Frontal Reception of Spirit Force – Desending Current

Originally published in Crazy Wisdom magazine,
February 1984, Vol 3. No.2

A Talk by Da Free John on frontal reception of the
Spirit-force as it relates to well-being.

August 11, 1983

pp 13-16


MASTER DA: I speak about the discipline relative to the
descending current. The descending current is the dimension
of this process of conductivity that must be realized and
practiced first, for all the reasons that I have discussed.
It is also important to apply that descending process
relative to health.

Of course, the descending cycle relates to healing
another because to hear another you must keep this, channel
open in yourself. But an unobstructed descending channel is
also important for your own health, because the descending
current, which is felt through the frontal line of the body,
is most directly associated with all the kinds of
consciousness we associate with the waking state of bodily
existence. It is associated not only with the physical body,
but with emotional, psychic, and mental states. If you
observe yourself in the course of daily living, in the midst
of all your circumstances, you will notice that you
continually register different qualities in the frontal
line. Perhaps the most typical one is the sensation of a
knot over the solar plexus, just below the heart, or in the

Everyone experiences this knot at least from time to
time. It is generally associated with the feeling of
anxiety, but it is a key to health and well-being
altogether. It is associated with physical and emotional
conditions. If we do not achieve a capacity to be
responsible for this frontal current, we will not experience
or exhibit the signs of well-being altogether in life. Our
relationships will complicate us, and we will be complicated
in those relationships. It is important, therefore, to
monitor this current and the signs we observe in the frontal
line of the body.

If you observed this frontal current for a few days, just
agreed to keep your attention on it quite regularly, you
would observe certain symptoms relative to the energy in the
frontal line of, the body. You would observe that these
symptoms change from hour to hour, change in different
circumstances, change in the presence of different
individuals, and so on. When this channel is open, as it is
supposed to be, characterized by full in-breath, full bodily
relaxation, full feeling, then we are tending to be in a
state of well being.

If we kept that channel consistently open, and of course
observed various intelligent practices in life, we would
maintain a general state of psycho-physical well-being. But
by tendency we do not maintain such a full, open in-breath.
Instead, the egoic contraction, the self-contraction, tends
constantly to contract and limit the descending force.

Think of the descending current as a garden hose running
from the top of your head to your feet or to the base of the
body, with water running through it. When you pick up a
garden hose and twist it, the water stops. Release it a
little bit, and the water runs a little bit. The channel is
supposed to be simply open, but by tendency it is
constricted to one or another degree under the various
circumstances of life, whether those circumstances are
acknowledged to be external to you or internal and local to
the body. This line of force is tending to be constricted to
one degree or another, and it is rarely simply open.

When it is simply open, you feel good, and not just
physically, but emotionally, altogether. You have a sense of
well-being. When you have a sense of well-being, this
current that registers itself in the frontal line of the
body is open. When you do not feel completely well, it is
constricted to one degree or another. And when you feel
rotten, it is as if you had tied a knot in the garden hose,
you see. You can feel that knot throughout the frontal line.
You will perhaps especially feel it over the solar
plexus.,If you are no Happy in your feeling, not given over
to the living and Ultimate principle, then perhaps you will
notice that you experience a more or less chronic sense of
contraction over the solar plexus, and a feeling of weakness
also, as if you had a hole in your navel. In that case,
there is weakness, there is tightness there is a cramp,
there is discomfort there is disorientation altogether a
sense of being out of balance.

All these symptoms are the results of a very simple
mechanism of contraction in the frontal line of force. The
contraction is registered especially over the solar plexus
because the battery of the body is the great region of the
solar plexus, including the lower abdomen. You must
therefore become sensitive to how this frontal mechanism
works, how it changes in reaction to external circumstances
and local or internal circumstances.

You must hear me first of all. You must awaken, through
hearing, to self-observation, self- insight, awareness of
how you operate as a contracting personality. Then you must
see You must become emotionally converted. You must, with
the total feeling of the being or the submission of the
total body-mind, enter into sympathy with That Which is
Transcendental and All-Pervading, and begin to practice on
the basis of hearing and seeing. In other words you must
live or animate the body-mind in all its relations and
functions in such a way that the living force is permitted
to course freely in the body-mind without obstruction.

This practice of conductivity is a great art. Therefore,
the practice develops over time as you magnify this hearing
and seeing in the form of an effective life-practice. But in
terms of what there is to observe about it locally, the
ultimate change that develops through that practice of
conductivity is a change in your capacity to be responsible
for the full openness of this frontal line of your manifest
existence. Until you become fully responsible for it,
feeling open, surrendering to this living current, you are
always experiencing symptoms of one or another kind,
chronically. Not just local, physical and emotional
symptoms, but symptoms in the form of all your relations and
your complicated living.

