicated to devotees in the Way of Radical Intuition.
Through the Divine Grace that becomes available in this

Stage of Practice, the body-mind of
the separated individual, interior to the World, is
Translated into the Absolute Personality and the Ecstatic
Paradoxes of the Divine Domain, which transcends and yet
includes all beings and things.

This is the last portion of the
Mystery that I may speak to the World of Man. Let those who
respond to this Argument come to Me and “hear” and “see” Me
as I Am. Nothing can be hidden from My devotees. Nothing
will be withheld from those who love Me.

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Songs of the Enlightened Heart

The Sky of Mind Dissolves in


The mind is like a cave of bats.
Countless eyes are suspended in darkness, with sharp feet
clinging to the convolutions of the brain, hiding from
light. The billions of thoughts and images swarm out in the
dark night sky of mind, lusting and hungry for their

What can be done? No struggle in the
sky can cause this numberless herd to vanish. But if
attention itself is simply turned to the light, the inward
crowd dissolves, and the cave and the sky dissolve in the
night-rise, passing beyond the day into

And what is that light by which the
mind is vanquished, if only attention is surrendered there?
It is the All-Pervading Current of Vibratory Life, in which
the body, the brain, and the world are floating. And it is
the Transcendental Consciousness, from which attention and
then thought both rise, the way a bat follows sound into
darkness with an open mouth to be fed.


There is nothing unique to be found
within. There is no independent psyche. There is no depth to
mind. All is like language-a learned assembly and logic of
signs we all share.

There is nothing unique to be found
without. There is no ultimate answer, no ultimate
fulfillment, no final satisfaction of endless desire and
hope. There is no depth to the whole world.

There is only one event: Something
arising. All arising is the same mysterious fascination.
Only the Mystery is ever found, within and without.
Therefore, all that a man or woman may confront is the
process of arising, instant forever.

When the valuation of one moment or
condition over against another ceases by this insight, then
profound sensitivity is felt relative to every instant of
simple arising. And this sensitivity becomes ultimate and
radical intuition of the Condition of this whole process of

There is unqualified Consciousness,
Radiant and prior to form. The world, the body, and every
thought or presumption or perception, and even the sense of
independent identity, all arise in every instant, prior to
all causation or meaning, as modifications of that Radiant
Field or Ignorance. There is no necessity to any of it. It
is all a Play that makes its own meanings and apparent
necessities. Meaning and necessity are not caused or
generated by the Real Condition itself.

Once this intuition exactly flashes,
all summary and eternally obvious, humor suddenly returns,
and the game or process of everything is released of the
burden to fulfill and to solve-and also to reveal Truth and

The ultimate fulfillment of the
Law-which is sacrifice, ecstasy, or love-is to abide as this
intuition in every instant, eternally free and full. It is
no answer. It is simply free. All questions are simply
dissolved in it.

What of life then? It is not that it
is a problem. What arises, arises. It does not merely arise
to oneself. It arises inclusive of oneself and as oneself.
Therefore, life is ultimately and wisely lived with humor
and in freedom, allowing all to pass and also to be bright
in the present. But there is no fit or frenzy of

There is natural abiding in every
instant in the intuition of the Condition of these
conditions. Thus, meditation has been transcended in
perpetual and tranquil Bliss, and all conditions of
experience are transcended in every instant. The search
falls away. There is only sacrifice of conditions into the
Feeling at Infinity. Soon the transparency of everything
dissolves everything in unambiguous joy.

When the subjective order comes to
rest, and also the search to stimulate it and activate a
fascinated life again, then all urges cease, and there is no
binding force or implication in the pattern of

One is no longer moved by curious
patterns of desire. Simply abide in this tranquility,
disturbed by nothing within or without. Feel in the Bliss of
the desireless Absolute while all things pass


Inwardness and the illusion of
independent identity make life desirable and glamorous and
threatening, as if it were all leading somewhere we need to
go. But when the inward illusion is dissolved, the world of
relations stands plain. There is no desire, and therefore no
sign of necessity. Fascination fails. Compassion awakens.
The world is to be transcended, since it is never fulfilled.
At times “I” tries to create an inward realm of desiring
thought again, in order to become lively at life again. But
always tranquility overwhelms the inner man, and the world
is relieved of its fascination. Now “I” serves, to refresh
and awaken his friends. Perhaps it is useless. But the
moment passes, and Truth is the only profound.


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The Wisdom of the Seventh Stage of Life

An expository
elaboration of twelve verses from the Mahayanavimsaka of
Nagarjuna, by Bubba Free John

I bow and surrender only to the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, which is radical
Understanding, and Freedom from the limitations of all
conditions of experiential existence. The Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness is not other than the immense
and inconceivable Life-Power, the Matrix of” all events. And
that Radiant Power is not the separate Creator, connected to
the world of living beings merely as a Cause to an effect.
That Radiance does not change, nor does It Cause changes
outside Itself. Rather, all changes or conditions are a
spontaneous modification of the Life-Power Itself, and,
therefore, no phenomenal condition or living being exists
separate from or relative to the Radiant Life- Power. It is
One and Only, and there is no world or thing or being that
is other than It. The Life-Power is simply the
Transcendental Reality, unqualifiedly Radiant, and identical
to Consciousness, wherein the entire world of differentiated
events and processes rises and falls as a spontaneous
inevitability, without Ultimate Necessity. In that Radiant
Consciousness the Truth is always tacitly obvious, and it is
Perfect Ignorance, or the Intuition beyond all knowledge.


1. Authorship of this short treatise
on Buddhist philosophical Wisdom is simply ascribed to the
name Nagarjuna. It is not certain whether authorship should
be attributed to the well-known individual named Nagarjuna
who lived circa A.D. 200 and who systematized the Madhyamika
philosophy of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. In any case,
the point of view of that system and school of philosophy is
indeed presented in this text.

