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Equanimity and Feeling

SRI DA AVABHASA: When feeling-sensitivity is exercised in
relationship, one learns that one is more than merely
physical. One is also a field of energy that extends to
others and communicates emotional, mental, psychic, and
physical states to others as well as to the realm of
conditional Nature. Therefore, one must learn to be
responsible for one’s emotional, mental, psychic, and
physical state by participating in, or surrendering openly
into, the domains of the natural energy of the body-mind and
its relations. Through such participation, one’s social
development and one’s involvement in the realm of
conditional Nature will develop as a moral and feeling
gesture, rather than as an amoral (or egoically
“self-possessed” and other-manipulative) form of
conventional socialization and worldliness.

* * *

Because the direct communication of your state, your
condition, to others in any moment has moral and Spiritual
implications, you must become responsible for your energy –
responsible, therefore, for your emotional state. You must
keep the energy field of the body-mind in balance by
transcending reactive emotions, and you must maintain a
state of physical well-being and mental openness,
receptivity, and clarity.

You must maintain a free psychic state. In doing this,
you not only change your outward behavior, but you also
affect your energy field and therefore your energetic
transmission to others.

* * *

It is not readily obvious to young people, or even to
many adults who have never undergone the true learning of
the second stage of life, that they are manifested as an
energy field. My earlylife devotees must learn this through
self-observation that is awakened in feeling-Contemplation
of Me.

In the second stage of life, human beings learn about the
energy field that is the dimension of the body-mind next in
subtlety after the gross physical dimension. In the Way of
the Heart, the child learns how to be responsible for this
field of energy, how to communicate through it, and how to
be sensitive and helpful to others via energy. Thus, the
child learns how to do massage and the laying on of hands,
and how to have an altogether healing, enlivening, and
quickening effect on others.

* * *

What happens when you think a negative thought, by the
way? If a plant can react to a negative thought and it has
been proven that plants do have such reactions – then anyone
can think a negative thought that could influence you. Think
about it. What happens when you think a negative

In the Way of the Heart, the condition of children (and
of adults) must be one whereby they are obliged to live with
sensitivity. They must be obliged to be relaxed, they must
be obliged to practice service in all relations, and they
must be sensitive to and mindful of one another. Children
(and adults) need to learn to serve others consistently as a
real responsibility.

* * *

Sila, or equanimity, is fundamental to truly human life.
Even though many kinds of disciplines are associated with
the Way of the Heart, one aspect is of continuous
significance throughout the course of your practice. That is
this process of releasing energy and attention from the
self-bond and enjoying the state of equanimity, or natural
control over the outgoing automaticities of energy and

* * *

In your relations with everyone, you should notice the
same limits I observe in your personal service to Me. You
are constantly tending to act in service to Me without the
discipline of sila. In other words, you are tending to live
out of balance. Therefore, you are inattentive to what is
precisely required or requested of you. As a result, you
create disturbances constantly, and you disturb even the
process of communication, as well as what is supposed to
result from communication. I Call all My devotees to
practice sila-which is the discipline of the body-mind and
the discipline of attentionfirst in devotional service to Me
and then in relation to all others.

Through your right practice of the Way of the Heart in My
Company, you are available in relationship. You are
attentive rather than resistive. Therefore, you can be
sensitive to people’s requirements and know how to function
around them. Your attention will be sufficient to know what
people are really saying when they speak to you directly,
and you will be sensitive enough to the signs you see in
them to be able to serve their needs.

Simply by virtue of your noticing a person’s state you
should anticipate his or her request through your

* * *

You already know what the result is when you do not do
what you should do and when others do not do what they
should do. It is the usual ego, the troubled person who
causes unlimited problems for himself or herself and for
others. As egos, you not only create problems for one
another by what you are doing and by what you are
communicating (both verbally and emotionally in outward
physical terms), but you also transmit your state throughout
the universe, like a super-powerful transmission station.
You particularly direct your limited state to those
individuals, groups, places, and processes on which your
attention is fixed.

You are always broadcasting your state to others. You
literally bring about changes in cosmic Nature through your
individual and collective habits at the level of energy, in
the subtler dimension of personality and in the psyche.
Thus, if your individual life and your relationships are to
change and if human life is going to change altogether, you
must become responsible for these habits. If you do not,
then you will continue to act in ways that trouble and
aberrate others, and you will also directly broadcast your
aberration to others through the medium of your energy and
your psyche.

Everyone is continually receiving these aberrated
messages, and if you are not responsible for yourself you
are affected by them in various ways. You involuntarily move
into states of contraction, reactivity, loss of well-being,
mental obsession, and all the rest of it. Very often these
actions have nothing whatever to do with anything that is
going on directly in your life. They simply come over you
because of the mechanical clicking of your reactive
“Narcissism” and its automaticities, but also through the
reception of tendencies in the field of energy.

You receive these tendencies from people to whom you are
related, and from all kinds of gross and subtle entities,
both incarnate and discarnate. These other persons or
entities may not have a particular intention relative to
you, but they are in a certain state, and for some reason or
other you become subject to them, come into contact with
them, experience their influence, and then you yourself
start undergoing changes. But, no matter what changes you
tend to go through by these means, you must become
responsible for them. This means you must, through
feeling-Contemplation of Me, be awakened to
self-understanding and (in due course) to Spiritually
activated practice of the Way of the Heart in My

Transcend yourself via feeling-Contemplation of Me and
engage life on that basis. Then you will always be repairing
and balancing out your body-mind, no matter what effects are
tending to impinge on you. You will not become the persona
who is characterized by these reactions, by these signs. You
should always be able to purify yourself via your devotion
to Me and your active resort to Me.

Among the things you must learn is how to identify what
has to do with you and what has to do with someone else. You
need not work out every apparent problem. Much of the time
you simply must realize that the “problem” is someone else’s
problem, someone else’s state! You need not investigate it
at all. All you need to do is take a few breaths and
surrender to Me. Let it go.

There are also things that you need to deal with that are
part of your own mechanics and your relationships. My
Wisdom-Teaching and your real practice of the Way of the
Heart in My Company Give you all the arms that a human being
needs for dealing with this manifested condition of
existence. I have Given you everything you need for growing
in the midst of every circumstance, and I am the Means by
Which, Most Ultimately, you transcend all of it.

It is up to you to practice the Way of the Heart or not.
You will not tend to practice if you are weak and unlearned.
Therefore, you must learn and become strong first. Then by
real practice in devotional relationship to Me, you will
grow in Wisdom and strength.

First transcend yourself, then become strong via your
reception of My Spiritual (and always Blessing) Presence, My
Living Baptism. Practice in My Company. If you practice that
which you have learned, on the basis of what you have
understood, and if you practice on the basis of My Gifts to
you, on the basis of What you have received in My Company,
My Grace will magnify Itself in your own person and in all
your relationships.


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