The Ritual Sacrifice of the Captive Slave

“Attention arises in twos – pairs. Similar to mitosis. Cell growth is a physical representation of the nature of attention. Everything comes out of that inexplicable explosion. That is why there are always Pairs, two’s, ad infinitum. There has to be two for there to be anything. Torque generates all possibilities.”

The Torque of Attention – A Study by Beezone


The following is taken from Chapter One of ‘The Mummery”


 “If you understand the principle of The Mummery as I’ve written it – if you understand its various principles, and how it is the pattern of existence, in existence itself altogether, being revealed in that liturgy – then “consider” this: Even then in the waking state, you, are all the female characters. Raymond is all the male characters – whoever that Raymond is. That configuration has all of the associations of the other. So you are often seeing yourself in daily life, but it doesn’t look like you. It seems to be independent of you. But it is you-as in dreams.”

There are only two people: You, and the other one. [laughter]

Adi Da Samraj, Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning


The Ritual Sacrifice of the Captive Slave

Raymond refused to play the Mummering-role of “Hero of the grasping hand”, whose finger-hold displays the ego-“I” aloft – and who, forever, speaks the “Yes-and-No” that separates true love’s embrace from Truth’s Bright Indivisibility! Raymond did not consent to play the Mummering part he was – by Nature’s whim, and Everyman’s design – required to play – to satisfy the Mummery-mind of Dad, of Mom, and all the other “I’s” of one-and-all! And, for this reason, Raymond was – without his willing and consent – consigned to the scapegoat-role! And he was made the scapegoat in a distant sanitorium! To die for all the blame the would-be-saints of Saint and Ear had always feared must, duly, come to them – for all they did, to Raymond and his Quandra!

The only method of the “followers” of Evelyn, at Saint and Ear, is – like children – to be “abstract”. And, by means of Evelyn’s “Flying Carpet” – of his mere and all-believing words – to fly themselves to hiding-places in the parent-house. And, thus, to be Escaped from the Ruling hand and daily bite of Truth’s requirement. The necessary sweat and heat of Lighted doings – that Reality requires, of every one!

The childish “followers” – the little client-clerks of ego-based religion’s “business”, are always hoping that “The All” – which Is, in Truth, Divine, and Real, Truly Great – will, naturally, by nature’s nature, come to them, in parent-time. As utopian holidays – of money’s gifts, and ill-health’s bounty of dead sweets, and all the other wanted things of ego’s want and ignorance – come hopping out, to every well-bred child of “civilized” society. They hope “The All” will come out-hopping – to them! As Nowhere’s teddy bear hops out, at their whim and call, from the toy-chest hoards, above the State-bedroom of Nature’s first and foremost “Gift” – the out-of-Nowhere Mom-and-Dad, that first encapsulates the ego-“I”, and pre-destinates the patterned life, of Everyman!

And, for the “Great Reward” they seek, expect, and, soon, demand, the “followers”, like humorless accountants, always think they only need to be – or even, only seem – “quite good”, according to the “Lifetime-Rules”, parentally prescribed! And truly neat, of course! As sticking-pins are “to-the-point”! And, so – on “pins-and-needles”, “snug as bugs”, and “good” as two white shoes – they merely wait, for payment, in their counting-rooms! Therefore, the “good followers” of ego-“I’s” religion only think – and talk – and wait. Waiting for the future to pay, and Prove, and flatter, all the past accounts!

But, false religion’s self-indulgent “good”-timers, of clever waiting’s deceitful Mummery of ego-“I”, never – to their satisfaction – fully, really, ever get the “Goods” they want from “The All” they have enslaved. Therefore, the childish collective disappointment of the “followers” of Evelyn, at Saint-and-Ear, was Hard! expressed, at Raymond’s “unacceptable behavior”. And they had been so “good”, and had, so nicely, Worshipped him! Indeed, their collective judgement of Raymond’s “crime”, was equally as darkly signed as Evelyn’s! And everyone, at Saint-and-Ear, was Glad! to sign the fateful document, of Raymond’s terminal confinement!

Therefore, Raymond was – by all of them that merely “followed”, and by their Evelyn too – required to play the sacrificial animal. He was, at last, twice-killed – by metamorphosis, from man, to ritual lamb, to scapegoat, on the hoof. And Raymond was, by a too-religious double-Capturing, made to be the burdened beast of means – so, that the guilty sheets of faith could be sent out, to “Heaven”, for a laundering!

