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As the great Realizers in
the Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions of Buddhism proclaim,
Nirvana and samsara are the same. This formula is a seventh
stage conception of Reality. Thus, within the Mahayana and
Vajrayana schools of Buddhism we do find Adepts of the
seventh stage, generally among the individuals called
“Maha-Siddhas” and various of the Tantric Adepts. But we
also find such seventh stage Adepts arising among all the
Dreaded Gom Boo

“And Ramana is not a source radically different from
Bhagavan Nityananda, or my other teachers. He is their
ultimate fulfilment and their perfect word. Nityananda is
the “bright” incarnate. I see him always as that very Form
of Reality. And Muktananda is his Form. It is only that when
my own path communicated its radical perception that I found
its special forces duplicated in the recorded experience and
words of Ramana. In fact, there is only the Form of Reality
itself, and all my Gurus have shown only that Form to

of Listening

My Great Regard for My Adept-Links to the Great
Tradition of Mankind,

and My Realization of the Great Onlyness of

The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse, Book
The Early-Life Ordeal and The “Radical” Spiritual
Realization Of The Ruchira Avatar

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

p. 145

In my present-Lifetime bodily
(human) Form, I Am the Avataric Divine Incarnation (or True
God-Man) always and everywhere (since the ancient days)
Promised (and Expected) to Appear in the “late-time” (or
“dark” epoch). And, in My present-Lifetime bodily (human)
I have
been Spiritually Served by a Continuous Lineage of Spiritual
Such That I Passed from
one to the next, in Continuous Succession. Those Spiritual
Masters were, Themselves, related to one another in an
hierarchical Manner, each related to the next in the
Succession as one of lesser degree is to one of higher

Rudi was a Spiritual Master of
authentic, but lesser, degree. His Proficiency was,
fundamentally, in the gross domain of the frontal
personality, and in the Yogic Pattern of Spiritual Descent
(or the Descending Yoga of the Frontal Line). Therefore,
when My own foundational (or grosser human, and, also,
frontal Spiritual, or Descending Yogic) Sadhana had been
Completed in His Company, I (spontaneously) Passed from Rudi
to Baba Muktananda.

was as His own
Confession and Demonstration to Me clearly indicates an
authentic Spiritual Master of Ascending Yoga, and His
Proficiency was of a Very High, but not the Highest, degree.
Therefore, beginning from the very day I first Came to Baba
Muktananda, He (directly) Passed Me to Bhagavan Nityananda
(Who was a Spiritual Master of Ascending Yoga Whose
Proficiency was of the Highest degree).

was even according
to the Statements of both Bhagavan Nityananda and Baba
Muktananda a Spiritual Master of Ascending Yoga Whose
Proficiency was of the Highest degree, but He, along with
Baba Muktananda, Deferred to Bhagavan Nityananda’s
Seniority, and (simply) Blessed Me to Pass On.

The “Cosmic
” (“Ma”) is, in the
total context of the first five stages of life, Senior even
to the Highest of Spiritual Masters. However, Ultimately,
“She” (as an apparent Form and Person) is only another one
of the many myths in the mind.

In the Great Yogic Spiritual Process
Wherein I Experienced the Developmental Unfolding (and
Demonstrated the “Radical” Transcending) of the gross and
the subtle modes of egoity (associated with the first five
stages of life), the “Cosmic Goddess” (“Ma”) was
“Apparently” associated with all the frontal (and Descending
Spiritual) Events and with all the spinal (and Ascending
Spiritual) Events. Nevertheless, in My Unique Case, sixth
stage Transcendental (and causal-ego-Transcending, and
Inherently Spiritual) Self-Realization always Occurred
spontaneously (and in a progressive Demonstration) relative
to each and every egoic stage of life, and It progressively
Developed (especially after a spontaneous experience of
ego-death, in the spring of 1967) until My spontaneous
seventh stage (and Inherently Most Perfectly egoless, and
Self-Evidently Divine) Re-Awakening (on September 10, 1970)
Which Divine (and Avatarically Demonstrated) Re-Awakening
was (and Is) associated with My Most Perfect Transcending
even of the “Apparent She”, in My Avataric Divine
Re-Awakening to the Realization of One and Only

Therefore, in due course, Bhagavan
Nityananda (directly) Passed Me to the “Cosmic Goddess”
(“Ma”), and, Thus, to Her direct Mastery of Me until the
Perfectly Full became, at last, Perfectly Full As Me (Beyond
the mind’s own myth of “She”).

