The Causal Position Study Sheet


The Causal Position Study Sheet

A Study Excercise


Beezone’s Homework. The following is a study sheet on a talk Adi Da Samraj had in August 1995. The talk is in regular type and Beezone’s notes are italized.


It is not only important but crucial for students of Adi Da who engage with his teachings to use their entire mind, rather than just one aspect of it. Understanding Adi Da’s wisdom requires more than just linear and logical thinking (left brain). His teachings delve into subtleties that demand the activation of the intuitive mind, the realm of the right brain—where intuition rests. Adi Da’s teachings are rooted in a Realization, not merely in a logical analysis. While logic may offer pointers and words may provide indications, true understanding comes directly from the Heart. As one delves deeper, they will realize that grasping Adi Da’s teachings is a matter of the Heart and delves into the realm of esoteric knowledge where logic and anyalsis can’t reach. – Beezone


The Talk

The Causal Position

August 11, 1996


Devotee: (speaking with a Dutch accent) Can I ask my question?

Adi Da: Defintely.

Devotee: Its about… I hope I pronounce it well… the causal being.

Adi Da: The causal being, yes?

Devotee: You spoke about it last week as being not the originator of changes.

Adi Da: Yes.

Devotee: But the term seems confusing to me. Maybe that’s the English, but “causal” being, it looks like is that causing something?

Adi Da: Yes, that’s the general notion. In the Western tradition of religion, Christianity for example, arguments are given for the existence of God and most of them are about looking at the world as a whole bunch of effects and God is said to be the First Cause.

It is stated that a discussion on what the term “causal’ refers to is fundamental to what is called God and First Cause – Aristotle’s “unmoved mover”.

Raphael’s depiction of the unmoved mover from the Stanza della Segnatura

Devotee: Yea, ya, ya.

Adi Da: But then the idea of cause is described in a number of ways. Cause can be understood as being something very direct, you see, like you pick up a pool cue and you hit a ball and directly in that way cause it to move. You see?

Cause can be DIRECT

Devotee: Uh huh.

Adi Da: But that is not the only notion of cause, you see. Something can be said to be cause by merely being there. So the idea of cause doesn’t necessarily mean something direct and material or moving. The causal body can be said to be cause because it is the egoic root.

Here the term ’cause’ or “causal” turns into a “body” or “realm” and is connected to “ego” or the “root of ego”

The original talk, ‘Torque of Attention’ Adi Da refers to attention and consciousness as the “root of ego”.  Attention, as Adi Da describes it, is the root of mind and also the root of “ego”. 

So here we have a developing understanding to the term “causal”.  Causal is now referring to “body”, “realm”, “ego”, and “mind”.

Devotee: Yea.

Adi Da: The ego, the fundamental self-contraction, or the presumption of separateness, can be said to be at cause – functioning as cause relative to – subtle and gross appearances and activities of the individual body mind. But the ego doesn’t move in order to do that, you see. Attention itself – or the presumption of separateness itself – need not move or take an active or thing-like form to be in the causal position relative to subtle and gross appearances, you see?

In addition to the four terms above we are now brought into the term “self-contaction” – the presumption (not a reality – a “presumption’) – functioning as a CAUSE in various “worlds” or “dimensions”.  In addition ‘the ego’ (an activity = self-contraction) doesn’t move nor does attention (note here – ego and attention are synonymous) and are IN the causal position relative to the SUBTLE and GROSS appearances.  (you see?!) – Note: Adi Da does not reference the CAUSAL appearance because the CAUSAL dimension iis FORMLESS.

Devotee: Uum. It does explain my question.

Adi Da: You’ve everything in the subtle and gross aspects of the being can be rightly said to be rooted in the ego, or in egoity itself.

EVERYTHING in the gross physical and subtle (astral) are rooted in the ego – in the CAUSAL formless dimension.

Devotee: That is what I saw.

Adi Da: Egoity stands at the beginning and is causal in that sense.

Ego stands (“rests”) in the CAUSAL = UNMOVED

Devotee: Yea, ya.

Adi Da: Without itself having to do something. You see? That is the reason why the rest of it exists, you see, without having to make them in any direct sense. All the making operations are in the subtle and gross aspects of the being. Understand?

