The Great Yogic Event of “Penetration” – 1968 – Adi Da Samraj

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 Aletheon, Atma Nadi
Shakti Yoga. p. 401-404


The (fifth stage) Yogic Process of
the progressive inner un-“Veiling” of the Pattern (or
Structure) of the cosmic domain is demonstrated (in the
Siddha-Yoga, or Shaktipat-Yoga, tradition of Kundalini Yoga)
via the progressive “experiencing” (or re-“experiencing”, in
reverse order, or from base to crown) of the total pattern
of all the structural forms that comprise the
hierarchically-composed body-mind-“self” (or
body-brain-“self”), via a progressively
body-mind-“self”-reflecting (or
body-brain-“self”-reflecting) display of inner perceptual
“objects” (or apparently “objectified” phenomenal states,
conditions, and patterns of cosmic light).

That Process (of the inner
perceptual un-“Veiling” of the hierarchical structure,
pattern, and contents of the conditionally manifested
body-mind-“self”, or body-brain-“self”) Culminates (or may
Culminate, at least eventually) in the vision (in
occasional, or, otherwise, constant, Savikalpa Samadhi) of
the “blue bindu” (or the “blue pearl”), as well as various
other “objectified” inner lights (such as the red, the
white, and the black), or even the vision of the total
Cosmic Mandala (of many concentric rings of color, including
the central “blue bindu”, with its Brilliant White
Five-Pointed Star at the Center).

In any case, the possibly perceived
abstract inner light (or any “bindu”, or point, or
“Mandala”, or complex abstract vision, of inwardly perceived
light) is merely, and necessarily, a display of the
functional “root”-point of the brain’s perception of
conditionally manifested universal light (or merely cosmic
light) itself.

However, if the Great Process of
(fifth stage) un-“Veiling” is (Thus) Continued, the
“objectified” inner “bindu”-vision (and Savikalpa Samadhi
itself) is, in due course, transcended (in Fully Ascended
Nirvikalpa Samadhi)-Such That there is the Great Yogic Event
of “Penetration” of (and Into) the True (Intrinsically
Formless, Non-“objective”, and “objectless”) “Maha-Bindu”,
Infinitely Above the body, the brain, and the

That Great Yogic Event was, in fact
and in Truth, What Occurred (in the Priorly, rather than
conditionally, Established manner) in My Own Case, in My
room, immediately after I was Blessed by Swami (Baba)
Muktananda (of Ganeshpuri) and Rang Avadhoot in the garden
of Baba Muktananda’s Ganeshpuri Ashram, in 1968.

The Great Yogic Event of
“Penetration” of the True “Maha-Bindu”, Which Occurred in My
Own Case in 1968, is (in Its Extraordinary Particulars) a
Unique Example (within the history of the Great Tradition)
of spontaneous complete (and Priorly Ascended) “Penetration”
of all the chakras (or centers, or points, or structures) of
the conditionally manifested body-mind-“self” (or
body-brain-“self”)-simultaneous with sudden Priorly Ascended
Nirvikalpa Samadhi (or immediate “Penetration” to Beyond the
total cosmic, and psycho-physical, context of
“subject-object” relations).

The phenomenon of sudden (rather
than progressive) conditional Ascent is described, in the
(fifth stage) Yogic traditions, as the Greatest (and rarest)
of the Demonstrations of Yogic Ascent-as compared to
progressive (or gradual) demonstrations (shown via stages of
inner ascent, via internal visions, lights, auditions, and
so on).

In My Unique Case, it was only
subsequently (or always thereafter, and even now) that the
universal cosmic Pattern (or Vertically perceptible Great
cosmic Structure) and the universally extended pattern (or
Vertically perceptible inner cosmic structure) of the body,
the brain, and the mind (and the Horizontal inner Primary
structure, or the three stations of the heart) were (and
are) directly (and systematically, and completely)
un-“Veiled” (in a constant spontaneous Display-both
apparently “Objective” and Perfectly Subjective-within My
Divine Avataric Vision).

In the Event of Priorly Ascended
Nirvikalpa Samadhi in 1968, the intrinsically limited nature
of Fully Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi as it has been
conditionally Realized (as the “supreme goal” of the fifth
stage Yogic traditions) became immediately clear to

Directly after the Event of Priorly
Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi, I was tacitly aware that the
Realization of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi
(necessarily) depended on the exercise (and on a unique,
precise attitude and arrangement) of the conditional
apparatus (and intrinsically hierarchical pattern) of the
body, the brain, and the mind (and of attention)-and that,
therefore, that Realization was (yet) conditionally
dependent (or psycho-physically supported), and, necessarily
(or in that sense), limited (or, yet, only a temporary stage
in the progressive Process of un-“Veiling”), and, therefore,

That is to Say, it was inherently
Obvious to Me that any and all internal (or otherwise
psycho-physical) “experiencing” necessarily requires the
exercise (via attention) of the “root”-position (and the
conditionally arising psycho-physical apparatus) of
conditionally arising “self”-consciousness (or of the
separate and separative psycho-physical ego-“I”).

I immediately Concluded that-unless
the Process of Realization could transcend the very
structure and pattern of ego-based “experiencing” and the
very Structure and Pattern of the conditionally manifested
cosmos itself-Realization would Itself (necessarily) be
limited (as in the case of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa
Samadhi) by the same “subject-object” (or
ego-versus-“object”) dichotomy that otherwise characterizes
even all ordinary (or non-mystical) “experience”.

Even though, in the Event of Priorly
Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi (Which does not depend on any
manipulation of attention, or even any manipulation of all
of the mechanics, or physiology and psychology, of the
body-mind-“self”), the perception, conception, or
psycho-physical presumption of a separate “self” was
effortlessly transcended-the subsequent return of the
apparent limitations and dependencies associated with
“experiential” conditionality suggested to Me an even
Greater Event (or Process, or Re-Awakening) was yet
Required, if there Is to Be the Indivisibly Perfect
Realization I Tacitly and “Brightly” Always Already “Knew”
to Be The (One and Only) Case.

Therefore, I Persisted in My Divine
Avataric Submission-Process-until the un-“Veiling” became
Inherently Most Perfect (or seventh stage, and Intrinsically
egoless) Re-Awakening to Divine Self-Realization, Inherently
Beyond all phenomenal (or conditional) dependencies (or
supports), and Infinitely (and Divinely) Transcending all
phenomenal (or conditional) bondage (or


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