Action and Consciousness

Action and Consciousness

an Essay by Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Whatever you appear to do, your activity is always an extension of your apparent self (and, therefore, of your perception, conception, or interpretation of your apparent self, the world, and Reality).

Whatever you do (or appear to do) to another, you necessarily (effectively and inevitably) do to (or duplicate within) your apparent self.

You cannot directly cause an inward (or subjective) effect on another.

You can directly cause an inward (or subjective) effect only on your apparent self.

Whatever effect you may appear to have on another (inwardly), the other must consent to actually (directly) do to himself or herself (inwardly).

Likewise, no other can directly cause an inward (or subjective) effect in you except to the degree that you consent to do it to your apparent self.

Therefore, at the heart, you are not a doer, nor one to whom anything (or any cause or effect) is done but (Prior to your apparent, and apparently active, self) you Are only the Inherently Perfect Witness, and only the Very Self-Condition (or Perfectly Subjective Source-Condition) of apparent actions.

Realize This.

Realize the Source-Condition of your apparent individual self and Be (Thereby) Set Free from all appearances (and all apparent results) of egoic (or conditional, and psycho-physical) action.