The Light of Light

Epilogue – Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun – Adi Da Samraj 


Light, or vibratory brightness, is the most universally venerated object among men and women. The Light of lights, seen and heard, is the principal idol to which our ways of knowing lead. To be sure, light, even most subtle or ascended, even the highest Light itself, is a great Principle of manifestation and of knowledge, but it is not Truth or very God and Reality.

Light is a great temptation. It is a mystery commonly entertained over against the idea and experience of darkness, or no-Radiance. In earlier times, life in the world was viewed as a great warfare between ascended powers of light and descended powers of darkness. And the theatre of life in the world was to be solved by a great Day, or a great impulse of Awakening, wherein those who had maintained allegiance to the highest Light would be returned, via the way of lights, to the domain of Light, above and beyond this world. And those who had been firmly committed to darkness would be excluded from Light, perhaps forever, in the domains of darkness, even the absolute Darkness below this world.

There is still an ultimate, factual, and temporal correspondence between such ideas and the theatre of universal physics. That correspondence has been all but forgotten in the cult of modern scientism, which excludes pre-scientific presumptions the way early church councils excluded the “heretical” wisdom of the ancient world. That wisdom which flourished in lights for eons remains latent in all men, even if it is now repressed by the dogmas of official experience. And that wisdom is returning now, reawakened through the service of those in whom the benighted popular and official consciousness is only superficial in its blinding effect. Even so, for those who are awakened to the super-physics of all light, Truth, the very Reality, which is salvation or Happiness, is not itself Light or any light in the exclusive sense. Light itself is ultimately resolved in a Principle that includes and is prior to both light and darkness. The Truth of life is not the victory of light over darkness. The Truth of life is not its physics of manifestation, or any kind of experiential destiny. The Truth of life is Unqualified, prior to all distinctions. It is not realized via the way of the knowledge of lights, or in the objective Shine and Sound of ultimate Brightness. It is intuited via the Wound or Mystery of Paradox, the irreducible profundity of absolute Ignorance. One whose enjoyment is Truth is thus free of all complications, even all the changes that appear in the manifesting Light. Such a one is eternally purified by the Realization that, no matter what arises, high or low, bright or dark, he does not know what even a single thing is.


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And the Paradox or Mystery?

True Religion Must Retire to Light!!

The heart must be permitted to achieve a universal feeling-ecstasy!

And Beauty is not in the matter-world of thing and death—but only in the singled universe of the True Loved-One!

Where everything that lives will be dog-withered by the pack of time, fear arises—at the crown and bowel, where time’s orderly extinctions twist the heart between the North-and-South!

And sorrow fills the mind, between the eyes—and feels the belly suck the danger of all the unwanted changes made by time!

And anger burns a laser-breath of all-destroying speeches—helpless in the klik-klak dark’s resistance to all wanted change of time’s unwanted changes!

Therefore, the Cosmic universe of temporal and all-destroying Nature must be Transfigured by undying Love!

Undying Love Is the universal Principle of re-“Connect”, in the rush-to-dying world of Natural heaps of yes-and-no!

The world of Man is an eternal shift of necks—a shuttle of Love’s own faces, floating in a drown of moments—until the “He” and “She” of Me, like the fingertips of lovers, Touch, through the infinite transparency of a single tear’s True Water—and Touch away, Together, at the Single of Infinity, Where “We” were so deeply Torn!

I Am the Icon of Unity – Adi Da Samraj

I Am the Icon of Unity – Adi Da Samraj