Spiritualization in the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj – Beezone Study



“All action…that seems to be performed by any entity or
person is necessarily a form of this contraction. All
action, realizes the sense and condition of inherent
contradiction or dilemma. And all action is necessarily
separative in the ultimate, even if relational in intention.
For this reason, all action is, in itself, binding,
limiting, an expression and an agent of suffering. Manifest
life, then, under any conditions-gross, subtle, or causal –
is suffering

This realization is profoundly disorienting and
disturbing, since it convicts the being of suffering,
disease, and hopelessness, and it is also profoundly
liberating, since it brings an end to the distraction by any
kind of action and experience and allows the Consciousness
to rest in the intuition of its true, real, or prior

No Remedy – Epilogue

“Even while still maturing in the first three stages of
life, many people devote themselves to religious practices,
submitting to an ordered life of discipline and devotion.
This is the beginning of establishing the disposition of the
fourth stage of life, but it is only the beginning. The real
leap involved in transitioning to the fourth stage of life
is one that very few ever make. It is the transition we
associate with saints: nothing less the breakthrough to a
Spiritually-illumined life of Divine contemplation and
selfless service.”

The Seven Stages of Life – Spiritualization

“The possibility of true spiritual life… begins only
when there is conviction in the functions of life and
intelligence of the inherent suffering of manifest existence
and the fruitlessness of all destiny.

When the conviction of suffering and hopelessness matures
to the point of profound psychic and psychological
disorientation from the conventional theatre of experience,
ordinary or extraordinary, so that there is heightened
sensitivity to the intuition and influence of the Divine
Reality, then the individual becomes circumstantially
related to the stream of true Teaching and, at last, to the
direct influence of the manifest Guru (either in his
personal form-gross, subtle, or causal – or in the form of
his servant-agents and his incarnate Community).”

No Remedy – Epilogue

“There must be passage through that ordinary condition
which motivates the whole pattern and ritual of life, the
path of Narcissus. That must be known. That intelligence
must be the foundation of life, and it requires a purifying
confrontation with the life of tendencies. The intelligence
for bearing it, for allowing it to become a truly
transforming event.”

and Heat

“Periodically, every individual passes through a time of
crisis, of great resistance and fear.”

on the March

“What is dissolved in the way of radical understanding,
the way of dissolution rather than of experiential or
progressive return, is not “a self’ (a static, object,
entity), nor is “a Self’ or “the Self” acquired, attained,
realized, or intuited. Rather, what is dissolved is a
process. The “ego” is not an object or an entity, but an
activity. It is fixed reflexive contraction…at the gross,
subtle, and causal levels.”

of Instruction

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