The Seventh Way Begins with…

Adi Da Samraj, 2004


The following talk Adi Da was given on October 1, 2004.  It is interspersed (in italics) with commentary and Beezone’s attempt to interpret the meaning of his words.  Bold words in Adi Da’s talk are given to emphasize the importance of His word and to accentuate its meaning.


Adi Da Samraj: The Seventh Stage Way begins with such Perfect Realization, in other words, perfect renunciation.

Beezone: ‘The Seven Stage Way’ (and there is NO other Way) is Perfect Realization in Adi Da’s teachings, and it is referred to as the ‘Perfect Practice.’ Adi Da does not mean ‘suddenly’ the devotee is in the Seventh Stage of Life. What Adi Da refers to is that the devotee ‘Recognizes’ His State and Who He IS and therefore has the Intuition of who they are – along with what the Seven Stage State Is. What follows from that ‘Recognition’ is spontaneously and LAWFULLY  Response which is ‘required’.  For that State is coupled with the inherent understanding of Renunciation, given by Grace.

Adi Da Samraj: Suppose it were so, the Seventh Stage Way. In that case, the Way of Prior Divine Self-Abiding recognizing all conditions, Divinely Self-Recognizing all conditions–not being the body-mind and struggling with that presumption. Still, Divine Self-Abiding, being as That, without a difference, simply recognizing what arises as the apparent body-mind, the world and so on, such that, effectively, there is no body-mind, and there is no world. That is the seventh stage way.

Beezone: As stated above, the Beginning of ‘The Seventh Stage Way’ or ‘The Way of Prior Divine Self-Abiding’ is Prior to the body AND mind (body-mind). That IS the (His) State, Only One. There is also what is ‘arising’ – thoughts, feelings, samskara’s – the body still exists as does the ‘world’ – BUT, effectively there is NONE of that, world, mind, body, arising that is binding or necessary. In linguistic terms the conditional, unilluminated mind is left with a Paradox.

Adi Da Samraj: And if true devotees had come to Me at any time in the last 33 years, there would be, presumably, still a general gathering of devotees who are trying to figure this all out or practicing in the manner that you all have made into a progressive disposition, but there would also be an order of devotees who were practicing the seventh stage way or the Way of prior, Perfect Realization and prior, perfect renunciation.

Beezone: Adidam has been turned into a ‘progressive’ Way. If there were real devotees who ‘understood’ or had Real ‘Recognition,’ there would be devotees in the ‘Seventh Stage Way’ – or using another term in the ‘Perfect Practice.’ 

Adi Da Samraj: The disposition of that demonstration–it’s not really a practice, then, in the conventional sense–the disposition is not one of being the body-mind and being bound by that or troubled by that or having questions about it or wanting to prolong the patterns, the plans, the seeking that’s based on that presumed identification. The six stages of life are about all that. And you’re involved in a way that’s about transcending the six stages of life.

Beezone: Refer to the Paradox above. The world, self, and others exist, but because of ‘Recognition,’ they don’t, not in the conventional or absolute sense. In the Buddhist sense, we are in the world of ‘Transcendental Logic’ (Madhyamika).

Adi Da Samraj: But the Way, ultimately, is the Seventh Stage Way.

Beezone: So, there is ‘The Seventh Stage Way’ of no progression, and yet there is ‘ultimately’  something before. Adi Da is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Yes, there is ONLY – from the BEGINNING – the ‘Seventh Stage Way – but since that is NOT TRUE (Perfectly), the arising of conditional existence still binds or captures the body and mind of the devotee at whatever of the first six stages of life he or she is in.

Adi Da Samraj: You are progressively transcending the impediments to the seventh stage way. Now, that’s different than the conventional search associated with the six stages of life in the traditional setting. It’s different in the sense I’ve just described, but it’s not absolutely different in the sense that it’s just the seventh stage way itself.

