Stephan Blas Interview with Beezone – The Beginning of the Emotional Sexual Considerations


The Emotional Sexual Consideration

Is not a therapy – Beezone

“I Call My devotees to the transcending of any obstruction of energy, any dramatization of the “self”-contraction in relation to sex or any other aspect of life.

To Me, emotional-sexual difficulty (of whatever kind) is simply something that the individual must deal with, in a straightforward, non-problematic, non-puritanical,non-moralistic, and altogether, non-pararnoid (or fearless) manner.

Thus, I have always approached emotional-sexual matters in an open fashion, in order to really Deal with emotional-sexual matters, so that the emotional-sexual integrity can be the basis for the development of real Transcendental Spiritual practice.

My “Reality Considertion”, which continued for many years and covered evry conceivable aspect of emotional-sexual life, is Summarized in the “Source-Texts” of My Divine Avataric Word.

Adi Da Samraj – ‘The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life


Here is an early book (not a source text) giving an idea of the extent (and study) of His “Reality Consideration” Word.


Love of Me Must Be the Measure of Your Intimacies

(our of print)


Recent Instruction on Emotional-Sexual Responsibility and Adapting to the Practice of True Intimacy

from The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).


©1993 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.
Produced by the Free Daist Communion in cooperation with the Dawn Horse Press.
ISBN: 0-918801-75-3.

Part One: Be Established in Your Heart-Relationship to Me:
Live in the Heart Place (5/30/92).
Right Approach to Me (7/28/92, 7/29/92, 6/3/92, 7/30/92).
Practice This Real Devotion to Me (8/24/92).
Rejoice in Me (1/13/93).
The Greatest of All Secrets (12/14/92, 7/9/92).

Part Two: On Emotional-Sexual Self-Understanding:
The Right Approach to Intimacy in the Way of the Heart (12/15/92).
The “Oedipal Consideration” (7/13/90).
Emotion and the Ordeal of Self-Understanding (6/5/92).
Be Willing to Do Something Different.
Work out Forgiveness and the Expression of Love with Your Parents (1/21/93).
Self-Observation and Surrender (7/9 & 7/16/92).
“In Love” Is a Great Matter (7/16/92).
Everything Should Be Confessed (11/28/92).
A Yogic Relationship vs. Romance (10/10/90).

Part Three: On Promiscuity:
Love Is Serious, Even When It Laughs (7/4/92).
The Freedom to Enter Into and Abandon Emotional-Sexual Relationships (5/21/92).
I Call You to a Living Emotional-Sexual “Consideration” (1/22/91).
Promiscuity and Intimacy (5/30/92).
Observing Promiscuity (7/17, 7/18, 12/14, & 6/17/92).
The Discipline of Intimacy Is Just as Intense as the Discipline of Celibacy (12/4/92).

Part Four: On Establishing a New Intimacy:
Announcing a New Intimacy (6/7/92).
Cultural Agreement (10/2 & 10/14/92).
Keep One Another Real (12/15 & 7/7/92).

Part Five: On the Sexual Arts:
Going Beyond Your Limits (6/13/92).
Ecstatic Living (6/13/92).
To Women, on Preparing for Sexual Occasion (5/30/92).
To Men, on Interest and Excitement (5/30/92).
To Women, on Interest and Erection (5/30/92).
Clothing (5/30/92).
Makeup for Men (5/30/92).

Part Six: On the Roles of Men and Women:
The Play of Polar Opposites (1/21/93).

Part Seven: On Sexual “Conscious Exercise” and Regenerative Sexuality:
You Must Adapt to the Sexual Discipline-It Is Not Something You Can Do Immediately (9/19/90).
The Control of Orgasm by Men and Women (9/19/90).
Frequency of Allowable Orgasm (1/2/90).
Finger Pressure (10/2/90).
Menstruation and Sex (10/20/90).
The Effects of Degenerative Orgasm (9/17/90).
Bodily Integration with Sexuality (10/2/90).
Regenerative Orgasm (11/11/90).
Degenerative Orgasm Should Be Bypassed, but Orgasm Itself Is to Be Converted (11/7/90).
Addressing Functional and Stylistic Limitations (9/19/90).

Part Eight: On the Sexuality of Young People in the Way of the Heart:
Fantasy and Reality (5/21/91).
Sri Da Avabhasa’s Instruction to a Young Woman (1/12/91).
More Instruction from Sri Da Avabhasa to the Same Young Woman (1/12/91).
Honesty Is to Be Valued in the Way of the Heart (5/22/91).

Part Nine: On Homosexuality:
Whatever Your Sexual Practice, Practice the Way of the Heart with Discrimination (8/7/90, 5/26/92).

Part Ten: On the “Architecture of Living”:
Give Time and Space to the Community of My Devotees, Give Your Intimacy Over to Yoga, and Give Your Life Entirely to Me and to the Process of Divine Self-Realization in My Company (3/29-4/4/91).
Change Your Action (4/10, 4/11/91, 6/3/92).
Including Children (7/19/91).

Part Eleven: On Renunciation:
The Effort Toward Union Has Nothing to Do with Realization (5/25/92).
The Purpose of the Sexual Discipline in the Way of the Heart (1/2/92).
Celibate Renunciation (5/30, 6/11//92).
Transform the Conditions of Existence (6/7/92).
You Must Shine (3/19/92).
The Commitment to Ecstasy (6/9/92).
Get Straight and Really Dance! (7/6/92).


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