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Beezone note:

“True religion is about
the difficult evolution and ultimate transcendence of the
individual, and mankind, and Man.”

“This real man is the future man of all of the universes. In
him the creative movement coming out of the heart will find
fulfillment in the great realization of manifest existence.”
In other words, such a man, the man of understanding, is the
man in whom the manifest worlds can be fulfilled. And it’s
by the growth of the process of understanding, essentially
as I have described it, it’s by the growth of that activity
in consciousness, that kind of freeing of consciousness,
that the manifest human life and the manifest life on all
planes will develop, will evolve, in its natural order.



Since putting up the Preface and the Prologue to the original Knee of Understanding I have
received a number of emails showing a misunderstanding as to the ‘evolution’ of Adi Da (Bubba Free John) and his teaching.

The common misunderstanding is not fully grasping the evolutionary nature of this world (and
other) worlds (realms) and the difference between ‘Realization’ and ‘The Way’.

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