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Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the
White House!


Chapter 3: Scientific Proof of the Existence of God
Will Not Be Announced by the White House



The right motive of true spiritual practice is not mere
belief or any sophisticated strategy of self-manipulation.
The right motive of all practice is the Revelation of the
Living God. That is, each individual who is truly moved to
take up the Way of Truth must have passed through a critical
consideration of the total human situation as well as his or
her own habits of action, feeling, reaction, and

Anyone who seriously considers the human situation will
naturally observe that we have not brought ourselves into
existence, nor can we continue to exist without accepting
the relationship of dependence on various primal processes
in the Realm of Nature. We are not self-contained beings. We
are transcended by and dependent upon a Great Process,
Reality, or God.

The usual individual, full of desire and fear, does not
tend to consider this matter seriously in his moment to
moment existence. He generally opens himself to random
influences and seeks satisfaction in the conventional or
popular stimulations of his body-mind. Thus, he does not
truly discriminate between the influences that surround him,
and he, therefore, does not tend to be responsible for his
personal and relational existence – except for the casual
maintenance of conventional patterns of behavior,
reactivity, and popular belief.

But once an individual is awakened to the serious
consideration of human existence, he or she begins to
transcend the stream of casual survival and self-indulgence.
The source of this awakening to serious consideration and
insight is always a form of crisis. That crisis may appear
in the form of personal suffering, the observation of social
chaos, and so forth. But it must always be followed by
receptivity to the communication or argument of spiritual
understanding, given through Divine Teachings, personal
encounters with serious practitioners of a spiritual Way of
life, and so forth.

Thus, the origins of the Way of true religion are in the
psycho-physical conversion of the individual to the Divine
and Living Truth. That conversion is made through “hearing,”
or awakened insight. And it is a conversion from casual and
random submission to the conventional stimulations of
experience and to responsible surrender to the Reality or
Transcendental Condition and Process in which we have found

The conventional disposition of human individuals in this
time and place is founded in self-indulgence and
self-possessed struggles for experience and survival. The
social machine as a whole is geared toward the accumulation
of objective knowledge, or the attainment of the ultimate
power to control and manipulate the Great Machine of nature,
including Man. It is this ideal and strategy, coupled with
the personal habits of self-indulgence and separative
self-interest, that is producing the drama of daily events
or “News” that control and at times shock us all.

The individual, and the social order of mankind as a
whole, must awaken from the chaos of efforts toward mere
domination and exploitation of the World-Machine. And,
likewise, there must be an awakening from the disposition of
self-possession, fear, self-indulgence, and separative or
immoral reactivity (such as violent anger, sorrowful
despair, lustful preoccupation, and so forth).

The truly human individual is one who has been converted
from self-possession to self-transcendence, from
self-indulgence to self-control and self-giving. The truly
human society permits truly human acculturation, the
development of intimate politics or human communities, and
the tempering of all knowledge and technological as well as
political power by the higher cultural ideals of the
Realization of Wisdom and of the Divine Transformation of
the world, of mankind, and of the human individual.

Thus, when the individual awakens to the Wisdom of true,
right, and serious consideration of the human situation, he
or she becomes converted to a new relationship to the Great
Process in which we are all appearing. Instead of commitment
to mere knowledge, power, and the ideal of exploitation or
manipulation of the Realm of Nature, the awakened individual
is committed to an intuitive and cooperative relationship to
the Great Process and to the personal and relational or
moral conditions of human existence. The awakened individual
is intuitively established in a disposition that transcends
knowledge about the phenomena of the Realm of Nature. He or
she is established in the intuition of his or her actual and
eternal situation, which is not that of ultimate knowledge
and the power to survive by total and vulgar manipulation of
self, others, and the world. The awakened individual intuits
that his or her essential situation is one of Transcendental
or Divine Ignorance: No matter how much experience or power
he may acquire, no matter how much he may know about the
conditions of Nature, he never at any time knows what any
thing, or himself, or the world is . The world, and all
phenomena, and even our own personal qualities always
transcend our ability to be independently responsible for
them. That is, we do not create the world, or ourselves. We
are transcended. We depend on the Great Process. We do not
now or ultimately know what any of it is . Existence itself
always transcends our knowledge.

Therefore, the awakened individual is converted from
experiential and social chaos, mere knowledge, and the
destiny of self-possession. He does this by intuiting the
right disposition of Man-the disposition of Divine
Ignorance, or intuitive surrender of self into the Great
Process or Reality in which the self is perceived or

The origins of the Way of real Life are in this
“hearing,” this conversion from conventional or
self-possessed knowledge and belief and to the intuited
disposition of surrender or self-transcendence in Communion
(rather than in struggle) with the Great and Divine Process
in which Man and the total world are appearing, changing,
and passing.

Thus, the foundation of every stage of the Way of real
Life is this conversion to surrender, or self-transcendence,
in Communion with the All-Pervading, Living, and
Transcendental Reality. The foundation of the Way of Truth
is psycho-physical conversion from self and self-possession
to God and God-Communion. And the initial gesture of
practice, founded on this conversion, is adaptation to new
forms of action-that is, to right and self-transcending
practices in the sphere of personal and relational (or
moral) existence.

True religious practitioners are devotees of the Living
God. That is, they live-based on intuitive understanding of
the human situation-in an active disposition of
self-control, self-giving, service, and spiritual or
devotional surrender to the obvious Reality or Great Process
in which we all exist.

Such devotees value their truly human intimacy with one
another-and they also value the establishment of a general
social order, or the culture of mankind, founded on higher
Wisdom, restraint, and humanizing ideals. Such devotees also
enjoy and value the esoteric or true spiritual relationship
with a Spiritual Master, or an Enlightened Adept, who has
become Full through the intuition and practice of Divine

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