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The following
excerpts have been taken from a variety of essays and talks
from Adi Da Samraj covering over 30 years of his teaching

This style of
presentation is called the ‘White and Orange Books” project
and is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books.
The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated
as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been
collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be
suitable for the same format.

The following are excerpts
from the teachings of Adi Da Samraj
the topic of


“My first Teaching Sign to everyone was this gesture of
my hand, clenching the fist versus opening the hand. Well,
its presuming darkness versus being Radiant. There are many
ways I could describe the fundamental process – but one way
to describe it is that, in every moment where there is the
dark tendency to identify with self-contraction and all the
things that come with it, or to identify with the body-mind,
just in and of itself, and all that comes with that, in
every moment as that comes Up, the process is about being
Radiant instead.”
Adi Da Samraj

the Heart there is no adventure and no world, no one who
thinks or acts, but there is only understanding. It is no
place, no affect, no reflection, no exclusive force. It is
perfect, unqualified existence, consciousness and bliss. It
is conscious existence as bliss. And such also is the very
nature of every quality of life for one who understands and
lives as the Heart. He is eternally the same, whatever
arises. He does not arise, but what arises arises. And what
arises has not other implication for him than its very fact.
It does not imply his existence in or as what arises. It
does not imply his consciousness of, in or as what arises.
It does not imply any other bliss than what always already
is prior to what arises. Thus, by grace, he appears in and
as what arises. By grace he is aware of, in and as what
arises. By grace he moves to find endless kinds of enjoyment
in all that arises. Such is the great activity of the Heart.

No matter what arises, whether you tend to react
appropriately or inappropriately from a conventional point
of view, you always present yourself as a limit on Feeling.
And this, as you might gather, from My “Point of View” is

is your action. Therefore, it is the action of contraction,
of self-definition, of obsession with what arises in itself,
independent of its ground or substance or its true
Condition. The action that is suffering produces the usual
life as karma, illusion, negative destiny, unconsciousness.
Thus, the Way of Divine Communion involves a life of
counter-action, of other action, as a specific
responsibility. Whatever is not used becomes obsolete.

This is the essence of renunciation, to recognize what
arises. And in that case there is infinite energy. Not
energy for a purpose, energy for its own sake. It expresses
itself as all kinds of transfigured transformations,
samadhi, developments. That’s your business, in the 7th in
stage of life, you are utterly responsible.

But in (this relationship) of the Heart what arises is
confronted by silence without and the Heart within.

Therefore, the highest form of detachment is life-positive,
not dissociated, but understanding very well why things go
on as they do, seeing clearly that what arises in the world
does not have the power to destroy our suppress one’s
spiritual response, one s spiritual practice. That is true
detachment. It is not the conventional detachment of turning
away and withdrawing sympathy. contractions, do not appear
as limitations to the Enlightened person.

Love or not. That is all there is to it. If you can come
again to the position of loving, of being sustained and
being a sustainer in the natural flow of things, then you
will continue to grow, and the very structural dimensions
toward which you are experientially disposed will show
themselves in the form of experience. You must be
responsible for the effects of those things. You must be
responsible in every moment, so that, no matter what arises,
the contraction of feeling- attention is not your destiny,
not your disposition in the moment. You must be able to cut
through that contraction, whatever the experience, high or

The ultimate fulfillment of the Law-which is sacrifice,
ecstasy, or love-is to abide as this intuition in every
instant, eternally free and full. It is no answer. It is
simply free. All questions are simply dissolved in

What of life then? It is not that it
is a problem. What arises, arises. It does not merely arise
to oneself. It arises inclusive of oneself and as oneself.
Therefore, life is ultimately and wisely lived with humor
and in freedom, allowing all to pass and also to be bright
in the present. But there is no fit or frenzy of living.

The Spirit is not merely behind what arises, pervading it as
some sort of invisible essence. The Spirit is this, just
this exactly, as it is all the other forms of appearance
with which we might become associated. The Living or
Spirit-Current pervades all of this, is all of this, and we
may contact It intimately through the submission of our
body-minds to It.

Exchange the now or radical habit of observing what arises
for the old or conventional habit of engaging what arises.
That is, simply remain in relationship to whatever arises,
aware of whatever arises, rather than identify with, enter
into, or avoid whatever arises.

We still stand in the world even as we rest in this current.
But then you may notice in your private meditation that you
also are released even of this experience here from time to
time. As the currents of the gross being begin to harmonize,
become naturally reoriented, the body comes to rest, the
breathing becomes slow, simple, the heart rate goes down. We
hear the breathing and feel it, but then we become aware in
such a way that we do not hear it any longer, we do not feel
it any longer. The current itself becomes visible and
audible to us, and we may simply forget the gross body and
pass into the subtler dreams, all the while being in the
disposition of this Ignorance, in which we truly identify
what arises rather than automatically becoming attached to
it, rather than getting into patterns of craving on the
basis of gross or subtle experience.

Why don’t you just understand and be quiet then. If it’s
that simple and in some sense that’s true. No matter what
arises, even attention himself, any thought, anything at
all, no matter what arises, you are merely the witness.

The Teaching and the Community are themselves the
communication of Satsang, Divine Communion. What is
apparently given or experienced in the midst of a life that
responds to them is also a Grace, but it may not be earned,
taken, or held. Therefore, what arises is never the point,
but it is always only a paradox and a test, a form of the
always prior Demand, which is itself the Divine Person, the
Maha-Siddha, the Siddha-Guru. A sacrificial life, founded in
humor, love, and understanding, is the sadhana made possible
when Divine Communion is thus given as Grace, not promised
as a reward or a future gift. And no other apparent reward
or gift adds one iota to that Gift.

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“The Heart is the practice
regardless of what arises, regardless of your circumstance,
regardless of conditions. This does not mean that you
deliberately ignore conditions. It means that you turn the
faculties to the Heart instead of wandering in
When you are turned to the Heart, the
contents of “experience” do not bind you. Turning to the
Heart does not make you dysfunctional.”

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