The Structure and Evolutionary Destiny of Man – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be announced by the White House!

Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!

Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Structure and Evolutionary Destiny
of Man


Man, and thus the human individual, is actually a
composite of three dimensions of Light.

The most obvious dimension is the physical being, which
seems to be “material” and not made of Light at all. Its
root center or primary seat of association with the
Life-Principle is in the great vital region between the
solar plexus and the perineum.

The second dimension of Man is subtler than the physical.
It is the astral or “star body” (or body-mind), which
interpenetrates and surrounds the physical being with
biophysical energy, and which we identify as the “psyche” of
individual existence. This second dimension of Man survives
the physical death of the individual, but it is also the
primary principle of illusion, which is the sense of
independent subjectivity. (Its root center or primary seat
of association with the Life-Principle is in the brain.)

The “star body” seems to be composed of energy and
consciousness, and thus it seems to be more like Light than
does the physical body. Therefore, this inner being or
“soul” is the traditional resort or refuge of conventional
religion and of all who seek release from the mortal threats
that are the natural companions of physical existence. But
the “star body” (or psyche) is neither immortal nor free nor
truly independent or self-contained. It is simply the
conventional, inward, and temporary solution to mortal

The “star body” has the capacity (like the mind) to take
on any form. But as long as the association between the
“star body” and physical body (or “earth body”) remains, the
“star body” is expressed as a field of biophysical energy
that pervades and conforms to the basic shape of the
physical body, and also extends beyond the physical body as
an “aura” of personal radiance that has the ultimate
capacity to enjoy direct telepathic association with all
beings and events in the biophysical universe.

The “star body” separates from the physical body at death
(and it may also do so, temporarily and partially, on
certain occasions within the physical lifetime, such as
during sleep or dreams, or during the phenomenon called the
out-of-body experience, or OOBE). But the “star body” is not
inherently free of existence in physical bodily form.
Physical death is, like an out-of-body experience during the
lifetime of physical embodiment, only a temporary and
partial separation between the “star body” and the physical
body. In the after-death states (which are psychic states
within the personal bio-energetic field, or “star body”) the
previous physical embodiment is basically duplicated,
including its states of mind and its emotional tendencies.
And, eventually, another physical embodiment follows (or, in
the case of egos that are highly developed in the psychic
dimension, future embodiment may take place in subtler but
also temporary realms of manifest existence, to evolve
beyond the limits of the independent personal psyche).

Therefore, the “star body” must be understood to be
simply an extension or subtler dimension of physical
embodiment. It is in play, or dynamic union, with the
physical body, and, although the “star body” (or mind) may
be manipulated to cause changes in the physical (and also to
seem to escape the physical), the existence of the limited
personal psyche (or apparently independent mind and self) is
priorly determined by the fact of physical embodiment. Thus,
the physical body is ultimately senior to the “star body” at
the level of the original determination of egoic existence
(or existence as a limited independent self, presently
embodied in one or another form or degree of manifest

The “star body,” or independent mind, must constantly be
surrendered to the seniority of the principle of the body
(in whatever form or degree of Light the body is presently
expressed). This is the Law that we must perceive within the
dynamic incident of our born existence.

The mind must acknowledge the principle of the
irreducible simultaneity of psyche (or mind) and body-or the
irreducible unity of the body-mind. The mind is not other
than the body. The mind is not within the body. The mind is
simply the subtler version of the total or simultaneous
body-mind. The “mind” is itself a body-mind. It is psyche,
but it is also a body made of energy (just as the physical
body is truly a form of energy, or Light). The “star body”
is simply a subtler dimension of the natural or physically
expressed body-mind. Thus, the “star body” survives physical
death, but it must also be understood to be in simultaneous
or irreducible unity with the physical body during the
physical lifetime. There is simply the body-mind in the
midst of any moment of experience. And both body and mind
are expressions of a common or single root, which is the
nervous system. Just so, the nervous system itself is rooted
in the third dimension of Man, which is the Radiant
Transcendental Life-Principle or Transcendental

