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Compassion and Tolerance

SRI DA AVABHASA: You are mortal, and entirely subject to the Mercy of the Divine. You own nothing, and you know nothing. No technique of meditation leads to the Divine Being, and there is nothing to be believed that is the Truth. Rather, you must be touched in your feeling by the unspeakable suffering of this world and return everything to the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Person.

So do not be stupid and cruel people. Be a little more humorous and loving, and acknowledge your friends compassionately. All of them are fleshily presented, and dying. All of your women friends, all of your men friends – everyone who lives is dying and is confronted with the most incredible circumstance. All are deserving of your love and compassion, and also of your demand for the discipline of love beyond egoic “self-possession”, so that they too can enjoy the intuition of this Happiness.

Everyone is dying. All of these shapes get snuffed out with trembling stupidity and insanity. When the body dies, the brain becomes active for a moment, it begins to show you lighted shapes and to dissolve you beyond the elements. First you get fleshy, and then you get watery, then you get fiery, then you get airy, then you start screaming and nobody can hear you, and the body shakes all over the place, and then you are dead. I certainly wish you could acknowledge it while you are alive. If you can, you will love somebody, and if you cannot, you will not.

Do not pretend that you live in a Disney world of beauty. This life is many-sided, and you do not know what it is. And your Happiness depends on the total inspection of this life. Understand the situation you are in and become manly (male or female) on the basis of this observation, so that you may be lovers and friends. Acknowledge this terrible circumstance and be Happy, and stop placing stupid obligations on one another. You exist in a place that is open-ended, an edge to the Eternal, and you are dying. The only way you can comprehend this complication is by sacrificing it and becoming a lover and a friend. Nothing else you may project in your lifetime can change that. You are still a fleshy, homely being that can be crushed by circumstance.

* * *

Weaponry, non-cooperation, delineating your block, your little neighborhood, your nation, in total opposition with everyone else – that is the circumstance on Earth today. It is egoity gone wild. You think you are being rather mild about it because all you propose is to make a little circle with your intimate friends, but such is the principle that is making the politics of the whole Earth. I Call you to self-transcendence, cooperation, benign, compassionate awareness of other human beings and their stresses and their anger. This is what you must manifest. Mark My Words! You have always seen Me do so. You must also do so.

To live with one another freely you must love, tolerate, and be compassionate toward one another. Therefore, you cannot live with one another dispassionately, abstracted, as in the mood of science or egoity. You must participate in one another.

* * *

Individuals and cultures all stand and change within a single but progressively developing range of characteristic possibilities (or potential stages of life and Realization). The ideas or persuasions of any individual or culture are no more than an illustrative expression of the stage of life (or Realization) that is, to that moment (or in that moment), Realized. Therefore, every one must responsibly examine the Great Tradition that all have inherited. And, by this widest view, every one must understand and transcend the provincialism (or the narrow look) of every merely local (or limited and non-universal) inheritance or view. Indeed, by all of this (and by signs of speech and action), every one (and all) must, for the sake of all, promote the culture of true (universal) tolerance, which understands and positively allows all temporary views, and which Calls every one (and every culture) to true (critical) self-study, and to constant Growth and Out-Growing, and would, at last, be Given the Gift of an even Perfect Understanding.


In every relationship and every circumstance, you must overcome your hypercritical orientation to others and to yourself, not gleefully or naively but through real self-understanding and understanding of others, so that you become tolerant.

You think that you are not going to make a difference. What you do does make a difference. Only people such as you can make the difference, by rising up and refusing the impulse to non-cooperation, by manifesting the principles in your religion in relation to all other religions, by manifesting the principle of compassion, cooperation, love. Manifest that in your personal life every day, or you are only supporting the destructiveness that is going on all over the world. You are alive at a critical time in this Kali Yuga. Am I asking too much?

All My devotees in all the communities around the world must voice, manifest, and demonstrate this point of view, this devotion, this acceptance of the law, this tolerance.

My principal Communication about the Great Tradition is The Basket of Tolerance. There is not a word in it of separateness, of hatred, of non-allowance of people and their traditions. If people want to choose Me, fine. If they want to choose something different, fine. Everyone should really choose his or her tradition, because those traditions, if you understand their right principle, are about cooperation, about tolerance, about living with one another, not about drawing the lines around.

* * *

The only ultimate “purity” is egoless Awakening to the Divine Self-Condition, Which Is Beyond or Eternally Prior to birth, change, experience, knowledge, and death. As long as you are manifested as an apparent individual in conditional Nature, you are necessarily “impure”, neither good nor evil but a dynamic character moved by the inevitable two-sidedness of every function, every motion, and every event.

Therefore, My Wisdom-Teaching is also a plea for tolerancetolerance for the proper “impurity” of human beings in the realm of conditional Nature, tolerance for human functions, human differences, human impulses, and human complexity, personal and social.

The Way of the Heart is not a matter of any righteous effort toward self-purification. It is a matter of freedom from that effort. Neither is it an evil or immoral life. The Way of the Heart is simply a matter of understanding what the right principle of life is from the point of view of Truth, through feeling-Contemplation of Me. On the basis of that principle, you become tolerant of others and tolerant of your own humanity.

As My devotee, you must know the difference between the Way of the Heart, which you practice, and the practice of some other. Knowing that difference, you should love others, tolerate others, bless others.


Tolerance is a sign you must manifest in the circumstance of “difference”. Yes, maintain the integrity of your point of view and do the necessary and happy things you must do to survive as the gathering of My devotees, but also be tolerant. Make gestures of friendship to all other beings and all traditions, all schools, all Teachers, all Masters, everyone.


Do not yourself participate in separative movements, whether they be apparently Free Daist movements or any other kinds of movements. Your obligation as My devotees collectively is to manifest the sign of tolerance, truthful communication, cooperative living.


Sexual preferences, not only your preferences for sexual partners of the same sex or for sexual partners of the opposite sex but your preferences for anyone you want to be sexual with, are governed by all kinds of experiences-genetic inheritance, shocks, suffering, all kinds of things. What difference do your sexual preferences make-as long as acting upon those preferences does not harm anyone? Why should there be any intolerance at all of people’s sexual inclinations? Such intolerance is insanity.

If you know the Sacred History of the years of My Teaching Work with My devotees, I Demonstrated to you total acceptance, total tolerance. I included you absolutely. You all, however, engaged in gross intolerances, non-acceptance and abuse. I allowed you all of your inclinations so that you could observe yourself, to know yourself and manifest whatever you are about. I skillfully related to you in every kind of circumstance for twenty years.

Now I Call you simply to do the sadhana of the Way of the Heart in the midst of the mixture of arbitraries that determine your design of preferences, your form of mind. You must plow through the mechanical destiny that your mind shows in every moment’s preference. Therefore, you must exhibit great tolerance for one another.


You must be canny, real, and practical, as well as full of tolerance and love and wisdom.


You must, as individuals and as the community of My devotees, magnify the impulse toward tolerance and the requirement that people be sane and not opposed to one another. Adhering to a particular religious or social tradition is no justification for killing people. As soon as killing people becomes justified, there is genocide on a grand scale, as has been seen everywhere in the world in the twentieth century.


There is nothing lesser about people of any color – white, black, yellow, red, anything. Never size up race against race, tradition against tradition. Devotees should never indulge in that ritual of common society. You should demand tolerance, love, cooperation – that is your business on Earth.


Table of Contents

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