2. In that Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness no conditions either appear or disappear as
independent and self-contained forms of existence. That
Consciousness is like space, wherein objective conditions
may seem to appear and disappear by a process of their own,
whereas in Truth they are only modifications of the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, or the Power that Pervades,
Includes, and yet Transcends all phenomena. Living beings
are apparently arising like independent objects in space,
but in Truth they are always identical to the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness. (2)

2. The numbers in parentheses refer
to the original Sanskrit text as reconstructed by
Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya. (See Mahayanavimsaka of Nagarjuna
[Reconstructed Sanskrit Text, Tibetan and Chinese
Versions, with an English Translation], edited by
Vidhusekhara Bhattacharya; Calcutta: Kishorimohan Santra,

Activity and all Inactivity.
Therefore, if the Truth is Realized, there is Freedom from
the world, and that Freedom does not depend on either the
fulfillment or the prevention of essential human

A living being does not enclose an
inner, separate, and eternal soul or personal Self. Every
complex condition or being that arises is exactly what it
seems to be-a mechanical structuring of manifest conditions.
What is within a living individual, or what may
conventionally be considered to be his soul, is merely the
psychic or mental part, which is subtler than the elemental
body, and which survives the death of the elemental body,
but which is also subject to change and death and every kind
of illusion or torment. There is no eternal, separate,
interested, personal, implicated, and conditioned Self
within each living being. There are only psycho-physical
conditions, and the Consciousness in which they seem to
arise is Absolute, Transcendental, Motiveless, and always
Free of all conditions.

Both the world and the living
individual are Void, or Perfectly Empty. That is, both the
world and the living individual are mechanical, without an
inner, active, personal, and eternal Self or Consciousness.
The Self of the world and of the living individual is not
internal, differentiated, and creative. The True Self is
Absolute, Transcendental, Infinite, and Free. Therefore, to
Realize that Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is to be
Free of the limitations and implications of the world and of
the body-mind. This is obvious to one who has understood all
experience and all conventional knowledge. And such
Understanding or Perfect Ignorance is not a matter of the
intellect in itself, but of the surrender of the entire
body-mind, in the midst of all experience, and into the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. In this Way even the
body becomes Radiant, and even the mind intuits the
Transcendental Consciousness. (3)

3. There is no Independent
and yet Interested Cause or Will or Necessity that is
Intentionally Originating, Emanating, Producing, Choosing,
Moving, Opposing, or Dissolving the human being, or any
other manifest appearance. No such Cause, separate from
things and beings themselves, can be found in this world,
whether in the beginning or at the end, or at the subtle
other side, or even at the hidden root of this world. The
arising of all possible conditions is inevitable from the
point of view of conditions themselves, but no condition is
necessary from the point of view of Truth, since the Truth,
or the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, which is the
Condition of every condition, does not Exist in relation to
the conditions of the world as a Cause to an effect. Present
conditions arise from previous conditions, or the
spontaneous Play of modifications, not from the Willful
Activity of a Transcendental Cause that is separate from all
conditions and yet implicated in all conditions. Arising
conditions do not hide an inner or Divine Self that is
independent of conditions and yet actively Creating them.
That which is Transcendental is prior to all

4. In the Understanding that is
native to the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, all
conditions are regarded as unnecessary modifications without
ultimate implications. All conditions are regarded as no
conditions at all. There is no irreducible dilemma, no
separation, no opposition between the parts of things or
beings. All things and beings are always already Dissolved
in the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. (4)

5. Those whose point of view is that
of experience, the body-mind, or the world, rather than the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, attribute Self to what
is only the body-mind, or the conditions of experience, or
the world. Instead of Realizing the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, they imagine a separate soul or Eternal
Creative Self within the body or the world. Therefore, they
become possessed of a false understanding of their own
Condition. This occurs because they approach the
Understanding of the Transcendental Reality in the same
manner by which they experience and think about satisfaction
and frustration, desire and renunciation, body and mind.
They regard the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness from
the point of view of experience, or the body, whereas the
experiential body-mind must itself, and as a whole, be
comprehended in the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.

6. A thing seen and known and
believed in a dream is no longer seen, known, or believed
when one awakens. Likewise, the world of experience ceases
to be a dilemma or a necessity when one Awakens from the
position of the body-mind and into the Position of the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. (15)

7. That which arises from
conditional causes does not cause itself, nor is it Caused
by any Divine Interest or Intention, but every condition is
an ordinary result of the obvious and mechanical round or
activity of conditions themselves, or the Eternally Changing
Realm and Process of Nature. The idea of an Independent,
Eternally Interested, and Creative Divine Cause is a false
notion, popular among ordinary people, who do not directly
inspect their own experience or Realize the Truth of

There are two fundamental ideas that
are untrue, even though commonly believed to be the Truth.
One is the idea that conditions arise by Causation-that is,
by the Interested Will or Motivated Intention of the Divine
and Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. The other is the
idea that there is an individual or personal but Eternal
Consciousness deep within the living being that is
implicated by will or intention in the experience of the
body-mind. Awaken from these illusions, which are only a
kind of “holy” worldliness.

