Language, Knowledge, Power and Realization

A Study of Concept, Language, reality and Truth

in the Teachings of Adi Da Samraj


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All conventional “knowledge” – categories are modes of the

a. Perceptual and conceptual language – categories of “name” and “form”—or of categorical “objectification”.


“….Speeding about is a form of aggression. Aggression, passion, indifference are part of the third skandha, “perception/impulse. Ignorance, feeling, impulse and perception–all are instinctive processes (unconscious). We operate a radar system (reflective) which senses our territory. Yet we cannot establish ego properly without intellect, without the ability to conceptualize and name. Since we have so many things happening, we begin to categorize them, putting them into certain pigeon-holes, naming them. We make it official, so to speak. So “intellect” or “concept” is the next stage of ego, the fourth skandha, but even this is not quite enough. We need a very active and efficient mechanism to keep the instinctive and intellectual processes of ego coordinated. That is the last development of ego, the fifth skandha, “consciousness.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


“The limited individuality must disappear if there is to be entrance into unlimited existence individuality which is identified with a name and form creates a veil of ignorance before the God within; for this ignorance to disappear the limited individual has to surrender his limited existence. When he leaves not a vestige of his limited life, what remains is God. The surrender of limited existence is the surrender of these firmly rooted delusion of having a separate existence. It is not the surrender of anything real but of the false.

Meher Baba


All spoken (conceptual) and written language is a “point-of-view machine – an ego-based human invention, originated on the “root”-basis of a chronically enacted “self” contraction of the total psycho-physical apparatus of a presumed separate “self”, dissociated from…wordless (mindless) Indivisible Transcendental Spiritual…Reality Itself.”

Aletheon – The Way That I Teach The Dog In My House.


“The Secret of God-Realization is in the transcendence of the separate “I,” which is the conceptual reflection of the contraction of the total body-mind into separation from…Reality and withdrawal into (conceptual/mind) confinement by the illusion of independence as (ego).”

Adi Da Samraj – What is the Conscious Process?


“That which seeks transcendence is a continuation of confinement to separation, limitation, and the unsolvable dilemma of craving for union or release. Experience or knowledge cannot satisfy or release the self from itself. Only self-transcendence is release from self. And, because the self is created, defined, and limited by the composite of mind/body experience and knowledge, the secret of self-transcendence is founded upon insight into the necessary egoic-confinement that is the inherent result of psycho-physical experiencing and knowing, high and low”.


b. All conventional “knowledge”-categories—or all perceptual and conceptual “objectifications”—are “point-of-view”-based constructions, always implying space-time-“locatedness”.


“We would like to be individuals who are continuously existing, continuously surviving, continuously being one person, not even making the journey through time and space. Time and space may be extra attributes, but the actual basic phenomenon of our consciousness of being has to be a solid thing — that’s how ego tends to see it. So the whole thing is based on a kind of dream, wishful thinking. It is based on what we would like to be rather than what we are”.

The Development of Ego – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


“If you are truly Spiritually Awakened, then you inherently transcend the apparently separate self and the apparently objective world—in every moment. Even if the machine of the body-mind is active in one or another manner—as it inevitably is, because it is born in the frame of space and time—no action need bind you in any manner whatsoever, if you will rightly understand the nature of the body-mind and the world, and if you will practice life on the basis of that right understanding”.

Beyond the Beginners Way


“Everyone is involved in a primary “cult of pairs”—the “relationship” to “self”, the “relationship” between the ego-“I” and “its” reflection. That is the primary “relationship” for everyone: always staring at your own reflection, in the form of an illusory ego-“I””.


Therefore, all perceptual and conceptual “objectifications” are both limited and “local”—or condition-based, “point-of-view”-based, “point-of-view”-serving, “point-of-view”-limited, and intrinsically ego-bound.


True “knowledge” is, necessarily, Truth-“Knowledge”, or Reality-Based “Perfect Knowledge”—Which Is Intrinsically and Always Priorly “point-of-view”-less, egoless, and Self-Established (Perfectly Prior to all “difference”) in all-and-All-at-once.



Humankind has invented complex language-based systems of conventional perceptual and conceptual “knowledge” in a collective (and trans-generational, or perpetually self-duplicatable) effort to protect (and extend through time) the otherwise thoroughly vulnerable ego-position on which human cultures are traditionally based.

Those language-based (and perceptually and conceptually organized and communicated) “knowledge”-systems include the traditionally dominant “knowledge”-systems of “religion” and “science”, as well as of every other kind of ordinary and extraordinary category of human desire, “problem”, and interest.