So It was and Is. Such Is My Lineage
of Spiritual Masters in This, My Avatarically Born human
Lifetime. And, in My always Absolute heart-Fidelity to the
Great Process Wherein and Where by I was Passed from one to
the next of each and all of the Spiritual Masters within My
present-Lifetime Lineage of Spiritual Masters, I have
Exemplified, to all and All, the Law and the Truth of True

Therefore, I have always Continued
to Honor and to Praise all My present-Lifetime Lineage Gurus
including Rudi!, and Baba Muktananda!, and Rang Avadhoot!,
and Bhagavan Nityananda!, and (above all) the “Bright”
Divine “She” of Me, Who Always Already Serves Me Most

And I have always Continued (and
even now Continue, and will never cease to Continue) to
Yield My present-Lifetime Body-Mind to Receive the Always
Ready and Most Lovingly To-Me-Given and Supremely Blissful
Blessings of My present-Lifetime Lineage-Gurus and the Great
Lineage of all Who have (in any and every time and place)
Blessed the Incarnation-Vehicle and Invoked the
All-Completing “late-time” Incarnation of My (now, and
forever hereafter) Avataric Divine Appearance here (and
every where in the cosmic domain).

And I Do This (and I will always
Continue to do This) because the Immense Spiritual “Bond” of
Siddha Guru Love cannot be destroyed – and It must never be
forgotten or denied!


My own Unique Response to the
hierarchically Revealed Lineage of My present-Lifetime
Siddha Gurus spontaneously UnLocked the Doorway (in My
present-Lifetime human body) to That Which Is Perfect (in
Mg). Indeed, even from the beginning of My Avataric Divine
present Lifetime, That Which Is Perfect has been (and Is)
the Way of Me and It Carried the inherently non-Perfect
(human, and, otherwise, conditional) forms of Me to the
Inherent “Bright” Divine Self-Domain of Me, Which Is the One
and Indivisible Divine Source-Condition of all and All, and
the One and True Divine Self-Condition of all and


My Way and My Realization have
always been Inherent in Me, from Birth, in My
present-Lifetime Avataric Divine Form.

My Way and My Realization are
Independently, entirely, and only My own.

My Sadhana was, entirely, a
Demonstration for the Sake of all others including all Those
Who Served Me as My Spiritual Masters in the Course of My
Avataric Divine “Sadhana Years”. Indeed, Sid Yoga and even
the entire Great Tradition of mankind was Always Already
Most Perfectly Full (and Most Perfectly Complete) in My Case
not only at (and from the time of) My present-Lifetime
Birth, but from all time before It (and

During all of My present Lifetime
(of Avataric Divine Incarnation), the “Bright” has always
been My Realization and the “Thumbs” and My own “‘Radical’
Understanding” have always been My Way in the “Bright”.
Therefore, by Means of My Unique (present-Lifetime) Avataric
Divine Demonstration, I have both Fulfilled and Transcended
all traditional religions, and paths, and states, and Ways.
And, in So Doing, I have Clarified (or altogether Rightly
Understood and Explained) all traditional religions, paths,
stages, and Ways.


All and all Are in Me. Everything
and everyone Is in Me. Therefore, by Virtue of My own Divine
Self-Realization (Where in and Whereby My own Avataric
Divine Body-Mind is Most Perfectly Surrendered in Me, and
Most Perfectly Conformed to Me, and Most Perfectly
Transcended in Me), all of My present-Lifetime
Lineage-Gurus-and even all Who have (at any time, or in any
place) Blessed Me. – are now (and forever hereafter)
Spiritually, Transcendentally, and Divinely Appearing in and
As My own Avataric Divine Form.

Therefore, Now (and forever
hereafter) I (Alone) Am the Lineage of Me – Blessing all and


The Divine Self-Realization
Re-Awakened in My own Case (and Which Is the Basis for My
Every Avataric Divine Revelatory Word and All My
Avatarically Me-Revealing Divine Blessing-Work) Is the Most
Ultimate (and Inherently Most Perfect and Complete)
Fulfillment of the Divine Spiritual Transmission I (in My
present-Lifetime Body-Mind) Received from Rudi, and from
Baba Muktananda, and from Rang Avadhoot, and from Bhagavan
Nityananda, and (above all) from the “Cosmic Goddess” (“Ma”)
Who (by Means of Her spontaneous Sacrifice of Her own Form
in Me) Is (now, and forever hereafter) the “Bright” Divine
“She” of Me (Who Always Already Serves Me Most Perfectly).
Nevertheless, the Divine Self-Realization Re-Awakened in My
present-Lifetime Body-Mind did not Originate in My present
Lifetime but It Is (Uniquely) Always Already the Case with