In other words, through hearing and seeing, or submission
to the Ultimate principle, the Spiritual principle, the
Spiritual Reality, the Divine, you must achieve the capacity
for well-being, which is fundamentally an emotional
capacity. Secondarily, or by effect, it is a capacity for
well-being in the upper and lower coils, or in the mind, the
psyche, and the body, and therefore also in the plane of all

Relative to health, then, the most fundamental
responsibility is the responsibility for hearing and seeing.
As a mechanical matter, at the level of the body-mind
itself, health is fundamentally a matter of becoming freely
responsible for the living current in Its descending or
frontal mode. Healing another is fundamentally a matter of
working on this frontal current, helping to bring the
person, not just physically, but in every way, into a
condition of openness to the living current, so that there
exist no relational, physical, emotional, psychic, or mental
obstructions or reasons for contraction that limit the flow
of force.

Of course, there is no ultimate well-being without
submission to the Ultimate. There may be temporary
well-being that serves someone temporarily by bringing him
or her into a state of openness, through the effect of our
good company, the kind of attention we give to one another.
Many healing practices work through just such means. Any
attention we eve to somebody that makes him feel he is being
given attention by someone who is congenial who cares for
him to some degree will tend to have a healing effect, Why?
Not merely for psychological reasons, but because of this
fundamental structure of the manifest personality, this
descending frontal current, which is rooted in the feeling
dimension of the living personality. Thus, any approach to
an individual, that brings him into a feeling of openness
will tend to heal him, temporarily at least. It will have
positive effects.

If, however, you could bring the individual to the point
of hearing and seeing and submission, rather than mere
sympathy with somebody else whom he feels good about, then
most perfect healing will tend to occur. There is no
ultimately perfect healing, because we cannot eliminate all
limits in a world such as this, whose very structure is
limitation. Nevertheless, basic well-being can generally be
restored to anyone who will, hear and see and be whole
bodily submitted to the living principle, in-breathe It, and
release the force of contraction emotionally, in his or her
feeling, physically and psychically.

All healing efforts are based on this one principle.
Ultimately,the best thing you can do to heal someone is to
guide the individual into the whole affair of hearing and
seeing, so he can be responsible not merely for his life in
spiritual terms, but altogether, as a result of a changing
his life-course.

Those of you who are practitioners should already know
how important it is to monitor, be sensitive to, and be
responsible for this frontal mechanism. All your episodes,
difficulties, and physical problems are related to the
self-contraction in the most directly manifested, phenomenal
terms in the structure of the body-mind-in other words, in
this frontal course. Rather than putting angular,
problematic attention on your contraction, if you would
simply be naturally sensitive for a few days to the knot
over your solar plexus, you would quickly get a very
realistic sense of how you operate, how the knot changes,
how it is affected under the ordinary or extraordinary
circumstances of daily living. Observe, how much time you
actually spend being cramped up there, experiencing
physical, emotional, and mental effects.

You spend a great deal of your time in those effects. To
the degree you are spending your time in those effects, you
are being irresponsible. You are not practicing. You are not
living on the basis of hearing and seeing. You are looking
forward again to hearing and seeing. If you would simply
observe how much time you spend being cramped up, then you
might understand why you do not feel brilliantly alive and
radiantly Happy. and you could also appreciate, perhaps, how
you must intensify you practice.

Perhaps you think, because of your mental, more or less
left-brained state from hour to hour, that you are doing
something like practicing. If, however, you observed the
real, feeling, physical, living dimension of yourself, you
would observe that you are much more contracted than you
might surmise from your mental point of view. And what is
there to do about it? Practice the three, parts of
conductivity based on hearing, and seeing, but practice as a
devotee moment to moment, in spite of all the causes that
exist, internally, locally, or externally, moment to moment.
If you were to practice this discipline of conductivity with
full feeling, then you would not only eliminate this cramp
but all the kinds. of evidence associated with it in the
upper and lower coils of the body-mind, in all its
relations, and in your dramatized existence. Your, entire.
life, apparently, internal and apparently external, would
become changeable by you.

It is not changeable by you without hearing and seeing
and real practicing, and that practice must take the form of
well-being. It must take the form of this free flow of the
descending current. That is why I recommend in The Dreaded
Gom-Boo, or the Imaginary Disease That Religion Seeks to
Cure that this process of reception and release in terms of
the frontal line be the first dimension of responsibility
you develop relative to the whole affair of conductivity.
The free flow in the frontal line is the Most basic
practice. Only after you have mastered that practice can you
really become involved in the total circuit, not merely the
full circle, but the dimensions of conductivity that belong,
to the higher esotericism of our practice.

You, must practice conductivity fiercely. You cannot be
gentle with it. You must breathe. You must give it up. You
must relax. You must submit yourself.

Where do you think the Siddha-belly comes from on this
body and on the bodies you see in photographs of certain
yogis who developed the art or science of the Life-current?
It appears because the frontal line is fully opened most of
the time. It swells up the body. It actually makes
physiological changes – not merely the external sign of the
abdomen growing very large, but changes in the hormonal
system, the nervous system, and the psyche.

August 11, 1983

There are two ultimate
dimensions to the Divine Reality. The one is that Power by
which all appearances are created, which is the Radiant,
All-Pervading Life Energy, or Current, the original
Light or Radiance or Vibration of which everything is a
modification, a temporary, changing, passing

‘Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da

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