Raymond was clerically administered, to a “legally” remotest place – a white-washed, antispeptic wilderness of elsewhere! And there, he was to be forgotten-to-death, in a private room, a “society-of-Nowhere” room, of scientific blame!

And Raymond died, there – in his own time. Because of the pious requirements of the religion of the “Captured Slave” – embraced, “religiously”, by all the “All”-unknowing-faithful of Saint-and-Ear – Raymond was, by “religious” circumstance, obliged to play the “Victim” in a ritual of Mummery. And Raymond was, thereby, duly killed, in time – for all “the what” the faithful did, and never dared to do. And even nature took a hand, and kiled him, too – at last. But, Raymond Found his Way to deal with even that – at last!

In their Narcissistic looking-glass of Mummery’s faith – or any would-be-knowing science, too – the Saint-and-Ear of everyone neither hears nor sees What Is, before the eyes say “I”. Nor do such Mummers even look to see Who Stands with them – beyond the looking-glass – and languishes upon the Threshold of the sky-blue Door of life! That One, Who Is, was early-made their Captive, ancient in the Door – until the Captive came to life, and Broke! the Spell of merely -human mind! And, when the Spell was Broken!, on the Tabernacle floor – all the faulty symbols fell, that made the Everyman the ever-Mumming little ruler of Mummery’s Ruler-hating world!
Therefore, let there be no misunderstanding – or any double-mind – about the matter! Raymond’s confinement was a punishment for what he had done to the egg!

What Raymond had “done” was, by everyone at Saint-and-ear, declared to be – “Unforgivable”! And his punishment was, whether officially or unofficially, required to last for life – until he is as dead as Quandra was.

And – only then, in “safest” after-death – might, yet, be recognized. By some, or even all – whether officially or unofficially. And he might even be, post-mortemly, “Awarded”, and, symbollically, “Rewarded” – for his trouble! By a – suitably Monumental!, and honorably Funereal – Fastening! in the Holy Box, Side-by-side with Quandra! High Up! In Saint-and-Ear! Maybe! It might happen. Except, that every future is – to every present moment’s eye – the only comprehensive means to the fullest preservation of the past!

And, so, it seems – because of ego’s time-preserving time – Raymond must, by all the eyes of self-preserving views, be, forever, cited to remain in “Close Confinement”! There – in the space of time! And his only “Presence” that is to be recognized – by all the ego-minded Mumming world of Mummery’s “little play” of life-and-death – will, likely, be the comfortable reliability of his constant and forever absence! As – even now!

Of course, once Raymond was “safely” confined, Saint-and-Ear quickly recovered from the “Incident”. And all its religious doings continued, thereafter. Just as they had before Raymond’s unexpected – and deeply unwanted – arrival, among the “faithful”. And the “Incident” was never much mentioned, again – except to dismiss it, by a brief and caustic mention of that one word. “Oh yes – the ‘Incident’. That was so long ago”. And, always, the “Incident” was casually dismissed and discounted – as if it were a foreign substance. Or, at most, a freakish occurrence, due to fakery. Or, some kind of aberration, caused by an insane person – inadvertently allowed in, from the “outside”!

After Raymond was “safely confined” – and, altogether, discredited and defamed – Evelyn Disk continued, as ever before – to Pretend the Raymond-role, in all the Raymond-rites of the Raymondite “Religion”. The “real” Raymond was – with certainty, as an article and act of “religious” faith – presumed dead, and “safely” absent. And everything was accounted for – by means of Evelyn’s famous Story of the “Ape-in-the-lake”.

Evelyn himself, continued to provide all the explanations sought – and all the myths “required” – by everyone at Saint-and-Ear. And, quite simply – and easily, too, it seems – everyone forgot about Raymond. Himself! And As he Is! And where he had been sent to never be, at all!

From that time, real Raymond, himself, remained at the State mental facility – “safely” far away from Saint-and-Ear. And nearer to God’s End, perhaps? Wherever that is, no one knew – or cared to say.

And so – there, he sat. Until, he died.

There – until he was – he is.

And – even now – he Is.

And – even now, it seems – he is, forever, speaking his own mind. To no one!