The mind is only an illusory extension of the independent
existence (or self) implied by the body. Therefore, unless
the mind acknowledges its dependence on the body for its
sense of independent existence, the mind (or independent
self) will tend to be embraced as the senior and independent
principle of existence, evolution, and even Truth. But the
secret of the mind is the body. And the mind cannot be free
unless it surrenders its independent selfhood to the body,
so that the body itself (and the principle of independent
selfhood) may be transcended in the Transcendental

The third dimension of Man is senior to the physical
body, the “star body,” and even all embodiment, or all
deluded identification with limited independent existence,
mind, and form. The third dimension of Man is free,
immortal, eternal, and Transcendental, or Divine. It is the
true Self or Identity of Man and of every human individual.
It is the Radiant Life-Principle and Transcendental
Consciousness in which both the psyche (the mind, or “star
body”) and the physical body are presently arising. It is
the Transcendental Heart, the Life-Principle itself, and its
psycho-physical root (or origin of association with the
body-mind) is in the heart of Man.

Human existence is an evolutionary trial, or growth
lesson, in which the individual must first adapt to physical
existence, or the physically and bodily defined self. After
complex physical adaptation is achieved, the individual is
obliged to adapt to the various functional levels of vital
energy, emotion, and mind (both lower and higher). This
second level of adaptation requires the development of the
various higher functional capabilities that are native to
the structures of the autonomic nervous system and the
central nervous system (especially the brain).

Thus, the evolutionary trial (which may go on for many
lifetimes or rebirths in human form) is projected on a
progressive scale, beginning with the gross dimension of the
physical body, and extending into the various subtler
dimensions of the physical body, the nervous system, the
brain, and the psyche. And at some point in that process the
individual awakens to the experiential knowledge that the
psyche is actually a subtle and separable body-mind, made of
subtle energy and subtle states of consciousness. Even so,
that discovery is not the highest reach of Man, nor does it
signify the ultimate liberation and fulfillment of
individual existence.

The “star body” (or psyche) is intimately associated with
the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system.
However, it is not the ultimate or highest dimension of
existence to which the central nervous system and the
autonomic nervous system are connected. The Transcendental
Light, or the Radiant Life-Principle and Transcendental
Self, is the true Identity of Man. And the human individual
is not free or fulfilled except in ecstatic surrender into
the very Condition of that Transcendental Identity.
Therefore, the ultimate stage of human evolutionary growth
is Realized only when the “star body,” or the apparently
independent inner self and mind, is itself transcended
through love of the Living Truth, or self-transcending
submission to the Life-Principle and Transcendental Identity
that is the Truth and Condition of the total body-mind of
Man. (Only when the independent and limited self, mind, or
psyche is first transcended through surrender to the
Life-Principle may the physical body, or the original
tendency to limited consciousness and limited embodiment,
also be transcended through surrender to the same

The process of the ultimate evolutionary test of Man
involves both intuitive transcendence of the subjective
being (or mind) and total physical surrender to the Radiant
Transcendental Life-Principle via all of ones actions and
relations. In this manner, the Living Identity, the Light
itself, that eternally transcends the limited body-mind, may
be Realized prior to the physical body, the limits of the
nervous system, and all the experiential states of
independent self and mind. And, in the process, even the
physical body itself, along with the mind, is Transfigured
or Infused with the Life-Light of the Divine Self. Thus, at
last Man is transcended in his own ultimate Identity. And
when the Radiant Self or Heart of Man is Realized as Life,
Light, Consciousness, and Love prior to the limited body and
mind of Man, then a Free Destiny begins in the Radiant
Domain that is just beyond the plane of the material
universe (or Chaos) itself.

Those who are extraordinary or somewhat more evolved in
the scale of Man look forward to material and psychic
adventures in space-time, to be attained via manipulation of
the physical body and the nervous system and the psyche (or
“star body”) of Man. And such is indeed a superior destiny
to that which is the presently common experience of
humanity. Indeed, even those who transcend Man in their
Transcendental Realization of the Living Truth may naturally
migrate into the more highly evolved worlds of the
space-time continuum before they pass forever into the
Transcendental Domain or Light. But the true Man and the
Spiritual Master of Man are constantly turned toward the
Living Truth itself, through ecstatic love. Therefore, those
who embrace the Truth become Radiant even in the worlds. And
they, at last, reach beyond the worlds to the Radiant Domain
of Eternal Life.


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