Esoteric Knowledge Is Transcended in the Seventh Stage of Life – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!

Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

Esoteric Knowledge Is Transcended in the Seventh Stage of Life


Conventional mysticism communicates through metaphors of the Objective or Independent Creator Deity, the immortal soul, and the Spiritual Cosmos or Hierarchy of planes and heavens and powers. Thus, the language of mysticism is wedded to the religious or dualistic conception of God and soul, as well as the conception of a cosmic scheme, wherein the soul descends from God and, by ascending, returns to God.

But, truly, the secret key to the Wisdom concealed in mystical language is not religious philosophy nor any visionary or scientific description of the cosmos. The literal plane in which mystical activity takes place is not the cosmic world of soul travel but the ordinary body of Man. The key to mystical language and religious metaphor is not theology or cosmology but anatomy. All the religious and cosmological language of mysticism is metaphorical. And the metaphors are symbols for anatomical features of the higher functional structures of the human individual.

Those who enter deeply into the mystical dimension of experience soon discover that the cosmic design they expected to find in their inward path of ascent to God is in fact simply the design of their own anatomical or psycho-physical structures. Indeed, this is the secret divulged to initiates in mystical schools.

The world of ordinary men has traditionally been given only the exoteric instruction, wherein Man is described as a fleshy mortal with an immortal inner part. The exoteric instruction is essentially a moral and devotional teaching, offering salvation after death, when the mortal part falls away and the soul stands naked before the God above Nature.

But those who mature in self-discipline, moral sacrifice, and prayerful surrender are naturally drawn into a deeper consideration of the Condition of human existence. They enter into the inner path, the esoteric or mystical path. When they begin to enter the mystical path, they are given “secret teachings,” or esoteric descriptions of the cosmic planes that will be experienced during the ascent to God. And such new initiates are also given instructions in the mystical attainment of inversion (or withdrawal of attention from the outward movement of the sense organs) – in the form of higher methods of prayer, yoga, and so forth.

However, the instructions given to new initiates into the mystical or inner path are themselves only metaphors for experiential revelations that will develop as the inner practices develop toward maturity. Therefore, only the most mature devotee both experiences and understands the secret of mystical religion and cosmology. Mystical knowledge is knowledge of the body-mind of Man, not the material and knowable universe outside the body-mind of Man.

In the Way that I Teach, devotees are led directly to the bodily or total psycho-physical consideration of the mystical instructions that have been given to initiates since ancient times. Devotees in this Way do not merely pass from exoteric to esoteric levels of experience and understanding. They also mature beyond the limits of esotericism, into the Transcendental Disposition of true Enlightenment, wherein the entire body-mind is Translated into the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.


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