The Eating Gorilla Comes in Peace


The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace

The Transcendental Principle of Life Applied to Diet and the Regenerative
Discipline of True Health.

By Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda.

Produced in collaboration with the editorial staff of The Free Daist
Communion and the Radiant Life Clinic and Research Center.

Second edition: 5/87.
©1987 The Free Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-19-6 (paper).
LOCCCN: 75-24582.

About Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda’s Names.
Foreward: “I Am No Other”: The Sacraficial Life and Blessing
of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda.
Note to the Reader: How This Book Was Made.

Introduction: The Wilderness of Food by Saniel Bonder: Faith. Prayer.

Prologue: We Are the Food of God.

Part I: The Awakened Heart is the Principle of Higher Human Culture:

1.The Wisdom-Culture of Man:
‘The Seven Stages of Eternal Life.’
‘Frustration: The Universal Disease.’

2.The Transcendental Diet of Man:
“Renouncing the Search For the Edible Deity.”
‘Self-Possession and Divine Communion.’

Part II: The Wholly Regenerative Vegetarian Diet:

3.The Common Table:
‘Intro: The Alchemical Play of Dietary Elements.
‘ The Foods We Choose to Eat:
Grains Are Grounding.
Seeds and Nuts.
Vegetables Are Balanced.
Fruits Are Airy.
Milk and Milk Products.
Vegetable Oils.
Honey and other Natural Sweetners.
Spices-Nonstimulating and Balanced.
Soured Food.
Food Supplements and Vitamins.
Food Supplements.
Natural Vitamins Are Preferred.
You Need Minerals As Well As Vitamins.
How to Take Vitamins and Minerals.
“Diet Is Not the Key to Salvation.”
The Meal Plan.
Notes for the Balanced Meal.
Follow these Rules When You Eat.
The Foods We Do Not Choose to Eat:
Flesh Foods: Meat, Poultry, Fish and Eggs.
Frenchman Eats Bike.
The Protein Controversy.
Rules For Combining Proteins.
Refined Sugars, White or Brown.
Black Pepper.
Coffee and Tea.
“Social” Drugs.
Refined and Processed Foods (to Avoid.)
The Acid-Alkaline Balance.

4.The Feeding Frenzy and the Regenerative Diet:
‘The Regenerative Principles of the Practice of Diet and Health within
the Cycle of Life.’
How to Adapt to a Diet of Living and Raw Foods.
The Crisis of Purification.
How to Discover the Foods to Which You React.
What to Do if You Lose Weight While Adapting to the Diet.
Ideal Weights for Men and Women Aged 25 and over.
Keep a Diary of Your Dietary Health Practices.
“Lunch-Righteousness” is the Liability of Following a Pure Diet.

“When We Commune with the All-Pervading Life of God, Right Eating
Is Inherently Pleasurable.
‘Dietary Discipline in the Free Communion Church’.
‘The Right Occasional Use of Stimulating Tea.’

5. The Imbalancing Act:
Vitals, Peculiars, and Solids and the Primal Qualities of Universal and
Bodily Life.
A Moon, a Hole, and a Stone.
The Vital Person.
The Peculiar Person.
The Solid Person.
‘The Three Forms of Action.’
‘Beginning, Sustaining, and Ending.’
Qualities Are Strategies.
The Vital, Peculiar, and Solid Qualities.
‘The Natural Disposition of Man.’
Compensating for the Vital, Peculiar and Solid Qualities.
‘Allow Yourself to Feel the Life in Another and in Everything, and Suddenly
You Stop Thinking.’
Modifying the Diet for Vitals, Peculiars and Solids.
Vitamins and Supplements for the Vital, Peculiar and Solid Types.
‘Eating is a Sacrifice for the Sake of the Body that Eats.’
“Enlightenment Is True Health”
‘The Psycho-Physical Action of the True Devotee.’
‘The Secret of How to Change.’