Beezone: Did you follow that logic? There is a progressing of the Seventh Stage Way, but it’s different than the traditions. How so? By what He said earlier (above). Which is based on ‘Recognition’ but paradoxically not “Perfect Recognition.

Adi Da Samraj: Instead, it’s a kind of progress. It’s progressive about the matter of renunciation, bargaining about it. You’re playing at being not just aspirants toward the goals of the six stages of life but being grounded in and never moving from the spot of the first three stages of life. 

Beezone: Forget about all this Seventh Stage Only Be Me talking school culture. Devotees are still in the first three stages, attached to money, food, sex, and survival.  The culture at the present time is in a ‘talking’ school level of development.  Continually formed around and about disciplines and ‘talk’ of renunciation – as if their adaptations concerning ‘form’ were the measurement of practice that needed (endlessly) to be ‘disciplined.’

Adi Da Samraj: When will this body-mind identity wear out, you see? The procedure, so to speak, is of going through and beyond the practice that’s about transcending the six stages, is about wearing out this body-mind identification until the Perfect Practice happens.

Beezone: Here, Adi Da recognized there IS a progressive way, not to His liking but to the conditional realities of life He is continually being shown.

Adi Da Samraj: Then that must be manifested as a true profundity until it manifests the seventh stage.

Beezone: What then is needed? Seriousness and profundity. Real penetration into the fruitlessness of ‘seeking’ and the identification with ‘self’ – (ego, narcissus).

Adi Da Samraj: Realization, which necessarily and inherently coincides with perfect renunciation. And then, the Way begins. That’s what I was talking about, trying to Talk about on the street that night in My junior year. That’s what I was trying to say to My Mother and Father, pointing up at the moon there. That’s what I brightened at them from across the linoleum floor, wherever it was–Mrs. Farr’s house.

Beezone: There has never been anything else, even from the time He was a baby, ONLY the Seven Stage Way. That’s all He ever Understood.

Adi Da Samraj: The Bright is My Revelation. It is inherently My Realization. It is Divine Self-Revelation. It is not progressive. It is Perfect. It’s not even just direct. It’s Perfect. There is no method. There’s the Grace, and the simultaneous Perfect Realization and perfect renunciation that is its evidence. That’s it. You want to know what the Way is? That’s it. That’s the Way. 

Beezone: There is ONLY ONE WAY, never two or many. But there is also GRACE, which implies some ‘intervention’ –  a deep and profound Paradox.

Adi Da Samraj: All aspects of the practice you have, at least, been entertaining for 33 years, are a process given in consideration with you based on your affirmation of identification with the body-mind, and you’re absolutely absolute unavailability to My Perfect Revelation before your eyes.

Beezone: Adi Da has bent towards and created a ‘practice’ for those who have created the need for a ‘progressive way.’

Adi Da Samraj: Once the Realization is perfect, it is demonstrated by perfect renunciation, and then there is a unique process–the seventh stage demonstration of inherently Perfect Realization, which is inherently perfect renunciation–non-identification with the body-mind. It is based upon prior Realization of That Which Is Always Already the Case, rather than any procedure that, in due course, becomes the Perfect and necessarily Prior Realization or Realization of That Which Is Always Already the Case.

Beezone: Here, we have the ‘Paradox’ rolled into one paragraph. He starts by saying, “Once,” inferring that is a before. Then He says ‘Prior’ – with the meaning there is no ‘before (which in itself IS a Paradox.  There is only what continually arises AFTER (manifest existence) and what one does in relation to that based on ‘Prior and Perfect Realization.’  If I’ve stated this correctly, the reader can see the limits of logic, language, and the talking school of Adidam. 

Adi Da Samraj: You’re paying with your lives by the refusal of the Revelation. You, because of your attachment to the body-mind point of view, are refusing the implications of the apparent requirement of renunciation.

