The Incarnation of Love – Adi Da Samraj



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Giving and Receiving

SRI DA AVABHASA: To be Happy, you must receive
life-energy from others. But to continue in that Happiness,
you must also give life-energy to others. Thus, if you
receive and also grant life-energy, then infinite delight
and love and beauty can be enjoyed in your person. This will
occur, however, only if you receive and transmit at the same
time. Only! Only!

As My devotee, live in feeling-Contemplation of Me,
submit yourself to Divine Communion in feeling-Contemplation
of Me, and submit yourself to receive and to live with all
others in the disposition of giving. This is the Great Law.
That is it. That is the Law. Receive absolutely, and
transmit absolutely. Do this, and you will be Happy. If
there is a blank in your transmission, overcome it. If there
is a blank in your reception, overcome it. The Law is to
receive absolutely and transmit absolutely. That is love.
That is it.

If there is no reception, there is no love. If there is
no transmission, there is no love. Submit yourself
absolutely. Receive the Grace, the Beauty, the Love-Bliss
and Reality of the Divine and submit yourself to That. If
you do, if you are in the position of receiving My Grace, My
Love-Bliss, My Happiness, then what else will you do but
love and give to everyone, in such a way that each can
receive your transmission?

What else is there to do in this humble place between
birth and death?

* * *

As My devotee, receive My Spiritual Heart-Transmission
absolutely and love your neighbor, just as if that one were
you, the same One, the same Love-Bliss, needing to be a
terminal of such reception. Live in Me, submit yourself to
Me, submit yourself to receive My Divine Blessing, and live
with all others in the disposition of giving.

* * *

You need not put on a smile to change how you feel – you
cannot even see it. Manifest a smile for the sake of

* * *

You must fulfill the sadhana of giving with a full heart,
with no doubt of love, with no expectation. Grant the gift
of the Divine Beloved. Love every being as the Divine Being.
This is the sadhana. Do not expect congratulations. Look to
the face of your friend, your lover, your beloved. Rejoice
in that. Expect no personal word. Look for the joy of
friends. There is no other compensation in this place.



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