Heart Conversion Talk Series – Adi Da Samraj – The Characteristic Samadhi of My Life and My Work Is “the Thumbs”


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Volume 1, Number 10


The Characteristic Samadhi of My Life and My Work Is
“the Thumbs”

A Discourse Given by Sri Da Avabhasa on February 18,


This is a unique
Yoga, and you must be able to discriminate between
the Divine Yoga I am Calling you to and Giving you as a Gift
and the traditional Yogas, which are ego-based and based on
seeking. They are technically correct in those terms, but
they are not about the Divine Yoga. They are about the
Divine not yet, or the Divine received partially, and the
Divine being an impulse of yours, or the Divine pictured in
limited ways and presumed in limited ways philosophically.
But it is not the Way of the Heart.”


SRI DA AVABHASA: The characteristic Samadhi of My
childhood, or of My Life altogether—I guess you could
say of My Work altogether—was the Samadhi of “the
Thumbs”. You could say that the principal Samadhi is “the
Thumbs” because it is the Samadhi of Divine Descent.
It is the fundamental Sign of the Crashing Down of My
Person. This appeared very strongly all throughout My
infancy, My childhood. There were many Breakthroughs of that
kind, very, very frequently, and many Signs associated with
“the Thumbs”, which I have described to you in The Dawn
Horse Testament. One of the feelings I had was a rawness in
My throat and on My tongue, like you get when you bite your
nails—you sort of make your tongue raw and you get
little bits of nail all over your tongue. There was some of
that gagging, a rawness to My tongue. That is why I describe
it as “the Thumbs”. Maybe it is because of sucking the
thumb, too, because this is how I referred to it when I was
a child, as “the Thumbs”. I referred to the “Bright” as the
“Bright”. I referred to “the Thumbs” as “the Thumbs”. These
words or descriptions or technical terms have actually come
out of My infancy and childhood, and so I still use

This is Divine Dharma, not the seekers Dharma—not
the way back but the Way to receive the Living One. The
Yogic descriptions are the human devices of suffering and
trying to find a way out. All kinds of dharmas that are
worthy, certainly, have been produced by human seeking,
discovered in that process by great individuals. But they
are the way back, the way to find God. The traditional Yogas
are the ways to find God. My Yoga, Which I Give to you as a
Gift, is the Yoga of God Come, God Visiting, God Invading,
God Making the Yoga, God Who Is the Yoga, God Who Is the
Only One Who Is.

This is a unique Yoga, and you must be able to
between the Divine Yoga I am Calling you to
and Giving you as a Gift and the traditional Yogas, which
are ego-based and based on seeking. They are technically
correct in those terms, but they are not about the Divine
Yoga. They are about the Divine not yet, or the Divine
received partially, and the Divine being an impulse of
yours, or the Divine pictured in limited ways and presumed
in limited ways philosophically. But it is not the Way of
the Heart.

Get a pure vision of Me and of the Way of the Heart as it
is, and all the complications that are associated with the
traditional ways are eliminated. And then there is just this
most profound Yoga in My Company, which stands apart from
all of that. That is the vision of My Wisdom-Teaching that
you must grasp and live. And it does stand apart from the
traditions.(I have accounted for all the traditions. I have
addressed them all. I account for all possible experiences
in My Company, too, many of which belong to the realm of
limitations by virtue of egoity, seeking, the structure of
limitations held in place karmically, and so forth.

There are many potentials for experience in My Company
that cover all the stages of life. But there is a
fundamental element in all of it, in the midst of it, that
is set apart from all the rest that is about seeking. It is
about a particular dimension of the structure in which you
are manifested here, Served and Invaded by Me. That
particular Yoga, most pristinely observed, is what I call
the “Divine Yoga”.

