Consider Yourself Critically

Consider Yourself Critically

y purpose in associating with those of you who come to me is not to entertain you, not to be believed in by you, not to be worshipped in a nonsensical, superficial fashion, so that you are never changed but only consoled. My purpose in dealing with people, my purpose in communicating this Teaching, is to make it possible for you to duplicate what I have done. You are not to be eternally separated from me, but to be in Communion with the Divine through me, to be intimate with me in spiritual terms, through your practice. In this way you may live and fulfill this practice and create a community with one another out of the true happiness of mature Divine living.

Everything about cultism that is negative is specifically criticized in this Teaching. I do not want your enthusiasm to be superficially generated by the books that I write. I want you to consider them, consider the profound matters they contain, consider yourself very critically. You should very directly and rigorously come to the point of the same insight that is expressed in these books. When you have come to that point of insight into your own game, your own childishness, your own adolescence, all of your immaturity, then you will be able to take up the practice. You will be able to participate fully in this culture through the forms of adaptation that allow continued growth beyond your present stage of life.

You must have come to that point of insight and then have taken up the personal and moral disciplines that are natural to that insight before you enter into my spiritual Company. And you must come to the point of critical insight into the qualities of the world to which you have adapted in your own immaturity.

I am constantly trying to communicate every possible consideration that belongs to this Realization and to its practice. That is why I continue to write and to speak to you. That is why I am always working creatively with the symptoms and the circumstances of this gathering to make it more and more authentic, to find better ways for you to be served in your maturity, to find better ways for the institution itself to undermine and bypass the stupidity of false religion.

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