Live By The Heart and Be Changed

Live By The Heart and Be Changed

Recent “Reality Considerations” about Emotional-Sexual Responsibility
and True Renunciation

By The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The

©1993 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for
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One: Cling to Me:
The Great Love-Bliss of Inherent Being (12/15/92).
The Yoga of Intimacy in My Company (12/4/92).
Realism and Idealism (2/13/93).
Romance, Detachment, and Your Real Motives toward Intimacy (2/13/93).
Do It Right—or Do Not Do It (12/4/92).

Two: Embrace My Discipline:
Discrimination (4/4/93).
Natural Celibates (12/4/92).
Transform Your Underwear Cave (4/8/93).
The First Great Conversion (4/4/93).

Three: Transcend the Emotional-Sexual Persona.
The Way to Realize Freedom from Emotional-Sexual Egoity (11/28/92).
The Woman’s Game and the Man’s Willingness to Play It (2/13/93).
Alone with Me in the Culture of My Devotees (12/4/92).
Mommy, Daddy, and the Jelly Roll (3/26/93).
To the Free Daist Lay Brahmacharya Order: “Oedipal” Self-Understanding
and the Lesson of Life (3/9/93).

Four: Practice the Feeling Life in My Company:
The Necessary Discipline (2/14/93).
A Good “Consideration” (2/14/93).
Saint Valentine’s Day (2/14-15/93).
Physical Compatibility and the Three-Legged Pig (2/13-14/93).

Five: Live on the Basis of Your Greatest Impulse:
Exceptional Sexual Strength (2/14/93).
Let the Body-Mind Follow (2/14/93).
Sexual Practice in the Formal Renunciate Orders (9/15/92).
Qualifications and Life-Changes (2/15/93).

Epilogue: What Will You Do? (11/26/92). (12/18/92).

(111 pp.)


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