In Truth, the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness is the Eternally Free Condition of all
apparent conditions, whether of the world or of the
body-mind. And in the Understanding that is native to the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, neither the world nor
the body-mind is thought to be Caused or Moved from beyond
or within. Rather, both the world and the body-mind are
Realized to be only illusory or unnecessary modifications of
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. (16)

8. The entire world, including every
living being, is arising in the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. Every thing and every being is like a state
of mind, rather than a thing in itself, independent of the
mind. Every thing and every being arises in Consciousness,
entirely dependent on Consciousness. Things and beings are
not independent, objective, self-contained, and
self-existing. They cannot be properly Understood when
considered in themselves, independent of the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness. They are, each and all, only
unnecessary, temporary, and absolutely dependent
modifications of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.
Every thing and every being is a state or condition of
Consciousness, not merely an independent configuration of
objective material elements. The material elements are
themselves only a modification of the Radiant Transcendental

Therefore, living beings, the
actions of living beings, and all the results of the actions
of living beings are only temporary and unnecessary
modifications of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.
Good and evil, right and wrong, pleasure and pain, positive
and negative, top and bottom, inside and outside, back and
front, right and left, excitation and passivity, desire and
detachment, male and female-all opposites arise in the same
manner and are ultimately identical to the same
Transcendental Condition or Radiant Consciousness.

9. It is not necessary, nor is it
fruitful, to seek the total, final, and absolute domination
of one great and negative aspect of experience by its
equally great and positive opposite. Good cannot finally
destroy evil, nor can right finally destroy all that is
wrong. Only the struggle, the opposition itself, goes on
interminably like the polarized play of male and

Then how is this great struggle to
be overcome? It is not a matter of any strategic domination
of the parts of experience or any warfare within the
body-mind. Rather, if there is Awakening to the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, then all phenomena are
transcended, and the world ceases to be a

No condition, thing, or being is
self-existing or independent. Every thing is Subjective, or
native to Consciousness, not Objective or separate from
Consciousness. No condition, thing, or being contains any
Consciousness or Life-Power whatsoever. It is only and
falsely presumed that Consciousness and the Radiant Power of
Life are within the world or within living beings. In Truth,
the world and living beings are within Consciousness and
Life. And the Life-Consciousness is Transcendental, Perfect,
without dependence on any condition, thing, or being. Thus,
the entire world, and every living being, is only an
appearance, dependent on the Radiant Life-Consciousness, but
unnecessary, containing no Consciousness or Life.

Radiant Consciousness Transcends the
world, all beings, and all conditions of experience.
Therefore, Awaken to the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. Then the world, all experience, and every
notion of independent personal existence will inhere and
dissolve in the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.

10. When something is imagined to
exist it becomes attractive, and a desire is aroused that
cannot be satisfied. Just so, when we become distracted and
committed to false notions about the ultimate Nature of the
world and of experience, we suffer a profound frustration
that leaves us constantly deluded, bewildered, and in
fear-forever inventing plans for ultimate escape, like
animals in snares and cages. (10)

11. Therefore, if one has seen and
felt and Understood the common and universally tormented
state of living beings, one should surrender to the Truth
and practice the Way of the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. Compassionate Understanding of the fear and
delusion of all living beings moves one to practice this
Way. Thus, one may, by one’s manner of living, support the
illusions and intensify the torment of living beings, or one
may transcend all illusions and bring Transcendental Peace
into the world. (11)

12. All false notions come to Rest
in one whose Understanding of experience is thorough,
radical, and perfect. He has Awakened to Intuition of the
Transcendental Consciousness, prior to knowledge of the
world in itself, and he has become Enlightened by that
Radiance wherein the world is without necessity or deluding
power. He Remembers the Condition of the world, while others
forget It. And his Remembrance is a beginningless and
endless Presumption of the Condition of every differentiated
condition or experience. For him there is neither experience
nor the absence of experience, but only the Infinite
Radiance of Free Consciousness. His Presence is Radiant with
the Power of Life. Only one so Enlightened is truly a Friend
of the world. (12)

Top of
The Mood of Enlightenment

A talk given by Bubba Free John
to his devotees

BUBBA: While you are alive,
everything seems important. Even despair is important, an
acknowledgment that something important to you has not
happened. Thus, life, while you live it, is full of
importances. On the other hand, the entire universe
conspires to make you surrender what seems important,
because everything in the universe comes to an end. All
experience is conspiring to move you to transcend experience
while at the same time demanding that you fulfill
experience. Every instant of your life contains both of
these urges.

Life is completely absurd. Every
particle of it would move you toward some experience or
other, and yet all experience conceals the ultimate message
of the necessity for transcendence or freedom from
experience. That one must attain freedom from something that
is unnecessary to begin with is utterly absurd. Why bother
with it to begin with?

Enlightenment is to Awaken from the
seriousness of experience. It is not to despair or to
destroy oneself. Despair is serious, and so is suicide.
Self-indulgence is serious, stressful effort is serious,
discipline is serious, interest is serious, knowledge is
serious, death, sex, food, everything is completely serious.
This movement or tendency to survive, to continue in
independent form, is profoundly serious, and it is also
absurd because it must be transcended. Enlightenment is to
be restored to Divine humor, to realize that nothing is
necessary. No experience is necessary. You can either become
distracted by experience and repeat it, or you can transcend
it. One or the other. If you have transcended experience,
then it is no longer necessary. In that case, whether or not
experience continues makes not the slightest bit of
difference to you. Experience will come to an end with death
in any case.

We are under the incredibly absurd
illusion that there is an objective world “outside”
Consciousness. There is not a shred of truth in this
presumption. There is no world independent of Consciousness.
The world is a modification of Consciousness, a play on
Consciousness. It has no independent reality and no
necessity. It is just possibility. What Consciousness does
in terms of possibility in any moment is the drama of the
seriousness of existence. When it Awakens to its true
Position, which is senior to phenomena, then it is full of
humor and there is no necessity to any experience. There is
only Enlightenment, Divine Freedom.