Beezone: And what is the ‘cost’ of this refusal – which again is a ‘double-bind’ since the Perfect Way has been turned into a Progressive Way, without any conscious awareness other than ‘conditional’ awareness – at whatever level? The cost? Conditional life and endless Ups and Downs, Rounds and Rounds. Going nowhere profound and ultimately, no matter who, what, and where, into the arms of Lord Yama. And not in a happy Way!

Adi Da Samraj: And, as a result, continue identifying with the body-mind. And that is a refusal of Perfect, Priorly Perfect, Always Already the Case, Realization of Reality Itself.

Beezone: Again, refusal. As if you were standing there saying, “NO”! But from His State, that is precisely what is happening!  It’s maddening logic – and the root of ‘His Shout.’

Adi Da Samraj: The Realization of Reality Itself is not the end phenomenon of the Way of Adidam. It is the beginning of the Way of Adidam. Even Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, then, is effectively that Realization tacitly confessed. However, still the body-mind identification lags behind and requires this procedure, which I have Elaborated to you for your sake, which is not untrue. It’s not the same as the search that is the six stages of life. It’s not itself a search, but it is a process that precedes Perfect Realization. It’s not necessary, it’s just if you insist upon it.

Beezone: Here, how is the ‘Progressive Way’ that he refers to earlier in Adidam different from the ‘Progressive Way’ in the traditions? The difference is in the ‘First Recognition Response’ to Him. At some level, you “got it.” But then what you do with it is based on many levels, many of which you have no ‘fully conscious’ awareness of.

Adi Da Samraj: You insist upon it for the sake of the satisfaction associated with bondage to the body-mind.

Beezone: Attachments to conditional (1 thru 6) existence.

Adi Da Samraj: So, no matter how many times I say to you–no matter what arises, even now, even attention itself, you are the mere Witness Consciousness–not witnessing, not observing, not watching–your status is that of Consciousness Itself, Which is not causing or doing anything whatsoever, Which has no psycho-physical identity, Which is inherently free of all such identity, Which has no involvement in self-contraction whatsoever, for Which there is no body-mind, no gross, subtle or causal dimensions of conditional existence, no conditional existence whatsoever, no cosmic domain, no world, no limitation.

It is Inherently Free, Perfect, Inherently Perfect. It is Consciousness Itself, Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant. But It is not within you. It is not behind the body-mind. It’s not deep in the body-mind. You don’t progress somehow through the body-mind, and It’s just, just there when you get to the end of it, you see.

Beezone: Only Prior, just there …” when you get to the END of it!!!! (Paradox)

Adi Da Samraj: Those are metaphors for Reality that are created by the body-mind’s perspective or point of view.

Beezone: Using language to point to something it can’t possibly do.

Adi Da Samraj: The body-mind is not the means or the connection to Reality Itself or the Divine Self-Condition Itself. It is Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Always Already the Case. Perfect Realization is prior Realization of That Which is Always Already the Case. It’s not being anything else and looking toward It. It’s not working toward It. It is not gradually, progressively eliminating anything, causing anything, proceeding toward a goal. It is as is, just so, Priorly, Perfectly, Always and Already.

Beezone: Adi Da’s endless repeating himself, over and over again.

Adi Da Samraj: So, It is inherently, perfectly, renounced because It’s Always Already not identified with the body-mind, and therefore, effectively, the body-mind is perfectly renounced, always already. There is no equation between the Divine Self-Condition and conditional appearances–no equation whatsoever. It is not the creator or cause of conditions. The status of conditions is self-evident when there is perfect Realization. The how it’s happening, the in what is happening, is self-evident–but it is not covered by the descriptions developed from the point of view of egoity or the body-mind or the cosmic position.

