The Disposition of the Body-Mind Determines the Findings of Philosophy – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 4: The Culture of Eternal Life

The Disposition of the Body-Mind
Determines the Findings of Philosophy


One of the original absurdities to which the “occidental”
structure of mind (and of Western Man) was predisposed was
the invention of a God who is an explanation for the
existence of the world and whose own existence needs to be
proven. The “occidental” mind sees the world first and then
calculates the existence of God. Therefore, to the Western
or “occidental” mind, God (or the Living Reality) is not
obvious. God must be thought about and invented or
calculated into existence. Since God is inherently in doubt
from such a point of view, God can only be tentatively
believed or eternally sought. But the world (and the
body-mind of the human individual) is accredited with an
overwhelming realness, such that it tends to be felt to
exist in, of, as, and for itself.

In contrast to the conventional pattern of the
“occidental” mind, the structures of the “oriental” mind
(and of Eastern Man) are predisposed to the intuitive
presumption of a God who not only needs no proof of
existence (since that existence is tacitly obvious), but who
is attributed with such overwhelming realness that the world
and human existence are in doubt. (Therefore, “oriental”
cultures tend to be weak in their orientation to the
personal and moral reality of Man and to the evolutionary
fulfillment of the conditions of the World-Process.)

The origins of the divisions of traditional philosophy
and culture are to be found in the chronic
neurophysiological self-division of ancient and modern Man.
The functional divisions and oppositions between the left
and right hemispheres of the brain, between the central
nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, and between
the two principal divisions of the autonomic nervous system
have created the conventional dynamics and also the terrible
cultural divisions in the world of Man up to the present

It is necessary, therefore, for us to come to a new
understanding of Man, founded in his totality. And we must
reform the adventure of human existence toward a worldwide
unification of the processes of human culture.

We must awaken to the singleness and wholeness of the
body-mind. We must transcend our psycho-physical recoil from
Life-for it is in that recoil that we become self-divided
and self-possessed. In our whole bodily disposition, every
part of Man is integrated in a harmony of Good Feeling. And
to such a Man, God is obvious, both to intuition and direct
experience, as the Transcendental Life and Consciousness of
the world. Likewise, in that same disposition, the natural
world is seen to be Full of Life-an irreducible Play in
which God is to be Realized more and more perfectly, by Man
and by all beings (both greater and less than Man), until
the Light Outshines the world.


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