“Science as a…method of enquiry (and) investigation…of acquiring…knowledge is, obviously, legitimate. Yet, science, from the beginning, has also been associated with (centered body and mind point of view) orientation and..(a) philosophy of materialism. On that basis, also, been associated with the arising of co-emerging political movements. Present-day humankind is being both culturally and politically controlled—not only by science itself, but also by the philosophy of materialism (which is merely analytical, reductionistic, exclusivistic). And, as science and the philosophy of materialism progressively exclude all other forms of knowing, human beings are becoming more and more dominated by political materialism—or the forces that are keeping order independent of sacred (or unitive) consciousness and authority”.

Up? – Adi Da Samraj

All language-based systems of perceptual and conceptual “knowledge” are “local” (and “self-location”-oriented), “self”-limited, “self”-referring (or “point-of-view”-referencing), and (both intrinsically and inevitably) ego-bound and ego-binding—however otherwise profound, apt, or “universal” they may seem, and no matter how “universally” (or at-large) they may be proclaimed or enforced.


Only “Perfect Knowledge” of The Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Acausal, Transcendental Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Is (both Intrinsically and Inevitably) The Free and all-and-All-Liberating Truth of all-and-All.


When there is ego-“I”, there is the other, the world and ideas (mind)…also arise. Simultaneously.

When there is no ego-“I” (I, me, you, world and mind), there is no active presumption of separate “other”, “world”, or “not-self”—but, rather, There Is Only (Reality).

Perfect Philosophy does not begin with either the active mentally (mind) and conventionally constructed presumption of ego-“I” or of “world”, (I, me, you and world) or of “God”.

Perfect Philosophy necessarily begins with ego-Transcending, body-mind-Transcending of/by and in the Self-Evident Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.


Therefore, it is necessary for humankind to base all of human life and culture on Truth Itself, and on the esoteric practice of “Perfect Knowledge” of Reality Itself, and on the intrinsic, fundamental, and always already language-transcending prior unity of all-and-All, and on modes of language discourse that are “rooted” in Reality-based language (rather than in language-based “reality”).

“The egoic motive of self-preservation is approaching its most destructive mood-the mood that appears in the moment of ultimate entrapment. In that mood, there is no longer any will to preserve “self” or world or any others. There is simply explosive fire-based on the deep motives of egoic self-preservation, but reduced to action that is most primitive and entirely destructive of both “self” and “not-self”.”

Dark Time



The “world”-mummery of human ego-culture survives via the perpetuation of three great myths (stories or fables).

The first great myth of human ego-culture is the myth (belief and therefore ‘reality) of separate “self” – which is the humanly-fabricated idea that the living human “experiential” being is “rooted” in an independent and definable “subjective” consciousness.

The second great myth of human ego-culture is the myth of separate “world” -which is the humanly-fabricated idea that the totality of everything “experienced” by the living human being is “objectively” existing (outside of self) (the division of me and others).

The third great myth of human ego-culture is the myth of separate “Creator-God” – which is the humanly-fabricated idea that both “self” and “not-self” are intrinsically related to and dependent upon an “Absolute Other” that is neither “self” nor “not-self”, but which is as an “other” to both the “subjectively” apparent and the “objectively” apparent conditions of human “experience”, and which is to be referred to by symbolic “Names” (Jesus, Allah, Yaweh or ‘Unspoken’), as well as by conventional pronouns.

Based upon the humanly-projected (Mind/thought is an interior projection of a language-program) coincidence of these three great myths, human cultures are everywhere “tribalized”, and, thus, functionally and entirely subordinated to the ego-based mind that defines and divides Reality Itself via and into the constructs of “self”, “not-self”, and “Absolute Other”.

The globally-extended totality (One world, One story, One self) of present-day human cultures is based upon the pervasive enforcement of the three great human “tribal” myths of “self”, “not-self”, and “Absolute Other”.

That globally-“tribalized” (digitized worldwide) web of human acculturation has produced a global collective of ego-cultures – or a complex “world”-mummery of “self”-deluded, “self”-divided, “self”-indulgent, “world”-suffering, and “Other” – haunted ego-culture.

The “tribalization” of the human mind (projected onto a ‘worldwide screen) is made and done by means of the universal enforcement of the three great myths as “root”-ideas, or as the “root”-constructs of “tribally”-required consciousness.

Therefore, all human beings are now living as “tribally”-bound political, social, and cultural “subjects”, of whom it is required that they actively subscribe to the three great myths – or universally propagandized false and all-and-All-limiting ideas-of human ego-culture.

Aletheon – The Three Great Myths of Human ego-Culture


The Mummery -Cult of Pairs Set Free

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