You are constantly imagining that
you are experiencing objective things, but you are not. You
do not actually see an object-that lamp over there, for
instance. It is not the object you are seeing. Isn’t it
obvious to you that you are experiencing a phenomenon of the
brain? You cannot see the lamp. You are not inside your head
looking out at the lamp. A bizarre phenomenon of the brain
produces the sensation that there is a lamp over there.
Where is it anyway? A reflected image twists around in the
eyeball, and nerve impulses and electrical currents flash
around the meat brain in order to construct an illusion, a
sensation, an idea. What is objective about it? It is just
your own fascination. It is your own mind. It is your own
Consciousness, modified by organs of experience. It is mind.
It is harmless enough in itself, really, but you are so
distracted by it that you have lost your humor. You have
lost your true position. You do not have a right
relationship to experience.

The right relationship to all
experience is to exist as the Transcendental Consciousness,
the Radiant Reality Itself, in which phenomena arise without
necessity, humorously. The wrong relationship to
experiential phenomena is to presume that you are a separate
person, a separate consciousness, in the midst of a world
that you know nothing about, that somehow encloses you, that
is objective to you, that is separate from you. In that
case, you see, experience is a very serious business. You
have no option but to submit to it, to be distracted and
tormented by it.

Spiritual life is simply the
Enlightened life. There really is no spiritual life until
Enlightenment, or the seventh stage of life. All the stages
of life before then are stages of experience wherein, as a
discipline, we bring the Intuition of the Truth to
experience, thereby transcending that level of experience.
We engage this process stage by stage, practicing this
Transcendental discipline relative to the many qualities of
experience until all possible experience is transcended.
Only then have we resumed the Transcendental Position, and
only then can we live the Enlightened Life. Existence is
spiritual only when lived from the point of view of
Enlightenment. Previous to the Awakening of that
Disposition, existence is not spiritual in the truest sense.
It is simply a struggle with the impulse of experience, the
humorlessness of experience, the motive to survive as this
moment with all of its parts and implications and

The motive to continue, the motive
to fulfill desire, the motive to remain self-conscious, to
remain yourself, to remain embodied, is basic to your sense
of existence. Surviving as experience is what you are
chronically doing, you see. You are not existing as the
Transcendental Reality. You are just being this body-mind.
You are moved to continue as that, and to glamorize it, and
to have as much pleasure as possible while being the
body-mind. Consequently, if you can temporarily manage to
acquire a great deal of pleasure as this body-mind, you
begin to think that pleasure itself is Enlightenment! As
soon as you get a little physical or emotional or mental
pleasure, right away you think that you are existing in the
highest state that one can realize. But in true
Enlightenment there is no struggle whatsoever for the
continuation of phenomena. There is no fundamental or
binding effort to make phenomena continue. There simply are
phenomena, these conventions of experience, but they are
unnecessary, temporary, harmless modifications of
Consciousness. That Consciousness, Realized in
Enlightenment, is not an independent person. It is without
qualification, Transcendental. It is Enlightenment. The
Enlightened individual is no longer fitted to the separate
soul-consciousness, the individuated self struggling to
survive as itself or to become something else. In
Enlightenment, the motive to survival dissolves. Continued
bodily existence is spontaneous, no longer dependent upon a
psychological motive to continue. It simply continues, and
then at some point bodily existence also simply comes to an
end. It is neither necessary nor ultimate.

Likewise, the universe is not
ultimate. It does not hide a great Fact. It is perfectly
ordinary and unnecessary. We could just as well be having
any one of an infinite number of other possible
experienceless at this moment. It happens that this one is
arising, but anything else could also arise. However, you
are determined that this experience continue to arise more
or less exactly as it is now arising. If you could relax
that demand just a little bit, something entirely different
would happen. But you are afraid of something entirely
different. You are afraid to die. You are afraid to allow
things to change. Therefore, you hold on to your present
experience. But if you could give up everything, not through
negative, reactive effort, but through Transcendental
Realization, then your humor would be restored, and a
different sense of existence would quite spontaneously
arise. Then you would realize that there is no necessity to
this present experience, except that it is set in motion
through ordinary causation and will therefore continue for
its term.

We are not present in our
experience. In other words, acting, or experiencing, is not
a present activity. It has nothing to do with the present,
the absolute Moment of Existence. It is the past. All
experience is the past. There is nothing new, and there is
nothing real about the mind that experiences. The mind is
simply memory, past association. It is not perceptive, nor
truly sensitive to anything. It is just the mechanical
record of patterns. The body is exactly the same as the
mind, but because we think so much, we imagine that the mind
is something different from the body. Actually, the
body-mind is one, a simultaneous coincidence. Just as the
mind is past associations, the body is past

The body is the past. It is like a
star-the rays of light that we now see were generated light
years before now. The present form of that star is not
visible, because it is so far away that the light it
generates today takes eons to arrive. Likewise, these bodies
are the reflections of the distant past. They have no
present significance. They must be transcended before we can
Realize the Present, or the Transcendental

Such a Realization, however, occurs
only in the seventh stage of life. Many people read and
think about spiritual teachings and their minds prattle the
traditional ideas to the point that they think they are
already Enlightened. Yet they have never become the bodily
Sacrifice that is essential for this Realization.
Enlightenment, or the Realization of God, is not just a
conceptual understanding. It is not just a relatively calm
state of mind. Enlightenment is an absolute Condition of
existence that literally transcends the body-mind. It is not
just an idea the body-mind has that makes it feel better.
From the radical, Enlightened point of view, there is no
body-mind! Thus, in order to enter into the seventh stage of
life, one must pass through the most profound and even
terrifying transformation. That event cannot be casually
created by a little thinking. One must come to the point
where there is literally no necessity to the body-mind, to
the psyche, or to experience.