6. The Psycho-Physics of Fasting:
The Principles of Fasting.
Fasting and the Illusion of Spirituality.
‘Fasting Is a Discipline of the Whole Body-Mind.’
Who Should Fast, and When.
Preparing for the Fast.
Taking the Fast.
Juices or Water?
How to Take Liquids When Fasting.
Recipes for Fasters.
Bodily Changes During the Fast.
The Symptoms of Purification.
The Use of Enemas.
The Daily Schedule for any Fast.
Maintain the Diet Diary during the Fast and Afterwards.
Breaking the Fast.
Recommended Methods of Fasting and Modifying the Regenerative Vegetarian
The “Mono Diet.”
The 24-hour Fast.
The 7 to 10 Day Juice Fast.
The “Lemon Juice” Fast.
The Purifying Diet or the “Stone” Diet.
The Therapeutic Fast.
Summary: Fasting and the Cycles of Life.
A Long-Term Purification and Rejuvenating Process.
‘Embrace the Phase You Tend to Avoid.’

7.Elixirs from the Earth and the Body Itself:
Herbs for Rejuvenation and Whole Body Balance.
Who Should Use Rejuvenating Herbs.
Rejuvenating Herbs Available Today.
The Major Rejuvenating Herbs and their Effects.
Rejuvelac, the Enzyme Elexir.
The Perfect Serum-the Preventative, Therapeutic, and Rejuvenative Uses
of Urine.
The Contents of Urine.
The Benefits of Taking Urine Internally.
How to Take Urine Internally.
Other Uses of Urine.

8.Every Meal Is a Sacrament:
‘The Meal As Sacramental Occasion.’
‘The Duty and Art of the Cook.’
Making Meals Elegant and Round:
The Function of Serving.
“The Sacrificial Mood and Event of the Meal.”
Celebration and the Use of Traditional Dietary Accessories:
‘Social Celebration and Spiritual Maturity.’
‘The First Task is to Become a Mature Human Being.’
‘Real Celebration Is Self-Purifying.’
What is Meant by “Celebration”?
The Prerequisites for Using Dietary Accessories.
Right Use of the Dietary Accessories.
Treating a Hangover During the Day after the Celebration.
After the Celebration Comes to an End.
After the Initial Symptoms of Detoxification Have Passed.
“Celebration Is the Meeting between Heaven and Earth.

Part III: Principles of Health in the Culture of Resurrection:
‘The Fullness of Life.’

9.’Birth until Death:
The Culture of Resurrection.’
The True Man.
The First Stage of Life: Adaptation to the Physical Body.
The Second Stage of Life: Adaptation to the Emotional-Sexual Nature and
the Transition to Independence.
The Third or “Student” Stage of Life: Adaptation to the Lower
Mind and Integration of the Whole Body through Feeling.
Right Adaptation in the Mature Stages of Life: Reorientation to the Etheric
‘First Become Human.’
“The Four Stages of Our Bodily Regeneration in God.”
The Stages of Life, Spiritual Practice, and Bodily Regeneration.
“What Is Human Nature.”
‘Man Is To Be Mastered and Liberated, Not Indulged and Escaped.’

10.Conscious Exercise and the Breath of Life.
“What Have You Noticed When You Notice Something Is Alive?”
‘Spiritual Practice Is the “Conscious Exercise” of Love.’
Feel To Infinity as the Whole Body:
Reception-Release in the Dynamics of Ordinary Breathing.
‘Kumbak,’ or the Retention of Breath.
Balancing the Sides of the Bodily Being.
Tensing and Relaxing the Body.
Outdoor Exercise.
“The Degenerative Effects of Modern Exercise.”
“The Immortality Blues.”
‘The Transition from Pleasure to Ecstasy.’
‘Love of Life.’

11.The Regenerative Sexual Response:
Every Kind of Action Must Be Engaged as Love-Communion with the Living
Food and Sex:
Diet and Sex.
Food and Sex are for Life-Assimilation, Not the Casual Indulgence of Hunger
or Desire.
Regenerative Sexual Communion and the Transcendence of Sexuality:
The Lover of Mankind and How Our Sexuality Is Transcended.
“The Regenerative Response.”
Truly Human Sexuality and the Arousing of the Higher Mechanisms of the
Body-Mind of Man.
Love-Desire and Birth Control Devices:
Editorial Commentary on the Practice of Birth Control in the Free Communion
The PAP Test and other Regular Examinations.
The Cycle of Sexual Adaptation in the Free Communion Church.
Sexual Communion and the Cycle of Human Adaptation to be Engaged by Lay
Members and Novices of the Free Communion Church.
Sexual Discipline in the Free Communion Church.
Bodily Transcendence and Sexual Communion.