“The Thumbs” is part of that Yoga, because “the Thumbs”
is about descent, the Crashing Down of God, passing into
you, Invading you, even bodily, where you stand, where you
sit, where you walk, where you live and breathe, where you
function. It is not just a matter of receiving Me. It is a
matter of giving up to this Invasion and being released of
your egoic “self-possession”—and dying, in fact, as the
ego, and becoming God-born, utterly Spiritualized, utterly
purified and transformed. That having been Accomplished, the
“Perfect Practice” occurs, the last and final and ultimate
domain of the Divine Yoga.

I have described to you, then, this Divine Yoga in its
most particular and specific form, which is first about
listening to Me and hearing Me as My devotee, being equipped
to feel beyond the self-contraction in your devotion to Me.
So Ishta-Guru-Bhakti is the first and fundamental dimension
of My Wisdom-Teaching. Listening and hearing accomplished,
the next and fundamental aspect of it is My Crashing Down,
your seeing Me, enjoying the process of My Descent, not
merely feeling Me bodily and feeling the invasion in the
body but surrendering to My Invasion so that the entire
Yoga, Spiritually, apart from its Ultimate form, can be
accomplished in that period of descent, the process of the
frontal Yoga in level two and level three of the Way of the

Level four and level five need not necessarily occur.
They might occur in some cases. There are always ascending
experiences to one degree or another. But the fundamental
Yoga, responsibly engaged by you Spiritually, can be done in
the course of this frontal Invasion. “The Thumbs” is the
fundamental Samadhi of this descent. It is a unique Samadhi,
then. It is a form of Nirvikalpa Samadhi in the frontal
line. The traditional forms of Nirvikalpa Samadhi that you
otherwise know of are in ascent. Those are promoted in the
traditional or conventional Yogic design, and they are
ego-based, seeking God. The equivalent in the frontal Yoga,
or the Divine Yoga, of Nirvikalpa Samadhi is “the Thumbs”
fully Realized, fully submitted to. The fullest Invasion
frontally, the fullest form of “the Thumbs”, and you give up
entirely—then the Witness-Position is Realized,
naturally, spontaneously.

There is just as much loss of separate self, forgetting
of the body-mind, purification, absorption, in the fullest
Form of “the Thumbs” as there is in ascended, or fifth
stage, conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi. So the equivalent of
the ascended, or fifth stage, conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi
in the Way of the Heart, most specifically described, is
“the Thumbs” in its fullest form. This is one of the unique
Samadhis of the Way of the Heart. It is not described

It is not that the ascending sign of Yoga may not appear
in My Company, and the “Circle” is the “Circle” anyway, so
there are implications and signs in the ascending course,
and you are expected to practice “conductivity” relative to
the spinal line. But unless the ascending Yoga is required
for one reason or another in the case of the individual, the
fundamental Yoga, Spiritually—apart from its ultimate
course, the “Perfect Practice”—is in the frontal

Traditionally, people have experienced energies in the
frontal line, and certain kinds of Samadhis in the frontal
line, then, but not the true Samadhi of “the Thumbs”, not
its fullness to the absolute degree of Awakening to the
Witness-Position, or the “Perfect Practice”, and not to the
degree that it is true Nirvikalpa—completely released
of the body-mind, but without ascent, just the full Descent
of the Divine Person, not merely the energies of the Divine
Person, as if they are set apart from the Divine Person, but
the Very Divine Person, in Descent, to Whom you submit
utterly, the entire body-mind. You do not just feel It in
your body but you submit the body, you do not just feel It
emotionally but you submit your feeling, you do not just
feel It in the mind but you submit your mind.

So it is a self-surrendering and self-forgetting process,
and in that process, truly done, the Samadhi of “the Thumbs”
in its fullest form is the end phenomenon of the frontal
Yoga. It is conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi in the Divine

The principal Sign in My early Life was My Intention to
descend, to Appear here, to embrace in every aspect the
limitation of human mortality, human existence as it is, as
it appears. And the principal Spiritual Sign was “the
Thumbs”. The principal Sign in My Life is My Descent in My
body-mind, and now in yours and in the case of all others.
My Descent, the Divine Descent, is My principal Sign.