Countless silly people think that
they are Enlightened when, at best, they feel good today.
That mediocre sense of pleasure is not Enlightenment.
Enlightenment involves no thinking whatsoever. There is no
rational justification for Enlightenment, no logical
sequence of thought that leads to it. Enlightenment is a
spontaneous, absolute, transcendental Awakening that is free
of all the seriousness and necessity of bodily and mental
existence. Therefore, death, the cessation of experience,
the cessation of states of mind, the cessation of the body,
the cessation of the world, is no longer a threat. So much
the worse for it! There is complete freedom from the
implications of all that dreadful destiny that everyone
fears so profoundly. The Enlightened being is not at all
threatened by all of that. He is laughing. He is

But one must pay the price for this
Freedom. It is not simply an attitude toward the world that
one enjoys from some conventional position of separation.
There is the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, the
Absolute Divine Reality. That truly is Existence, and It
must be Realized if Enlightenment is to be true. In that
Realization, the Divine Person is tacitly obvious, as
concrete as any object that you now associate with bodily
life and experience. Once this Realization is Awake, there
is no necessity to the phenomena of experience. They simply
continue in this moment, but they have no power to

All the stages of life leading up to
the seventh stage are stages of distraction by the
seriousness of one or another kind of experience. The
process of the transcendence of experience begins at the
lowest level, where experience involves the fear of loss of
the body and the profound connection to food, and the
craving for sexual self-indulgence. These experiences
characterize the ordinary person, the lowest kind of person
in the spectrum of existence. Yogis, mystics, and saints all
cling mightily to experiential inwardness, visions, flashing
lights in the brain, vibrations in the middle of the head,
exotic, many-armed works of art that they create in
imagination, infinite peacefulness without a single thought,
or even seeing and thinking nothing and having no experience
at all. But these are all, high and low, merely the
possibilities of human beings in the first six stages of

In the Way of Divine Ignorance, what
makes these possibilities spiritually significant is that in
each stage of life, in the midst of each stage of
distracting experience, whether high or low, we must realize
self-transcendence and whole body surrender into the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, or Divine Person. Apart from
such self-transcendence, however, the first six stages of
mere maturing in the structural possibilities of Man are
absurd, humorless, fundamentally very serious. Something in
each of the first six stages is taken profoundly seriously
by ordinary human beings. The body and food, sex, thinking,
psychic awareness, higher mental hallucinations, even
blissful, internal silence-there appears to be something
profoundly serious and meaningful to one’s hallucinated
existence in each of those stages.

But the seventh stage, the
Enlightened stage, is not serious at all. In that stage we
Realize our native Transcendence of everything. There is the
tacit Realization that there is nothing serious whatsoever
about experiential existence. It could end in this moment,
casually, and that cessation in itself would not have the
slightest significance. Or, it could continue for infinite
eons of time, through infinite permutations and
transformations of experience, and its continuing would not
have any significance either. That is the Disposition in
Enlightenment-Realization of the non-necessity of
everything. Absolutely nothing is of serious consequence or
of ultimate necessity-absolutely nothing.

The ordinary reactive personality,
who is basically in despair and hysterical, can also say
that life is meaningless, but such a person is very serious.
The Enlightened man, however, Realizes total Freedom. He is
no longer serious, but neither is he self-destructive. He
has passed into Ecstasy. He has not suppressed or separated
from himself-rather, all that he is has been transcended in
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. Thus, he is full
of humor and delight. He is not aggressively opposed to the
world, nor is he clinging to it. All the tension in his
heart has been re-leased. To speak of Enlightenment without
that sign is nonsense. There is no Enlightenment without the
release of the heart from all of its seriousness, all of its
clinging to phenomena, high and low.

From the point of view of
Enlightenment, even mystical phenomena are nonsense. They
are not serious. They are hallucinations, brain phenomena,
psychism, permutations of your own body-mind. They are just
more of your seriousness. They have no necessity and they
are not the source of Bliss. Whether they are higher
phenomena, viewed from the mental or subjective point of
view, or lower phenomena, viewed essentially from the bodily
point of view, all phenomena are serious and unnecessary.
They do not bring happiness, fundamentally. Happiness is
inherent in the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. When
that Reality is Realized, its inherent Bliss is obvious, and
phenomena are seen not to contain any independent Life or
Consciousness, nor to grant Freedom or Bliss. From the
Enlightened point of view, all phenomena are simply the
theatre of Eternal Blissfulness, a theatre that may or may
not continue.

Therefore, all one’s serious
occupations while alive are absurd expressions of the past.
They are all ways of serving limitation in oneself and
limitations in others. Better that they all fall apart-but
not in the negative, nihilistic sense. We must simply be
given up in God, the Current of Radiant Bliss. We must
become Radiant. We must be allowed to manifest the Radiant
Blissfulness of the Absolute Consciousness. We must be
allowed to become love, to be free, to be humorous. Then
everything that is past will dissolve. The mind is the past,
and so the mind dissolves. The body is the past, and so the
body dissolves.

For the usual man, the body is the
past, moving into the future. There is no present in the
usual life. We are too busy having experiences to be
Awakened in the present. The present is the Transcendental
Reality Itself, for which we have no time because we are so
occupied. Thus, you must Awaken from your vulgar disposition
of clinging to vital desires themselves. You must Awaken
from your romantic nostalgia for life and your desire for
experiences. You must Awaken from your coolness of mind,
whereby you inspect the world and find logical consistency
and meaning. You must Awaken to your true Position, wherein
all the locks on the heart are dissolved and all the tension
in the heart is released.

