Conductivity” and the Practice of Own-Body Sexual Yoga

“Conductivity” and the
Practice of Own-Body Sexual Yoga

as Given by ADI DA (The Da Avatar)

Only edition, 1995.
©1995 The TDL Trust Pty Ltd, as trustee for the TDL Trust.



Part I: The Foundation Discipline of Guru-Devotion

1. First Be Responsible for the Own-Body, Alone with Me
2. A Profound Devotional Exercise
3. My Persistence in This “Consideration”
4. Prapatti, Purification and the Practice of Own-Body Sexual-Yoga
5. Sudden Sadhana and Gradual Sadhana

Part II: The Exercise of “Conductivity” via Own-Body Yogic
Sexual Practice

6. Shaktichalana Mudra Is a Traditional Secret
7. Own-Body Polarity
8. Sex-Positive Celibacy
9. The Qualifications
10. Frequency
11. Transcending Organ Reactivity
12. To the Soles of the Feet
13. Triggers and Locks
14. More About Premature Ejaculation
15. Own-Body Sexual Yoga and Meditation
16. Exotic Sex vs. True Yoga for Celibates
17. A Yogic Body Is Not Suppressed
18. The Core Discipline

Part III: Reliquishing the Motive to “Bond” to the World

19. Men, Women, Pair-“Bonding”, and the Discipline of Cooperative
20. Submit the Body to Me
21. Mother-Father
22. Beyond the Intrusion of the Consort
23. Erotic Imagery Is a Limitation

Part IV: For Reasons of Health and Sadhana

24. Own-Body Sexual Yoga and Good Health
25. The Effects of Hysterectomy on Own-Body Sexual Yoga
26. Teeth, Tongue, Mouth, and “Conductivity”
27. Address the Soft-Parts
28. More About Own-Body Sexual Yoga and Young People

An Invitation


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