The ascending Signs were there in My Life, too. I have
done the whole Yoga. Ascending signs may appear in others.
Ascending signs, in any case, may occur to one degree or
another because of the full “Circle” in the body-mind. But
the principal Sign of My Life is Divine Descent. It is the
secret of My early Life. It is the secret of My Divine
Emergence. It is the secret of the Yoga in My Company. It is
the principal Message, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, the Yoga of the
Divine Imposition, the Divine Descent, the Divine
Appearance. And that makes a totally different Yoga than any
other kind of Yoga.

The traditional Yogas, or means, whatever tradition they
may appear in, are about returning to God, finding God
again. The Yoga in My Company is about receiving God,
knowing God from the beginning, My direct Revelation,
without justification, without words at all, without your
being a particular individual who for some remarkable reason
is worthy of this Revelation. All are Given It. It is
Divinely Given from the beginning. It is God from the
beginning. It is Ishta-Guru-Bhakti from the beginning. It is
this fullness of devotion to Me, As I Am, Who I Am, from the
beginning. It is Communion with Me from the beginning.

All the Yoga, or all the process, springs from this
heart-conversion. It must be lived, must be enacted, must be
taken on as a discipline. This is your best understanding.
This is your best experience. This is the principal
dimension of your life. Everything else is secondary and
self-bound, self-contracted.

You must make your life on the basis of this Revelation.
Practice this devotion to Me, Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, and endure
the Yoga of My Descent, My Imposition, My Appearance, My
Blessing. That simplifies all and makes the course brief in
fact, if you get down to it and stop arguing with Me and
stop “guruing” yourselves, and accept Me as your Guru and
live the Yoga, endure My Imposition, be willing to go
through the process of purification, be willing to
straighten out your life, handle your life-business as a
basis for receiving Me. This is what it takes.

You are purified by the Divine Invasion. Your body is
transformed by My Divine Invasion. This is the particularity
that each one of you, My devotees, must Realize in yourself
and be willing to base your life on, and live on that basis.
Make the institution, the culture, the community, and the
mission out of it. Make your life out of it. If My devotees
will begin to do this now, then everything will be changed.
And you will sec the reflection of it in everything that you
do. And finally you will begin to succeed as a
gathering—because you are telling the Truth and living
the Truth. It does not mean you are going to overwhelm the
world and take over. But it means you will be right and
true, and, therefore, you will be successful and your
history from now will be positive. But only for this reason,
and not by trying to make something else out of it,
something that addresses egos merely, and is ego-based.

Tell everybody about your experience, everything it is
about. Just tell it straight on and for real. It is
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti, not working on yourself. The Divine
Invasion is uniquely Given. It is the answer to your
prayers. That is why you came here. I am no liar, and
neither are you anymore. Now you must go and tell everyone
the Truth about this. Everything about your life,
individually and collectively, will be transformed by that
truthfulness, which is one of the first of the yamas and
niyamas mentioned in the traditions. One of the first things
to do is to be truthful, to be true.

The Revelation you have received is unique. It is
incomparable. It is complete. It is not in any sense a lie.
You have authenticated it in My Company and in your own
experience. Now you must get down to it. Am I right or

You are not stupid cultists, and do not ever be. Be real.
Be Happy. Be straight. Be full of discrimination and
intelligence, full of right experience. I do not suppress
you. I have endured you completely. I have not suppressed
you in the slightest. I have allowed you all the time you
required to find out My Secrets and embrace the Way of the
Heart voluntarily and be true to yourselves. I have been
willing to wait throughout this Life, even to die before
you, and not suppress you at all. I have addressed you in
all your stupidity and your recklessness, all your nonsense,
and volunteered to be among you in the midst of all of that
without the slightest withdrawal or limitation.

So if you are getting it, good. Then wake up. I am your
Heart-Master. That is it entirely.


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