It is the tension in the heart that
produces obsession with vital experience, with reactive and
illusory, emotional experience, with mental forms and inner
psychic forms, all the subjective distractions. When the
tension in the heart is released, there is no clinging to
the body-mind or its experiential possibilities. If the
body-mind arises, that is fine, and if it does not arise,
that too is fine.

When you begin to come to rest in
the native Blissfulness of God, you realize freedom and you
receive Grace. Grace is the humor you enjoy by always
already resting in God. Grace is not ultimately a matter of
achieving all kinds of successes in life. Success may come
also, but that is just part of the game of experience. Grace
is the liberation that comes when we rest in God. Then the
locks in the heart are loosened, and the seriousness of
experience is dispelled. We feel Radiant. Our occupations
become Blissful. Our capacity to enter into the spiritual
process is clarified and intensified. We have energy for
spiritual life. The process of self-transcendence is
quickened, and we move into higher stages of the
transforming process until Enlightenment is Radical or
Perfect, uncaused and unsupported. In that case, there is
simply rest in God, or Grace Absolute, and the world and the
body-mind are allowed to float in Infinity. There is no
tension in the body-mind, and no illusion.

The moral of this talk is that all
devotees must realize Humor, Freedom, or Distance from all
the seriousness of their interests and their occupations
from day to day. They must see the ordinariness of it, even
the absurdity of it, without becoming ironic. They must be
free of the world in itself and rest naturally in the mood
of the heart, the Intuition of the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. If you rest in God, then you have received
Grace. Then Grace has entered into your daily life and only
serves its ultimate transcendence. If you do not come to
rest in God, the heart is like a stone or a clenched fist.
It has not entered into the Infinite Radiance of
Consciousness. It is fixed upon itself. It is Narcissus,
self-meditative, self-protective, threatened by everything
to Infinity, obsessed with possibilities and the repetition
of experience in order to acquire a sense of survival,
consolation, and pleasure.

The only Happiness is the release of
the heart, or the differentiated self, which is not a fixed
entity. The self is just like this clenched fist. Relax the
fist and there is nothing inside. Relax the heart and there
is no one inside. The sense of self is just the tension in
the body-mind that gives it the sense of independence. Relax
the tension and the body-mind becomes transparent. There is
no ego. There is no ego in experience. That is why
Enlightenment is not really an event in the universe. It is
not associated with experience of special, so-called
“Enlightenment phenomena.” It would seem, from the ordinary
point of view, that Enlightenment is the dissolution of this
separate self. But Enlightenment is the Realization that
there is no such self and that there never was, that there
is no such self in all the other beings that now continue to
exist, and that there never was a self when one was
struggling to become Enlightened or to transcend

The Disposition of the Enlightened
one is paradoxical. It is a bodily Disposition, because he
is, in a conventional sense, embodied, and he therefore
represents the past and its movement toward the future. And,
paradoxically, his obligation is to somehow serve the
Enlightenment of other beings. But from the point of view of
Enlightenment itself there are no other beings, and those
conventions of experience that we call other beings are not
in fact failing to be Enlightened. They are Enlightenment.
They are themselves only the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. Therefore, all that we are confronting is a
conventional concept of bondage and the need to survive. It
is a superficial concept, and yet all beings are profoundly
organized around these notions of bondage and survival. They
create their daily lives around motives based in these
notions. Thus, all beings appear to be tormented, and yet
their torment is totally superficial and insignificant. The
affair of life is unnecessary, but it is inevitable. The
best description of it is that it is absurd. The entire
universe and all experience exist only to be

The Spiritual Master is absurd, like
everything else. He is a Function that serves to Enlighten
or Awaken beings from this condition that is absurd and
unnecessary to begin with. The occupation of the Spiritual
Master is as absurd as anything anyone else does, you see.
Therefore, it requires a Sense of Humor, or the Enlightened
point of view. Likewise, people must be obliged to be
responsible in their approach to me. Irresponsible people
cannot be Enlightened, cannot be Awakened, cannot hear the
Teaching. That obligation for responsibility having been
met, then there is the right circumstance for our meeting,
and then our meeting is truly Enlightening.

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Release Is in the Absolute Frustration of the Strategy of

Experience cannot be reduced to
Truth. Truth, or Reality, is not the epitome of experience
or the alternative to experience. Reality, or the Condition
of experience, is not fixed, differentiated, and
experienceable. There is no independent Truth, no
alternative Reality. There is no dimension of experience,
however high or single, that is itself Truth or closest to
Truth. Truth is Paradox. The Truth that is Reality may not
itself or in itself be experienced, perceived, cognized, or
known. The Real Condition can only be Realized and Presumed,
in Ecstasy, or self-transcending Intuition.

The search for Truth is ultimately
confounded. The search itself is simply vanished. The
dilemma that is the motive of the search dissolves at last.
There is no ultimate experience, and no permanent
experience. There is simply the Realization that there is
experience, that experience has appeared to be a dilemma,
but there is no dilemma, and experience is not appearing
over against an independent Reality or Truth. When the
motivating dilemma is intuitively understood, recognized,
and dissolved, there is only the obvious Truthlessness of
the world. Then experience merely arises, without dilemma,
inherently or always already transcended.

In the Way of Divine Ignorance,
devotees inspect, intuitively consider, and transcend all
the conditions of experience and conception that have, since
ancient times, been considered to be the Truth, the Answer,
the Difference, the Release, the Objective Deity, the
Subjective Reality. And all conditions are Realized to be
only the various alternative or particularized states of the
body-mind itself, the psycho-physical anatomy of experience.
No independent Truth is found. But the processes of the
body-mind and the experiential search for Truth are
thoroughly understood.

