Priesthood of Science – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj


Chapter 3: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Not Be Announced by the White House

The Priesthood of


DA FREE JOHN: I have recently read some books that
attempt to summarize the current state of physics,
astronomy, and cosmology based on scientific observations.
These texts summarize the history of the material universe,
from the moment of the so-called “Big Bang” to the present,
and they also describe its evolution in the future. Each of
them is written in a different mood and comes to a different
conclusion. In each case, the conclusion has philosophical
or spiritual and religious significance, but it has nothing
whatever to do with the summary evidence. The conclusions
are purely emotional persuasions. One of them has something
like a religious feeling about the whole matter. Another has
a completely atheistic feeling about it. One sees the
universe expanding and contracting in eternal cycles.
Another sees its genesis once and its coming to an end only
once. But none of these events has actually been observed.
The writers of these books are surrounding the collection of
physical observations with a structure of childish or
adolescent philosophizing that is at the same level of
thinking that existed centuries before these physical

Thus, the old dogmas persist. We have different
priesthoods, that is all. And the current priesthood is the
priesthood of the scientists. Modern scientists certainly
perform great services for humanity in many ways, but we
tend to misinterpret their influence and their level of
understanding. We tend to feel great awe in their company,
but they do not have any more sound basis for making
ultimate assumptions than people did hundreds of years ago,
before our present scientific capacities. In other words,
our scientists represent the same mind, the same
disposition, the same state of evolution, as men of old, and
the same variability of viewpoint, from school to school,
from person to person.

It makes no difference whether we are scientists looking
at sophisticated measurements and data or ordinary people
walking down the street and casually commenting on the
weather-we cannot say anything more intelligent than our
state of adaptation allows. We cannot enjoy greater insight
into what we are examining (regardless of what it is we are
examining) than we have the adaptation from which to
communicate. We are always the philosophers of our present
state of adaptation. Modern scientists are scrutinizing
sophisticated data, but they are not making truly
sophisticated or higher cultural sense out of it. The data
itself may contain all kinds of hidden clues to the same
Wisdom that was enjoyed by great seers in the past. But the
conventional scientists cannot communicate that Wisdom. They
can only communicate the dogma of their own adaptation.
Since they have not stepped into a different evolutionary
process, they do not know anything about the physics of real
meditation and the process that is evolving in the higher
structures of the human being. They know nothing about it.
Despite their best intentions, then, they are basically just
chattering about their own immature or subhuman condition
and communicating the vision, the emotional understanding,
of which they are presently capable.

People tend to misinterpret modern scientism just as they
misinterpreted the priestly influence in the Middle Ages.
There is always a kind of glamour surrounding the official
priesthood of any time. People presume all kinds of
omniscience in these people, but it is the data, the
information itself, that glamorizes the people associated
with it. The data glamorizes scientists today, just as
religious phenomena and beliefs glamorized priests in times
past. What they are talking about in itself glamorizes them,
but they do not have any capacity to make the greater sense
out of it, or to perform a greater service for other human
beings than those others can for themselves. Therefore,
modern scientists do not introduce into human time another
process that would permit human beings to advance on the
scale of evolution. On the contrary: They are providing us
with highly technical information about the state of
adaptation we have already achieved. They are providing us
with highly sophisticated information that gives us powers
over the elemental life with which it is possible for us to
destroy ourselves, because we have not yet developed the
evolutionary capacity to make use of this information in a
more civilized and benign way.

The more sophisticated the information or the technical
powers we acquire, the more we have to mature in the culture
of love and freedom, or true psycho-physical morality.
Scientists are not offering such a Wisdom-Culture, based on
a higher evolutionary level of functioning. But without such
a culture, human beings cannot advance, no matter how
comprehensive their information.

Thus, it is a matter of great urgency for modern men and
women to come into a true understanding of what the true
Adept or Spiritual Master represents to Man, and what the
devotional relationship to such a one actually entails. The
Teaching of the true Spiritual Master serves the moral
transformation and ultimate evolution of Man. He incarnates
and communicates the necessary Wisdom-Culture of Man. In his
Realization and his argument, the Spiritual Master, or
highest Adept, represents a radical criticism of the usual
mans standard of functional existence and all the forms of
his resistance to the real spiritual process, the life of
intelligent sacrifice, or love.

At the present time almost all human beings are more or
less mechanically insisting upon the repetition of an
essentially subconscious, controlled life, not a free and
creative and spiritual life. Modern scientism and all the
other influences of our day, both secular and apparently
religious, represent doctrines and presumptions within that
limited, not yet conscious form of life. The conventional
institutions that advertise growth, freedom, creativity, and
spiritual transformation all in fact tend to become
spokesmen for that egoic or conventional, Narcissistic
logic. But the Way of Life that I Teach is the most serious
and profound and radical, or nonconventional, affair. People
must therefore begin to distinguish this radical Way from
the so-called “spiritual movement” of our time as well as
from the conventional traditions of exoteric religion and
esoteric spirituality, both Eastern and Western.


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