There is ‘no doing’ (moving) in the CAUSAL (ego) dimension yet is CAUSES the subtle and gross ‘happenings’ (making operations).


Side bar: It is important to note that Adi Da’s teaching can not be understood in strictly a linear and logical manner (left brain).  To understand His sublte teachings one has to be able to excercise the right brain, the intuitive mind – the subtle mind, intution.  Adi Da’s teaching rest in REALIZATION not in logic.  Logic points, words indicate but understanding is direct – and as one will discover – a Heart and ESOTERIC matter.

Devotee: I think for 80%. (laughter) But I feel like the whole notion of causal being is also an esoteric, meaning what, you know, me as a still ego-based person hardly can grab.

Adi Da: As what?

Devotee: Grasp. Hardly can grasp that.

Next portion is important and paradoxical because Adi Da is going to point out that these realms, these dimensions, are operating RIGHT NOW and only because of the PRESUMPTION of sparation and the activities of mind (personality) does one get ‘lost’ in thinking – without ‘trying to think’.

Adi Da: But you are functioning at the causal level in this very moment! By presuming to be here as a separate consciousness. When you think, then you activate the subtle part of your personality, but you don’t have to do anything with your separate consciousness to make the mind move. All you have to do is be attentive to it. All the movements are in the subtle or in the mind. As a separate consciousness all you have to do is be attentive or aware. But you are in the first or causal position relative to the mind and to all those motions. Do you see?

EVERYONE is FUNCTIONING at the CAUSAL – whether they know is or not – all the time. It is only with the PRESUMPTION of separation with is “operating” in and ‘at’ the CAUSAL level – the unmoved mover.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE ATTENTIVE OR AWARE AT THE CAUSAL POSITION. There is no doing to ‘see’ what’s going on.  There is NO ACTIVITY necessary to ‘awaken’.  Only by – paradoxically – by ‘wakeing’ does the presumption of separation vanish!

Devotee: And that is related to the causal being?

Adi Da: That is the causal being, yea – attention itself, the presumption of separateness.

Devotee: Yes, I do understand it now.

Adi Da: The presumption of relatedness, you see? The presumption of difference, or separateness. All you have to do is be that, which is attention, and that is to be in the first position or the causal position relative to the body mind. You see?

All is you have to do understand that the activity of ‘ATTENTION’ is a PRESUMPTION.  Attention “thinks’ it’s moving (and doing) – or the “mover” but in fact it’s NOT.  It is an error of mind – the watcher.


“From the “Point of View” of Consciousness Itself, you are the “Watcher”, the Witness of these things.” – Adi Da Samraj, ‘You Are Not the Guilty Party‘.

Devotee: Yes. Thank you very much, Beloved.

Adi Da: Attention doesn’t move anywhere, attention just addresses, or refers to everyplace. The places are where they are. Attention has no substance at all. How can attention move? (laughter) Do you move your attention?

Attention “address” or “refers” and DOES NOT MOVE.

Devotee: I don’t think so. (laughter)

Adi Da: All you do is, so to speak, “put” it on this and that. Right?

Devotee: Uh huh.

Adi Da: And whatever you put your attention on moves.

Devotee: As an ego I do that often.

Adi Da: As an ego you do it all the time. (laughter) You may have this notion that you move attention, but actually, attention itself doesn’t move. It only just stays where it is. But it relates to things that move.

Ego, attention, presumes it moves or “puts” itself on objects (othernesses).

Devotee: (sotto voce) It relates…

Adi Da: And in relating to the things that move, mysteriously they move, but attention itself doesn’t move. So, in this sense, attention is causal, it’s in the first position, and by merely being there it causes motion in the subtle and gross dimensions of the personality. You understand?

But attention actually doesn’t move as it is in the primary ‘CAUSAL’ position.  But ego, operating out of the subtle (mind) and gross (physical) dimension PRESUMES it is the DOER and identifies itself as a PERSONALITY.

Devotee: Yes, I do.

Adi Da: So you see how the causal can be causal without moving.

Devotee: Yes, Beloved.

Adi Da: Anything else?

Devotee: Not on the moment. Thank you very much.

Adi Da: Tcha.