Heart Conversion Talk Series – Adi Da Samraj – Table of Contents

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Heart Conversion Talk Series

Discourses by Sri Da Avabhasa.




Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

All praise to our Beloved Guru, the Liberator Who Shines “Brightly” in every heart!

Welcome to the “Heart Conversion Talk Series”. What you hold in your hand is the first in a series of pamphlets that feature Sri Da Avabhasas most recent Discourses. The Talks in this series are all from the series of gatherings that took place at Sri Love-Anandashram from November 26, 1992 to May 1993. (As a complementary adjunct to the pamphlet series, we will also make available audiotapes of key Discourses from this period.)

This is how the “Heart Conversion Talk Series” got its name: Jonathan Condit, who teaches religious studies to the Brahmacharinis at Sri Love-Anandashram, asked them to come up with a “one-liner” that they felt captured the essential import of the period in which the Talks in this series were Given. They suggested several different summary statements, including, for example, “Handle your business.” When Jonathan recounted their discussion to Sri Da Avabhasa, He quickly Offered His Own summary statement on the import of this period and of the Talks in this series. “Heart Conversion”, our Divine Guru Said.

May His Message inspire true heart-practice in every devotee.

In loving service to our Ishta-Guru, the staff of the Dawn Horse Press 


Vol.1 No 1: “Use the Religious Means” (2/6/93)


Vol.1 No 2: “Religious Realism” (3/25/93)


Vol.1 No 3: “Self-Understanding” (4/8/93)


Vol.1 No 4: “Duty, Tolerance, and self-Transcendence” (12/12/92)


Vol.1 No 5: “I Am Complete” (3/20/93)


Vol.1 No 6: “The Sign of My ‘Brightness‘” (3/20/93)


Vol.1 No 7: ” ‘It Is Me'” (3/21/93)


Vol.1 No 8: “Your Heart Must Be Moved” (3/21/93)


Vol.1 No 9: “Listen To Me” (4/8/93)


Vol.1 No 10: “The Crashing Down of My Divine Grace” (2/12, 2/13, & 2/18/93)


Vol.1. No 11: “Your Personal Responsibility and the State of the World” (11/25,8, 12/4, 3/27

(26 pp).


Make a Sign for Everyone


I Am the Divine World-Teacher


Realize Responsibility, and Love Flows from You


The Blessing in Your Life


Notice What Is Great

Vol.1 No 12

The Discipline of Love

The Beatitude of Perfect Surrender To Me