Conflicts, Battles, and Wars

THAT…scares me.
I don’t want to go into that..the paranoia, discomfort
something may be wrong…the fear of ultimate confusion and
despair. That fear is a constant threat to us.
by Chogyam Trungpa

Bhagavan (Ramana
Maharshi) …said, “no man takes seriously the fact of
death. He may see death around him, but he still does not
believe that he will die. He believes, or rather, feels, in
some strange way, that death is not for him. Only when the
body is threatened does he fall a victim to the fear of
death. Every man believes himself to be eternal, and this is
actually the truth. This truth asserts itself in spite of
man’s ignorant belief that the body is the Self.”
Lies The Heart

by Mercedes D’Acosta

The following are various talks and
essays by Adi Da Samraj on the nature of conflict and
war(s), small (individual) ones and big (world)


fact we see the drama of hunter and prey all over the world.
Listen to the news! People are being killed all over the
Earth every day, simply murdered in weird conflicts. Such a
dreadful circumstance is just part of the unevolved state of
Man. Everybody asks “Why are we doing this?” But nobody has
come up with any reason to stop doing it! We could just as
easily change our circumstance. Why don’t we just change it
then? The animal is still in our hormones, you see. Our body
chemistry is still keying us to live like the creature.
Thus, we must have conflicts and opponents. We must eat and
be devoured ourselves.

Primal Urge for Sanctuary

“Political conflicts no longer
takes place on the scale of two tribes getting together and
beating the shit out of one another. At this point,
conflicts that in reality what amount to nothing more than
silly, tribal skirmishes can destroy mankind. All of the
horror in the daily news is nothing more than reports of
tribal skirmishes. But they have the potential to destroy
life on earth. That is what is so horrific about

is a Fierce Force

“What can be seen in the outward
conflicts in the world today are essentially the artifacts
of the two halves (or the two brain-sides) of
humankind—as if the brain’s two hemispheres were
at war with one another.”

Necessity for Global Unity

“The cultic tendency, both sacred
and secular, causes (and has always caused) great social,
cultural, and political trouble—as has been seen, in
this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch), in
the development of worldwide conflicts based on the
exclusive (or collectively egocentric) orientation of the
many grossly competitive religious traditions, political
idealisms, and national identities.”

the Cultic Tendency in Religion and Spirituality, and in
Secular Society

“The world of un-Enlightened
human beings represents a Cult of Narcissus. Every feature
of human knowledge and experience is an emblem of this Cult
– unless the Cult itself is broken. We are all caught in the
snare of egoity, all at war with ourselves, and one another,
and the world, and total Nature, and the Transcendental
Spiritual Divine Condition. How can this be doubted? How can
we fail to take this observation into

Cult of Narcissus and The Culture of

“In the popular egalitarian
“culture” of the first three stages of life, the Guru and
the developmental culture of the Spiritual Way are taboo,
because every individual limited by the motives of the first
three stages of life is at war with personal vulnerability
and need. The real …process of understanding this conflict
does not even begin until the egoic point of view of the
first three stages of life is understood.”

Psychological Limitation of the First Three Stages of

“The entire social and cultural
game of anti sexual, “spirit against flesh” education is so
monstrous, so opposed to incarnate happiness and human
responsibility, as well as the ultimate transcendental
sacrifice of the individual body-mind through moral and
spiritual processes, that it must be considered the primary
social and even philosophical issue of our time. We must all
awaken from our loveless one-sidedness. The deluded
religious and spiritual cultists are perpetually at war with
the bodily life, choosing the brain-mind as if it were the
Infinite. And the equally deluded anti-religionists,
salt-of-the-earth political fanatics, and worldly humanistic
social mechanics or scientific technocrats are perpetually
at war with the higher, psychic, and spiritual dimensions of
human experience.”

