Mark My Words (excerpt)

On December 30, 1983, after an afternoon of celebration
with the native Fijian villagers on Naitauba, Avatar Adi Da spontaneously
sat with several devotees in the small Fijian village church. Solomani
Finau, one of the senior members of the Fijian village, asked if he could
also sit with Adi Da. He was given permission. All present felt this a
Sign of a change in Adi Da’s Work.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj:

We are moving into the time when God will make the
move. This is the beginning of it. Mark My Words. This is the beginning.
Let us submit to the terrible ordeal that will serve all humanity. I Am
the One Who has been expected. All must find Me out.

Let us relieve mankind of war and of terrible destiny.
We have about twenty years to endure, during which it is going to be difficult.
Do you understand Me? Starting now. Mark My Words. Even when I have done
those twenty years, this world still will not be paradise, but everyone
will notice after twenty years from tonight that it is better, that it
has become workable.

May it be Blessed, Blessed by the Great One. May hardly
anyone notice anything difficult about it at all. I will notice it. May
it be easy. Blessed. Blessed.
(12 – 30 – 83)



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