True Culture of Prior Spiritual Unity vs. the False Culture of Analytical Separation – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House! – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!


Chapter 3: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Not Be Announced by the White House

The True Culture of Prior Spiritual
Unity vs. the False Culture of Analytical


Modern “science” began as a method or way of knowing or
finding out about the structures and workings of natural
processes. It was presumed to be a superior method, based on
rigorous observation, conceptualization, and analysis of
events. However, it is not the only or even necessarily the
best method of finding out about the world of events. And,
in any case, this method has, over time, become more than an
intellectual method of specific knowledge. It has become the
popular world-view of the modern world. It has become not
merely a means of gathering information, but the very form
of our relationship to the natural world and to each other
and to ourselves. Indeed, it has become the only officially
and popularly acceptable form of relationship to anything

Even though the scientific method of inquiry may serve as
a means of analytical knowledge, it utterly fails as a right
and true form of moment to moment relationship to things and
beings and the totality of existence. It is properly only a
special form of relationship to specific events in specific
moments and for a specific purpose. If it is allowed to
become the standard form of relationship itself, the natural
process of our participation in the play of existence is
retarded, suppressed, and even destroyed.

The scientific method is fundamentally an exercise of the
verbal mind in relation to events in or via the autonomic
nervous system. As such it is only a partial development of
the total body-mind. Also, it is a method that requires
stark and strategic conceptual separation between the
observer and the observed. And when this exercise becomes
the primary mode of ones relationship to things and to
experience and to existence itself, it becomes separative,
and a kind of warfare or opposition develops between the
self and all relations of the self.

Science has become the popular and chronic form of the
everyday or casual approach of all people to the events of
experience. As a result, the process of relationship itself
has become disturbed. Science would pretend to be able to
create a true and superior human culture, founded on
technology and analytical knowledge, but in fact the
scientific method has no capacity to create a true or human
culture, since the scientific method is founded on
analytical observation and conceptualization, rather than on
nonverbal or tacit participation in our inherent unity with
the total world of existence.

We are inherently one with the World-Process. We are only
secondarily knowers about the World-Process. Therefore, if
we adopt a form of relationship to the World-Process that is
founded on separation, observation, and analytical knowing,
rather than on intuitive, self-surrendering, and
self-transcending Communion or participation in our unity
with the World-Process, then we will tend more and more to
interfere with and even lose sympathy with our unity with
the World-Process and with the ultimate Condition in which
we are presently arising.

This in fact is what has happened, and we are now in the
midst of a dehumanizing, anti-religious, and even
anti-cultural technological revolution of the entire order
of mankind. The method that is our science is no longer seen
in a right perspective. And, as a result, the unitive,
intuitive, mystical, self-transcending, ecstatic,
evolutionary, and participatory culture of Man is being
displaced or prevented by the authoritarian propaganda
associated with the Cult of scientific materialism.

I am not arguing for an end to analytical science, but I
am arguing for a cultural return to the primary mode of
human existence, wherein we must transcend ourselves and all
our knowledge through surrender into unity with the
World-Process and heartfelt intuitive Communion with the
Transcendental Condition of all things and beings. Once any
individual does that, he is on the way to human well-being
and spiritual as well as evolutionary growth. Only such an
individual can also apply himself to the method and the data
of analytical science without becoming deluded and Godless.
And only when the leaders and the general population of
mankind begin to awaken to this realization will human
culture begin again, free of the tragic pride of knowledge,
even while we are also given to know and understand all
things. (And much of that knowledge will be attained
personally and directly by each individual, as an intuitive
phenomenon, prior to the assumption of the analytical point
of view of the verbal mind and the presumptive strategy of
manipulatory exploitation of the body-mind and its

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