Four Primary Principles of Conscious Childrearing

“The “Devil,” is the product of
our anti sexual, inverted, self divided psychology. In him,
the ancient superior man is made to wear the guise of Evil,
and our conventional psyche rejects him and all that he
represents to us, both consciously and unconsciously. But if
we understand ourselves and cease to be self-divided, anti
sexual, alternately at war with the body and with “Heaven,”
then we may also see the superior and even Divine qualities
of Man underneath the superimposed vulgarities of

Taboo Against the Superior Man

“The self is at war even with its
own Help. Therefore, you will Realize this Truth only when
you yield and become a sacrifice, through love, in all
relations, and so also in the relationship to Grace – which
is not within, nor even independently identical to any
objective person, but which is given to us in the Paradox of
the relationship to the Spiritual Master, which devours us
like a wilderness fire

Way That I Teach

“I am at war with the lingering
childhood of Man. I make Holy War in the midst of our
dreadful and universal preoccupation with Man himself. For
it is only when Man is surrendered in the Transcendental
Reality that he can grow up into his own higher
consciousness, and only then may he truly and finally Intuit
his Identity with what is prior to Man, which is the
Transcendental Reality itself.”

Mysticism and the Radiant Power of

“It is not in the interest of
anyone for there to be the destruction of the possibility of
human life. Therefore, it is not in the interest of anyone
for any tribal faction of whatever nature to “win”. Indeed,
it is not in the interest of anyone for any tribal factions
to be at war with one another.

The persistence of tribal
conflicts must not be merely tolerated, as if it is just
“the way it is”. It does not have to be “the way it is”. If
the mode of tribal conflict is merely allowed to persist, it
will destroy everybody.”

– Humanity

“The true waking state is awake
whole bodily, in a harmony, and also in every aspect of the
brain-mind and the higher psyche. And unless we thus perfect
our adaptation to the waking state, we will only seem
awake-whereas we will be asleep in our deep psychic and
intuitive being, or else at war with bodily existence via an
irrational preference for the disembodied symbols of our own

The culture of the whole body and
whole brain is infinitely superior to the culture of
aggressive extroversion and the culture of conventional
religious inwardness. The true Man is a spiritual being,
yielded in his total body-mind to the Living Reality that
contains and pervades the World-Process.”

Five Evolutionary States of True Man

“In moments of real intuition
your prior Condition is given. It is temporarily touched and
felt via …non-conventional perceptions and cognitions.
When you return to the functional levels that are lived
conventionally, the sensation that was gained in the
previous extraordinary state lingers for awhile, but you
have got to begin to use what is implied, what is truly
shown to you in those extraordinary states. They are not the
Truth. They are not to be held onto for their own sake, the
way an addict holds onto his drug highs. They are actually
statements about the truly unconventional nature of what you
call the ordinary. If you do not then begin to comprehend
the ordinary in unconventional terms, your extraordinary and
spiritual experiences are not serving you. They are totally
useless in that case, because they have nothing to give you
in themselves but bondage to the forms of limitation they
also represent, as well as a pattern of fascinated
inclinations for the extraordinary in itself. Such a way of
fascination, high or low, is at war with the realization of
life in Truth.”

Crazy Horse – Garbage and The Goddess

“The world-renouncing ascetic
considers his born existence to be a problem. He feels
himself always confronted by two great alternatives: Sex and
God. He feels obliged to choose one or the other. He
struggles to choose God. But the God he chooses is only an
aspect of his own experience, a modification of his own
body-mind. It is the God who is the opposite of sex, the
alternative to sex, at the opposite terminal of the

The ascetic suffers himself as a
problem. He considers his own body to be structured like a
problem. There is sex, or the experience of the world, at
one end. And there is God, the inner and higher mind, or the
brain in itself, at the other end. He chooses what is within
and above, and he abandons what is below and without. He is
at war with himself, and even what he chooses as God is only
a part of himself.”

Ascetic Problem and the Freedom of True

“Everywhere in the world, all
over the world, this conflict is to be made known. There is
no longer to be any warfare nor any conflict, only sadhana,
everywhere on the Earth – except among the Evil forces, of
course, which, like chocolate pudding, are excessive! I
invite all mankind to set aside their involvement with
conflict, with ambiguity, with evil, with non-sadhana, with
darkness, with all the tamasic qualities to which human
beings are subject.

The world is always at war, but
it does not know it. We have decided to draw the line and
become conspicuous to the entire world and work out this
apparent tragedy through victory. We invite the
participation of the entire world in this conflict that will
be carried out on forty-three small acres. There is no
longer any necessity for conflicts in the world, no mediocre
warfare, no aggravated meetings. We will do it all here, and
Light will prevail.”

Chocolate and Vanilla Wars

“Controversies and conflicts have
characterized religious history, and thus the total history
of mankind. Even so, the fullest and complete revelation of
the inherently Perfect Truth Itself should bring an end to
controversy and conflict.”

Dawn Horse Testament