Spiritual Advaitism of Jesus of Nazareth



The Spiritual Advaitism of Jesus of Nazareth

To paraphrase the Teaching of Jesus: “Don’t you know that you are gods? God is Spirit. The Spirit gave birth to Man. That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.”

The ultimate and secret (or nighttime”) Teaching of Jesus (such as he is reported to have given to Nicodemus, in the third chapter of the Gospel of John) goes beyond the traditional esoteric and mystical notion that we are each identical to an individuated immortal soul and need to identify with that soul inwardly and apart from the body in order to ascend to the nonphysical spiritual or psychic world. Jesus Taught recognition of our total born bodily (or psycho-physical) being as soul, not merely in the sense of being an immortal subtle individual, but in the eternal sense, totally inhering in and thus totally identical to the Spiritual and Transcendental Divine. He Taught that we are utterly Spiritual (or eternal, and thus, in Truth, unborn), now and forever in intimate free Communion with God, Who is Spirit, or Radiant Transcendental Being—in (and thus as) Whom we live and move and exist.

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