Mysticism and Ego Death


Chapter 5: The Seamless Garment of Love

Mysticism and Ego-Death


The conventional mind is a reflection or reaction to psycho-physical experience. The conditions or states of mind may seem to be within and subtler and higher than the body, and even independent of the body. Therefore, the mind tends to imply the existence of a separate, separative, and independent inner self, ego, or soul. Therefore, until the mind is transcended, we are bound and deluded by experience, knowledge, states of mind, and the sense of an independent or threatened inner self. But the mind and the ego (or independent self) are only a complex process of reaction or contraction in the brain, or the body-mind as a whole, and of the reactive or contractive modification of the All-Pervading Life-Principle. Therefore, the illusions of mind and ego must be transcended through prior intuition of the Life-Principle and Transcendental Consciousness that are the true Identity of the individual body-mind. (Only in the case of the radical intuition of the Transcendental Condition and Identity of the body-mind may psycho-physical experience be engaged in total freedom.)

Mysticism is a conventional form of knowledge, or mind. It is a matter of the entrance of attention into the higher plane of the brain-mind. It is a matter of self-fulfillment, or ego-fulfillment, via the inward glorification of independent consciousness. But the Truth is Realized only after ego-death, or transcendence of the brain and the mind. Therefore, mysticism is not the ultimate stage of human evolution. In fact it is only the fifth of the seven evolutionary spiritual stages of human life.

In the sixth stage of human life, the root of mind and conventional self-consciousness is found, and the mental self submits or dissolves in the Radiant Energy or Consciousness in which the bodily self is arising (as a contraction, or superficial modification). This is ego-death-from which the “eyes” of the true Self or Transcendental Consciousness open, beyond all qualification by mind, internal psychic phenomena, or any gestures of self-attention. Then the Radiant Life of the world stands clearly Revealed in all conditions of existence. And the body becomes the single instrument of Divine Communion or Sacrifice in the Living and Radiant Reality.

Therefore, in the seventh stage of life, when the independent inner being is no longer the basis of existence, the total bodily being is Transfigured by the Radiant Bliss of Consciousness, which is Transcendental Love.


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