Three Knots of Existence

Three Knots of Existence


Previous to Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, the gross, subtle, and causal dimensions are expressed in the body-mind as characteristic knots.

In the Aletheon Adi Da writes:

“The three modes of egoity are the lower “self”, the higher “self”, and the “root-self” – gross, subtle and causal”

The three modes of egoity or the self-contraction are of body (VISHVA), mind TAIJASA), and causal (PRAJNA).



The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Frontal Knot – The knot of the gross dimension is associated with the region of the navel (vital shock – ‘The Engine that Runs the World).



The Ajna Knot – The knot of the subtle dimension is associated with the midbrain, or the ajna center directly behind and between the brows.



The knot of the causal dimension (which Avatar Adi Da refers to as the “causal knot”) is associated with the sinoatrial node (or “pacemaker”) on the right side of the heart. The causal knot (or the heart-root’s knot) is the primary root of the self-contraction, felt as the locus of the self-sense, the source of the feeling of relatedness itself, or the root of attention.