What if the Universe Were to Disappear in Light?

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What if the Universe Were to Disappear in Light?

Laughing Man Magazine, pp. 48-52, Vol 2, Number 1.

A talk by Da Free John


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Divine Translation is the process of ultimate significance. Everything else, you see, is preparation. Spiritual work, for an Adept, is a matter of preparing people for that realization, so that they can exercise themselves in enlightenment. First they must be established in that enlightenment bodily, not just philosophically. The total body-mind must be established in that ultimate Light.

All of the complex disturbance that you represent individually must be undone. Until that time your spiritual life is basically an exercise for sake of your own enlightenment. But what of enlightenment itself, what of the process that is spontaneously expressed in enlightenment? Well, that is yet to be considered and engaged by us together. It is to be seen whether we will ever do it together. In the meantime it is a matter of my engaging you in a consideration that relates to the level or quality of energy and attention that you represent habitually.

You see, if I talk with you, you all tell me about presumed limitations. You all think in the conventional terms of being a physical personality, an individual being or entity with fears and emotional complexes, and with various desires that are obsessive and difficult or that demand to be fulfilled. Right? Is this true? Is anybody not involved in any of that stuff? Everybody close your eyes. (Laughter). Okay. Anybody who’s not involved in all that dreadful stuff I just listed, raise you hand. Aha! (Someone has apparently raised a hand.) Anybody else? (Laughter) Well – you see what I mean?

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