Let the Spirit Carry the Body While the Mind Enquires – “I” Is the Body of Life – Da Free John – Adi Da Samraj

The Simple Technical
Practice of Conductivity


Let the Spirit Carry the Body
While the Mind Enquires

The technical practice of
conductivity, or the action of bodily surrender into the
All-Pervading Life-Current or Spirit Radiance, is a science
that must be artfully economized or controlled. That art is
the free or random application of the three parts of bodily
conductivity in formal meditation and in the moment to
moment process of daily life.

The bodily practice of conductivity
must always be founded on prior and present understanding.
And it must always be a support or base for the primary
activity, which is the conscious process of understanding.
(The conscious process is the action of mind or, attention.
It may at first take the form of true prayer, but it must
ultimately take the form of enquiry, or “real meditation.”)
The process of conductivity, the life-practice of
equanimity, and the phenomena that arise in the course of
these practices must never be embraced for their own sake,
but always on the basis of understanding and as servants of
the conscious process of understanding.

Likewise, the practice of
conductivity must not be done in a mechanically repetitive
or robot-like manner. It must be applied artfully, randomly,
freely, and profoundly, on the basis of spontaneous
responses that develop in the moment to moment observation
of the Spirit-Power in the conditions and states of

Finally, the practice of
conductivity must truly be surrender into the All-Pervading
and Living Divine Spirit-Force. Thus, one must not become
rigidly preoccupied with the act or the bodily
technicalities of conductivity. Rather, one must be bodily
preoccupied with the Spiritual Divine. Therefore, practice
the technical science or exercise of conductivity in a
spontaneously artful manner. Find or locate the Spirit in
the present. Feel It, relax into It, and breathe It. Let the
Spirit-Current “carry” you bodily. Be moved emotionally and
bodily by the Spirit-Force. Let the Radiant Life-Spirit fill
and balance and heal and calm and move you, bodily and
totally. Let the Living Current Bless you, Awaken you, and
Transform you. And while floating in mutual Embrace with the
Divine Spirit, engage attention in the conscious process
(wherein all conditions and limitations are transcended in
the Radiant Transcendental Being).

The Spirit-Presence is Found by
Grace. The Company, the Argument, and the Teaching Work of
the Spiritual Master are the principal Agents of
Transmission or Grace. Practice of the Way is made possible
through the Grace that Radiates via these human Agencies of
the Divine. Therefore, practice of the Way should be engaged
within the culture of these Agents of Grace. Constantly
resort to the Spiritual Master (who is perpetually at Work
in the form of universal Spiritual Radiation). Constantly
serve and participate in the culture of practitioners.
Constantly study the Argument and the Instruction of the
Spiritual Master. Cultivate access to the Spiritual Master,
the Community of mature practitioners, and the Sanctuaries
that have been made Potent by the Spiritual Master for the
sake of all beings. Thus, by resorting to the Agencies of
Transmission and serving them well, Find and Receive the
tangible Blessing of the Spirit-Radiance. Let the Spiritual
Divine be Found again and again by these means, and you will
gradually become able to Locate that Radiance bodily under
all conditions. Then, in every moment in which the Spirit is
Found, surrender bodily and with free feeling into that
Radiant Field. And in every moment – whether the Spirit is
potent, weak, or apparently absent – serve the Spiritual
Master (in his person and in all beings), consider his
Argument, understand, and practice the conscious

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