So, when I say “no matter what arises, you are Consciousness Itself, always already and only,” you look at it from the body-mind position, and you say, “yes, I can feel somehow that that’s true,” you see. And you think that you’re actually somehow realizing it because the words mean something that is evidently so, but you are not actually realizing it. You are conceiving of it from the perspective of the body-mind. It’s an abstraction. It is as if you’re looking at it from the body-mind. And so you even practice as the body-mind looking toward or working toward the Divine Condition. However, you might conceive of it. But it can’t be worked toward, and it isn’t within you, and it isn’t there at the end of a course of whatever that somehow cause or achieve it. It is not attainable.

Devotion in this Way, you see, is a profound and real practice in which ego is transcended and emptied of all of its content and fault. It shows the signs of devotion, not merely the conversation about it.

Beezone: The Seventh Stage Way – in its Progressive manner, is devotion.

Adi Da Samraj: What so-called devotees are doing is mummery, and I am Struggling with you all because of this. You have not received Me Spiritually.

Beezone: Here, Adi Da is referring to the lack of ‘hearing” and “seeing.”

Adi Da Samraj: If you received Me Spiritually if you even tacitly Recognized Me and were devotees of Mine, you see, apart from any Spiritual Reception of Me yet, you would be profoundly devoted to Me and turned to Me, profoundly. There’d be no presumptuousness whatsoever.

Beezone: Compelling statement, pregnant. “If you received Me Spiritually,” here he is referring to something more than a moment of ‘Baptism’ or apparently the initial ‘Recognition’ that brought you to Him. Again, it has to do with “hearing.” Notice the distinction between ‘receive Me Spiritually” and “tacit Recognition”. The profundity was established. There is apparently a ‘moment’ in which profundity enters into one’s practice that makes it ‘one-pointed,’ ‘direct,’ and ‘forever.’

Adi Da Samraj: That I even opened the doors and Spoke, and it was all written down, and now you can all read it and remember it, fill the mind with it, you see is, on the one hand, it’s a gift to you, to everyone.

On the other hand, it’s, look, it’s supporting a mummer’s worth of cultism–unless it is corrected, unless it becomes truly and profoundly turned to Me, and the practice is authenticated, not as a form of seeking and self-possession merely but, if necessary, some apparent progress of ego-transcendence, the transcending of the stages of self-delusion, the stages of life–in other words, the gross, subtle and causal structures that are the design and limit of the human, conditional consciousness.

Beezone: Adi Da is appealing, “look” – “unless it is corrected” – “unless it becomes profound” and “authenticated” – “some apparent progress of self-transcendence.”

He continues…..

Adi Da Samraj: Some progression of various kinds of disciplines, apparent progression, not a search, but some approach toward ultimate perfection as the Perfect Practice, yes, good. I’ve Given you Means, Instructions that would enable that kind of progress–not search, not causing Realization. But if you take it on otherwise, if you feed it into the brain, you see, and use it to standardize appearances and make talk and fill the stage with players made of lengthy speeches and impenetrable costumes, you see, then you have made something utterly false from the Gift of Truth.

So, this Way cannot authenticate itself with genuine, surrendered, devotional Recognition of Me. There can’t be any mummery or any Five Issues, and I’m waiting. If there is devotion. If people had received Me Spiritually, why would I have to Speak in these terms? That doesn’t mean people have had no experience that was somehow evidence of effects of the fact I exist or Gave My Regard to people. I’ve been Blessing people all these years. But, the effects, the experiences are simply, they must be–they’re wallpaper for the mind and the ego. They’re not just something in and of themselves. As soon as they become the basis for self-presumptions and claims and independence from Me, you see, then it’s mummery. Then, there’s a class of insiders in Adidam, like professional priests or hidden, a hidden priesthood, waiting for Me to pass on, and then they’re in charge. 

Beezone: Adi Da ends with an appeal for “True Recognition” but does not directly say the “how” of it. He clearly shouts the descriptive parts. But it clearly does not penetrate into the Realities He is Addressing. Devotees are left with this ‘conundrum’ of “I’m Here, Present and Waiting.” They may say all sorts of things, but at the end of His life, He, She, We are left with this Paradox in language and mind for those who wish to use words.