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Bless All Others

SRI DA AVABHASA: In the Way of the Heart each one is responsible to bless all others. Therefore, as My devotee, bless everyone and everything with every action, every thought, and every breath. It is not possible to bless another by presuming a position of superiority for yourself or inferiority on the part of another. To bless another one must worship and acknowledge that one in his or her True Form, inhering in the Divine Reality, present as an expressive manifestation of the Divine Being.

Therefore, whatever your stage of life in the Way of the Heart, bless all others in feeling-Contemplation of Me, serve every being as the modification of the Divine Reality that I Reveal to you, acknowledge every being and condition in the “Brightness” of My Divine Company, and address everyone and everything in the same spirit in which you acknowledge Me. Only in this manner are you free in Satsang with Me, invoking and finding Me in, as, and through every being and condition.

Be My devotee, in Communion with Me. See all in Communion with Me. Through feeling-Contemplation of Me, worship the Divine Being, Truth, and Reality in, as, and through everyone and everything. Never be too proud to do this worship. Only this expresses true Realization.

* * *

My True Devotees Become Prayerful Instruments For conditional Changes That Serve their own human Well-being, self-Transcending Practice, and Most Ultimate (or Truly Divine) Self-Realization (and Also The human Well-being, self-Transcending Practice, and Most Ultimate, or Truly Divine, Self-Realization Of Even all human beings, and Also The Well-being, self-Transcending Practice, and Most Ultimate, or Truly Divine, Self-Realization of Even all conditionally Manifested beings).


The Prayer of Changes, which is practiced by My devotees in the Way of the Heart, is a resort to Communion with Me and the relinquishment of any negative mind and emotion that identifies with the “problem”. It is the release of identification with all negative conditions and the assumption of an entirely right disposition, through Divine Communion.

The Prayer of Changes is the entire relinquishment of identifying with dis-ease or any kind of presumed problem. It is assuming Divine Communion, affirming a wholly right condition, and allowing that wholly right condition to be fully assumed, felt, breathed, and lived.

Therefore, the Prayer of Changes is not merely an interior exercise of pleading with Me for Divine changes. It is Communion with Me, wherein the point of view of the right, or positive, condition is assumed and then felt, breathed, and lived.

Therefore, if, as My devotee, you are really doing the Prayer of Changes, you are doing the changes. You are entering into the condition of Divine Communion such that you are already established in the point of view of the right, or desired, condition and, therefore, you are effective in implementing that right condition.

The Prayer of Changes should be practiced regularly by all My devotees, and it may be practiced in conjunction with daily formal meditative feeling-Contemplation of Me. It should also be done whenever a healing treatment is given, or instead of a healing treatment, perhaps in conjunction with the laying on of hands.

The Prayer of Changes should also be performed regularly by groups of practitioners for the sake of any particular individual or group of individuals, and for the sake of individuals outside the group. When it is done for someone who is not physically present, it is good practice to view the person’s photograph, passing it among those who are performing the Prayer, especially if they do not know the person.


The Apparent individual, or Separate psycho-physical person, Cannot, By ego-Efforts, or in and of himself or herself, Directly Affect and Change any or all conditions, Universally, but, By Consistently Surrendering the ego-“I”, and By Rightly Changing the mind, and By Consistently Maintaining the Rightly Changed form, or forms, of mind, The Devotee Of The Spiritual Divine Can, By Grace, Serve The Spiritual Divine, and Cooperate With The Spiritual Divine, and Submit all beings, forms, processes, and things To The Potential Influence Of The Spiritual Divine. And, Thus, By Effectively “getting out of the way”, or Removing The mental, and Otherwise egoic, Obstacles To The Divine Spiritual Infusion Of conditional events, and By Generating Entirely Positive and Intensely Auspicious and Profoundly Felt mind-forms, The Devotee Of The Spiritual Divine Can Cooperatively Allow The Spiritual Divine To Pour Into, and To Directly and Newly and Positively Affect and Change, any particular condition, or conditions, At All.


Table of Contents

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