12.The Incident of Birth:
The Social Obligation to Give Birth.
“The Moment of Conception.”
Your First Responsibility: an Appropriate and Wholesome Diet at Every Stage
of Pregnancy.
The Regenerative Vegetarian Diet for Pregnancy.
Appetite and Cravings.
Weight Gain-How Much Is Right? Exercise Minimally and Be Mindful of Posture.

Pregnancy and Sexual Relations.
Labor and the Delivery of the Child.
Recommendations for the Lactating Mother.
“Bringing Children into the Culture of Human Freedom.”
The Feeding and Socialization of Children.
The Principle of Childhood Nutrition.
The Practice of Nutrition for Children.
The Wholly Regenerative Vegetarian Diet for Infants and Young Children.

Other Aspects of the Child’s Diet and Relationship and Health.
Common Childhood Disorders and How to Treat Them.

13.The Body Is Lived by the Radiance of God:
Psychological Clocks.
The Daily Discipline of Regeneration.
Practive Conscious Exercise Under All Conditions.
The Two Principal Practices for Maintaining Good Health.
Fever Is A Natural Principle of Purification.
The Dry Brush Message.
Sleep and Rest.
Repolarizing the Circuits of Energy of the Bodily Being.
Dental Care.
Dental Stress: The “Lock” of the Jaw.
Exercises the Passages between the Spine and the Brain.
‘The “Life-Lock” in the Circuit of the Lower Body.’
‘The Bodily House of Narcissus.’
Sunbathing for the Whole Body.
Use Natural or Nonsynthetic Clothing, Bedding, Cosmetics, and Personal
Maintain Life-Supporting Household and Work Environment.
‘The Straight Place.’
‘Love Is the Bodily Intuition of God.’

14.The Whole Body Principle of Health and Healing Is Love, or Faith
in the Connection to Infinite Life:
‘True Prayer and Religious Magic.’
‘The Prayer of Changes.’
Understand As Much As You Can about the Health Problem.
The Particular and General Life Summations. Take Responsiblity for Right
What to Do during an Illness.
“Cure Is Not the Goal.”

15.The Sacred Function of the True Healer:
Faith: ‘The Presumption of Prior Perfection.’
‘The Healing and Help of Others’ Laying On of Hands.
Other Healing Methods.
“Massage and the Contraction of the Body-Mind.”
Allopathic Doctors and Medicinal Drugs: When and How to Use Them.
The Use of Medicinal Drugs.
Beyond the Doctor-Patient Game:
What to Do When You Visit a Doctor.
“The Doctor Is a Healing Presence.”
“True Healing Requires You to Change Your Action.”

16.The Principle of Love Must Be Applied to Diet, Health, Sex, and Death:

‘Death and the Process of Perfect Transcendence or Sacrifice in God.’
The Eventful Life of a Human Disaster Area.
‘Death Is a Radical Fast.’
‘Death Is Bodily Elimination.’
‘Death Is a Perfect Insult.’

Epilogue: Beyond the Limits of the Nervous System.
‘The Way of Divine Ignorance Is True Religion, or the Sacrifice of Self
in God.’
‘Renunciation and Transcendence. Enlightenment and Perfection.
‘Rules of Behavior in the Seventh Stage of Life.’
‘Enlightenment Is a State of Body, Not of Mind.’
“The True Soma Is a Native to the Body-Mind, and It Must Be Transcended.”

“The Body of God.”
The Way, the Truth, and the Life: Commentary.
‘The Essence of Practical Living'(The Bhagavad Gita, chap 16, ver 5,6,8,
chap 6, ver 16-18.)
‘The Song of the Heart of God'(an epitome of the Bhagavad Gita and the
Way of Divine Ignorance.)

‘The True Church and the Cult of the Spiritual Master.’
A.Sprouts and Wheatgrass.
Survival Diet.
B.Healthful Juices and Herbs.
C.The Preparation of Herbal Teas for Rejuvenating Regimens.

(576 pp).

First edition: 2/79, second printing 5/79.

By Bubba Free John.

In collaboration with the editorial staff of Vision Mound Institute
and the Radiant Life Medical Clinic and Research Center.

© 1979 Vision Mound Institute.
About Bubba Free John.
(The above text is identical except the fore and aftermatter; name changes,
biography, foreward and index are new in the above edition)
(565 pp.)



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