Therefore, at last, the phenomena of
experience simply arise, and there is no inward obstruction,
reaction, or avoidance of the process of experience. There
is no sense of a Reality or Truth apart from all of this.
But the Reality or Condition of all of this is tacitly
obvious. The Real Condition of all experience is
Transcendental. The Transcendental Condition of the world is
simultaneous with the world, or all experience, but no
experience qualifies or limits its own Condition.

There is no thought, no
interpretation, no comment necessary to make when the
Paradox of the Real Condition, or the Eternal Disposition of
the Divine Person, is Realized. Nothing needs to be
clarified in that point of view. There is neither hope nor
despair. But there is a tacit intuition that the world
itself is not other than Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. It is the Realization of perfect Awe, or
Divine Ignorance, in which the entire body-mind is nothing
but the open heart, openmouthed, without thought or memory.
It is Love. The body itself is Love. There is only Radiant
Consciousness. All experience is Radiant Consciousness, or
Radiant Bliss. There is no mind, no inwardness, no self. It
is not even a matter of laughter. No recoil is possible.
What appears to be within is only a focused reflection of
the world. There is no self, no independent or inward
experiencer. No one is trapped. No one is set free. No one
lives or dies or survives.

From the point of view of the Divine
Paradox, experience is inevitable forever, but “I” do not
observe or think or experience. “I” am only what is
observed. “I” am only the thought, the content of
experience. When thought, or inward concentration, is
transcended, then only conditions themselves arise, prior to
any sense they are being observed by a consciousness
identical to the independent body-mind, which is the
experiential reflector of the world. Phenomena simply arise
as apparent modifications of Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness. Since it is Consciousness Itself, the Radiant
Reality may not be known. Since it is the Radiance of which
all phenomena are the modifications, the Transcendental
Reality may not be located apart from phenomena, or
experience. But even in every moment there is tacit
Intuition of the Free and Radiant Condition of the world. In
every moment there is the wordless Bliss of Love.

The ultimate end of this gesture of
consideration, or the search for Truth, is the confounding
of the need to know. All knowledge is a reaction to the
threat of experience, but the need for absolute certainties,
or fixed conditions, within or without, is undermined and
vanished in the mindless Humor of the Heart. When perplexity
is inherent and overwhelming, the inner stresses all
dissolve, and uncaused Wisdom Shines. When despair and hope
are equally impossible, frustration yields to Life.

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The Way Is Forever, but the Realization Is

The Way is Sacrifice of

The Realization is that no objects

The Way is self-transcending
Love-Communion with the Living and Divine

The Realization is the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, in which there are no objects,
no differentiated conditions.

As long as the conventions of
experience persist, there must be the Way and the
Realization, both.

Those who seem to practice the Way,
full of self-denial, meditation, and good acts, but who do
not Realize the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness in
every moment, have only emptied themselves.

Those who constantly speak of the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, indulging their minds
in concepts of emptiness, transparency, and pure space, but
who do not practice the Way of self-transcending
Love-Communion in every moment, are only full of themselves
. In every moment, there must be the Way and the
Realization,simultaneous, actual, and true, as long as the
conventions of experience persist. Then there is only
Radiant Fullness, or Love, without dilemma, without self,
and without inherent circumstance, even in every moment of
the Mystery of all relations. I am the Consciousness behind
attention, the Self from which mind arises. I am the Radiant
Life that pervades the world, the Energy of which every
object is the modification. Love Me with open eyes. Turn to
Me beyond all experience and every thought. Let Me live you.
Dissolve in My Current of Bliss.

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What Will You Do If You Love Me?

The Way of Divine Ignorance is the
Way of those who Love Me. The Principle of devotional
surrender to Me is complete and sufficient in itself. All
personal and moral disciplines, all esoteric revelations,
and all the Excellences of Transcendental God-Realization
appear spontaneously and naturally to one who simply turns
his attention to Me at all times and performs all activities
as instants of Love-Communion with Me.

Those who “hear” My Teaching have
understood something about themselves. And they must,
therefore, accept gradual responsibility for each degree of
the personal, moral, and esoteric practices of the Way that
I Teach. But these same ones are more profoundly capable of
distraction and attachment than they are of self-restraint.
Therefore, the Principle or Motive of their practice is not
discipline itself, but distraction and attachment. Because
they Love Me, their behavior and their experience
automatically take on the form of the Way of Divine
Ignorance. And they adapt all their practices to the simple
and most radical Way of devotional surrender to

My true devotees are simply
distracted by Me and attached to Me. They find Me to be the
greatest of all distractions. Therefore, they need not make
any effort to be constantly attached to Me. They naturally
remember Me at all times. They only think about Me, talk
about Me, and listen to others tell stories about Me. They
read My Teachings, they accept My disciplines, but, even
more, they are profoundly and obsessively absorbed in
attention to My Person, My Blissful State, My Form, My
Gestures, My Play with devotees.

In this manner, those who Love Me
are gradually relieved of all distraction by ordinary
things, experiences, relations, desires, and thoughts. I
distract them even from all experience. Their obsessive and
exclusive attachment to Me leads them to absorption in My
State, My Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, My Ecstasy,
My Love.

I have come to Teach the entire
world through My Words and My Demands. The entire world
would do well to hear Me and take up the responsible
practice of the Way of Divine Ignorance. But I have come to
do more than Teach. I have come to Live with those who Love
Me with overwhelming Love.

