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From the Basket of Tolerance 

Feeling of Mystery itself or ‘communion’ with God, Truth, or Reality is not (and cannot ever be) a matter of certainty (or knowledge), but it is always (or inherently) a matter or Ralizaing (or directly entering into) the mystery (or inherent and ultimate “ignorance” that is our native condition.

True Wonder, true religious wonder even goes beyond wonder itself, transcends wonder and transends self and world directly. And that wonder is the fact that any thing exisits. In orhter words, the wonder (or the mystery) is in the existence of what arises, and not in the how. And this intuition, directly intuited, is the beginning of Ultimate Religion (or religion that allows Growth through, or by transcendence of, all seven of the stages of life).

Ken Wilber transcends the limited understanding most philosophical debates of ‘science’ vs ‘religion’ by seeing both ‘science’ and ‘religion’ (or mysticism) as equally valid, but hierarchically separate, and non-contradictory propositions. He provides a kind of doorway to true religious (and thus Spiritual) understanding, practice, and realization.

The Basket of Tolerance. Adi Da’s comments on Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World’s Great Physicists. Edited by Ken Wilber. (edited and adapted by Beezone)

Ken Wilber on Adi Da  

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