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Undermine the Tendency to Create Emotional Dissociation

SRI DA AVABHASA: As My devotee, you should not indulge any separative activity in yourself at all. You can all see what separative activity is. It is when you withdraw from somebody. Is there anybody here who does not know what that is like? Everybody here knows that? Then you have received the initiation!

That is the avoidance of relationship. Before you do that, before you withdraw from somebody, notice that the person is already right there. Your relationship to the person already exists. Therefore, all withdrawing from that person is felt by you as pain. You suffer because you withdraw your life-force from them, and you likewise feel confused and upset.

Do you see how all of that is the life of suffering? Then do not do that anymore! Instead, live in relationship to others. Do not tolerate any withdrawal in yourself. Maintain your contact with that other person and deal with all the forms – even the subtlest forms of that withdrawal in yourself, from this same point of view. And do not dramatize it anymore.

You must not forget. Never allow your “consideration” to degenerate into “let’s pretend” and mere positive affirmation. There must be a real and direct feeling association among My devotees and a constant feeling practice of love-surrender to Me. You must literally practice this heart-felt surrender at all times, and you must literally oblige one another to do this practice.

* * *

The commitment to subjectivity is the withdrawing of life energy, the withholding of feeling-attention, the failure to love. It is just as much a failure to love as all the outward, wild, gross activities people tend to do. Generally, however, people do not regard the failure to love to be a “sin”. They think that “sin” is the indulgence of – the senses, and they think that otherwise their subjective orientation is in the God-ward direction. But that is absolutely untrue. Subjectivity is just the other side of the body.

* * *

Love is unobstructed feeling-attention. It is human relational intensity – free of the recoil of egoic “self-possession”, reactive or negative emotions, and absorption in the subjective stream of thoughts and images.

In general you tend not to engage the emotional dimension at all. You avoid it. You play the game of emotional dissociation from the world, from one another, and from Me, the Incarnate Divine Person. When you dramatize this problem of emotional dissociation, this quality of the collapse of feeling, energy, and attention, then you become a self-server, totally without clarity in relationship-not only in human relationships but in all relationships, and in relationship to Me most fundamentally.

This constant and unconscious effort to create emotional dissociation must be undermined. Serve one another by helping to break this habit and by re-establishing one another in authentic emotional association, in love-surrender through feeling-Contemplation of Me, and in a loving, radiant life altogether, in all relations. As My devotees, you must bring down this emotional barrier that exists between you and never again play the game of “let’s pretend”.

* * *

If you cannot feel, if the core of the being, the heart, is not active, then at the physical level you must indulge yourself in all the ways of gaining pleasure, from orgasm to drugs. If you cannot feel at the level of emotion, then you cannot live a life of love, you cannot be intimate. If you cannot feel with the head, at the level of mind, you cannot enjoy clarity of mind or “consider” things as they truly are.

Thus, feeling must be awakened from head to toe and from toe to crown, through Contemplating Me with feeling-devotion. Feeling must become natural to you. It must become your discipline.

* * *

The Realization of Truth is an emotional matter. The discovery is an emotional one, the change is an emotional one, the true practice of the Way of the Heart is emotional.

The “consideration” of the activity of emotional dissociation, or “Narcissus”, must not be dropped. It is not something that as My devotee you take seriously only every now and then. It must be constant. You must constantly observe what you are doing at the heart and transcend it. That is what it is to practice the heart in every moment.

Therefore, you must be able to inspect the limit on your heartresponse to Me, and, therefore, to all others, in every moment. You must be able to inspect the process of emotional dissociation, whereby you are always entering into the separative, subjective mood of the separate person, instead of the radiant, loving mood of My devotee, or the true person.

This is Wisdom: Always relax into the pains and circumstances of experience, and so remain in Communion with Me, rather than in confrontation with the modifications of life. Surrender to Me rather than react to experience. Do this consistently, under all circumstances, and thus remain always with Me and disposed toward loving self-release in all relationships. This is the human foundation of morality.

* * *

To found yourself in feeling-response to Me is the essence of all practice in the Way of the Heart.

* * *

You can place only one limit on your practice of the Way of the Heart, and that is the limitation on feeling Me.

* * *

What else can be called God, Truth, or Reality but That Which Is Self-Evident when all of dissociation is transcended? That Is the Divine Self-Condition, Which Is the Realization in the Way of the Heart. That Is the Person I Reveal to you. That Is My Realization, My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State, My Very Condition, My Work. That Is the One I Am.


Table of Contents



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