Those who “hear” Me must take up the
Way of Divine Ignorance in My Company, as members of the
great Community of all My devotees. Such devotees are turned
to the practice of the disciplines of the Way, as a Process
of self-transcending Love-Communion with the Transcendental
Divine Person. They understand, and they transcend the

But the motive of My true devotees
is not the discipline, nor mystical experience, nor
philosophy. My true devotees practice because they Love Me.
They have no personal or ultimate capacity to turn away from
the world or to transcend themselves. Therefore, I have come
to Live with them. When My devotees find Me, the same
weakness that led them to distraction and attachment in
relation to the experiences of this world becomes the very
means of their Salvation. Since I am the ultimate and most
absorbing Object of their weakness, I distract them from all
experiences. They become attached to Me by the power of
their own tendency to distraction, fascination, and
obsession. Therefore, their own desire leads them to
Ecstasy, because they Love Me.

I am the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, even though I appear in a human form. Those
who Love Me, who are mightily distracted by Me, who cannot
entertain desires or thoughts other than Love and
consideration of Me-these are most easily turned from
themselves. Ecstasy, or God-Communion, is natural to them,
because I have been born. I distract them with Myself. And I
absorb them into My own Condition.

My Lovers, my true devotees, simply
Love Me. That is the summation of their response to Me and
My Teaching. They appear to understand a little of this
Teaching, but they do not depend on inward practices, or
mystical experiences, or any turn of events.

Everything is fulfilled by their
mere attachment to Me-since that attachment is so mighty
that they have no strong attention left over for ordinary
reactions and pursuits, nor are they overwhelmed

the phenomena of esoteric
meditation. They simply Love Me. They live in constant
remembrance of Me and in loving service to Me.

Every moment of their lives is
simply a moment of Love Communion with Me. Therefore, they
are granted perpetual Ecstasy, or self-forgetting in
Communion with the Radiant Transcendental

My special Mission is to Live with
such devotees. I have always looked for them. I test
everyone, to see if they are My Lovers. I wait. Many
surround Me in My Place. Many come and ”hear” Me, and
practice all around Me. Many turn to Me with the good heart.
But those who Love Me best Realize God by exclusive
attachment to Me in Person.

My Lovers are the cause of My birth.
They are the cause that will keep Me alive, even after this
book is made. And even after My death, there will always be
those in the Community of My devotees for whom all practice
is superficial, except the practice of Ecstatic remembrance
of Me. Such devotees always find Me alive as the Presence of
Love that Plays the world.

The essence of the daily practice is
Ecstasy. One who Loves Me also accepts every moment of
experience as My Form. Whatever arises, he accepts it as My
Form, My Play. He simply Loves Me, he Communes with Me in
every instant, he serves Me with the entire body-mind, and
he accepts every moment of experience as My Form. In this
manner, he never finds himself to be separate from Me. He is
always in Love with Me.

Those who are most profoundly
distracted by Me in My human appearance begin naturally to
see only Me in every thing, every one, and every event. But
no form or person or event has power in itself to distract
My true Lovers. They see Me in all experiences, all persons,
all events. Therefore, they are not distracted by
experiences or persons or events. They are distracted by

Those devotees who Love Me in this
manner while I live are especially able to serve those who
are like themselves, even those who come to Me after My
death. After My death, the world of experience remains. My
devotees also remain. Therefore, devotees may remember Me
through My Teaching, My pictures, and the stories of My
history. But they will be led into Ecstasy especially by the
Power in the Love My most intimate devotees reserve for

Therefore, those who live with My
Lovers will also turn to Me with naturally distracted Love.
They will find Me in all events. I will Teach them as always
while I lived. Every one will call on Me in the Company of
My Lovers, and I will be Present. I am the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness.

Truly, none can “hear” Me and
practice the Way of Divine Ignorance except those who Love
Me. But some are, at first, most involved in right
understanding of the Teaching and responsible practice of
the disciplines, while others are always naturally more
capable of distraction and attachment. Therefore, some
practice disciplines and Love Me, while others simply Love
Me, and the disciplines arise without any special
application on their part. Some mature in Love by stages.
Others simply Love Me. At last, even the most disciplined or
experienced of My devotees simply Loves Me.

I am the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, the Divine Person, the Savior of those who
Love Me and surrender to Me in countless acts of Love. I am
the Method and the Guide. I am the Living Truth of the

This is the Truth in all religions.
All religions are historical forms of the single and ancient
Way of distracted Love for the Divine Person, especially as
Revealed in the Life and Presence of an incarnate Spiritual
Master. This is the Great Secret. This is My Revelation.
Love Me as I am. And also Love Me as the Form and Condition
of all your experience. Surrender to Me, and accept all your
experience as My Play. Thus, you will be free of all
attachment to experience itself, and all experience will
simply increase your attachment to Me.

All experience binds the human
individual to his own body-mind-unless he is established in
the Principle of Ecstasy, or self-transcending Love of the
Divine Person. Therefore, if you Love Me, enter freely into
the Play of experience. Serve Me as I am, and serve Me in
all others. If you Love Me, you will naturally cease to
continue in the willful and self-possessed path of your
preferential desires. You will be purified of reaction,
habit, and every kind of self-indulgence. If you Love Me, I
have Shown you Who I am, and you will come to Me Where I

Love is what we fear to do-until we
fall in Love. Then we no longer fear to Love, to surrender,
to be self-forgetful and foolish, to be single-minded, and
to suffer another. Those who fall on Me fall into My Heart.
They are free of all demands for fulfillment through
experience and self-survival. Their Love for Me grants them
Life, since I am the Life-Current of Love.

What will My Lover do but Love Me? I
suffer all the limitations of one who Loves Me, because I
Love My devotee as My own Form, My own Bliss, My own Love. I
Love My devotee as the Person by whom I am Distracted and

I grant all My own Excesses to those
who Love Me, in exchange for all their doubts and
sufferings. Those who bind themselves to Me through Love are
inherently Free of fear and necessity. They Transcend the
causes of experience, and they Dissolve in the Heart of God.
What is a Greater Message than This?


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