Beezone and Adi Da

I’ve been asked to articulate the reasons behind my dedication to the work associated with Adi Da and his teachings, particularly within the context of Beezone. At the core of my commitment lies my profound admiration for Adi Da as a teacher. Beezone, in essence, serves as a platform through which I endeavor to comprehend and disseminate his teachings. It’s akin to the idea of sharing your homework with someone who’s yet to complete theirs. As I embark on the journey of comprehending, or rather attempting to comprehend, Adi Da’s wisdom – and by wisdom, I mean this in the broadest sense – I find myself undertaking specific tasks and employing diverse methods, techniques, and nuances that have proven to be invaluable.

Professionally, I am an educator, and as such, I’ve been equipped with the skills and the innate desire to convey what I’ve come to understand. In this context, it involves conveying my knowledge of Adi Da.

Adi Da isn’t merely an abstract concept; he is not detached from the world, nor does he exist in isolation from his time and place. He was a living individual, albeit now deceased, born in New York in 1939, and his teachings have emerged from a global context, primarily influenced by the United States and India.

I don’t aim to persuade anyone about my interpretation of Adi Da’s teachings. Adi Da’s role as a Guru and his impact as a compelling and influential figure remain subjects of debate and skepticism for some, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

My intention is not to convert or convince anyone. I have been personally convinced that the study and comprehension of Adi Da’s teachings hold great value. If you happen to have the opportunity to encounter his teachings, I genuinely hope that Beezone, in one way or another, contributes to your understanding of who he was.

May all Beings be Happy.



Ed Reither

September 10, 2020

Julie Anderson with Ed Reither – Beezone and Adi Da

October 2023


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