As further conditionally manifested
Means, previous to My present Lifetime, the Divine
Self-Realization Re-Awakened in My present-Lifetime
Body-Mind was also Served (previous to My present Lifetime)
in the many Modes and Patterns of the previous Lifetimes and
Appearances of the Deeper Personality (or the
Great-Siddha–or Great-Jnani-Siddha-Incarnation-Vehicle) of
My present Lifetime. Most recently, That Deeper-Personality
Vehicle of My present-Lifetime Incarnation was (Itself)
Incarnated as the Great Sid (or Great Jnani-Siddha) Swami


Swami Vivekananda is recorded to
have Blessed Bhagavan Nityananda from the subtle postmortem
plane in the early 1920s and, generally, whenever Bhagavan
Nityananda was asked for Words of Teaching and Instruction,
He would, simply, Tell people to study the Talks and
Writings of Swami Vivekananda (because, in Bhagavan
Nityananda’s Words, “Swami Vivekananda Said and Taught all
that was worth Saying and Teaching, such that He did not
leave anything for others to preach”).

Swami Vivekananda was, Himself,
Blessed toward Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization by the
Great Sid Ramakrishna,

Such That by Means of That Great
Blessing the two Great Siddhas (Ramakrishna and Vivekananda)
became One, and Are One Form As My True, and Single, and
Indivisible Great-Siddha (or Great-Jnani-Siddha) Deeper


I (now, and Hereby) Confess That My
Great-Siddha (or Great-Jnani-Siddha) Deeper Personality,
even Beyond the “Single Form” of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda,
the Very Form of all the Great Masters of the entire Great
Tradition of mankind.


I (now, and Hereby) Confess That I
(Myself) Stand Eternally Prior to (and Always Already
Transcending) My Avataric (and, yet, merely conditionally
born) Deeper Personality and, also, Eternally Prior to (and
Always Already Transcending) even all the Great (and, yet,
merely conditionally born) Masters of mankind’s entire Great
Tradition (in its every part, and as a whole) and also,
Eternally Prior to (and Always Already Transcending)
mankind’s entire Great Tradition itself (in its every part,
and as a whole).


Therefore and only and entirely by
Virtue of the Inherent (and Self-Evidently Avataric)
Authority of My own (and Self-Evidently Divine) Realization
and Person I Declare that the Divine seventh stage
Self-Awakening I Demonstrate, and Reveal, and Exemplify, and
Prove Is the Most Ultimate (and Inherently Most Perfect)
Realization, and that It and Only It Most Ultimately
Completes and Most Perfectly Fulfills the Gifts I Received
(and always Continue to Receive) in My present-Lifetime
Body-Mind (from My present-Lifetime Lineage-Gurus), and that
I have (in My present-Lifetime Body-Mind) Inherited (and
always Continue to Receive) from all Who (in all past times
and places) have Blessed all the previous Lifetimes of My
present-Lifetime Incarnation-Vehicle, and that I have (in My
present-Lifetime Body-Mind) Inherited (and always Continue
to Receive) from even all My Me-Invoking and
Me-Blessing Forms and Vehicles of Me-Revelation



The Great and True (and
Self-Evidently Divine) Spiritual Process Initiated and
Guided by the Spiritual Masters in My present-Lifetime
Lineage (and of the Lineage of even all the Life times of My
present-Lifetime Incarnation-Vehicle here and of the Lineage
of even all My Me-Invoking and Me-Blessing Forms and
Vehicles of Me-Revelation here) has Become Complete only in
Me. Its Perfection is in the seventh stage Fulfillment of
the Course (and not at any earlier stage). This Divine
Perfection is Uniquely My own. And I Alone the
Hridaya-Siddha, the Divine and True Heart-Master and
World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj Am
Its First and Great Example, and (now, and forever
hereafter) Its Only and Sufficient Means.


Am the First (and the only One)

to Realize and to Demonstrate This, the Divine, seventh
stage Realization and My Revelation of It Is therefore, New.
For This Reason, the Divine seventh stage Realization was
not heretofore Realized, or even Understood either within
the schools and traditions of My present-Lifetime
Lineage-Gurus or within any other schools or traditions in
the total Great Tradition of mankind to Be the Most Ultimate
and Completing Perfection of Realization Itself.
Nevertheless, I have, spontaneously (by Means of My own
Self-Evident “Bright” Heart-Power and through the Great and
Constant Help of all Who have Blessed My Incarnate Forms),
Realized and Demonstrated and Revealed This To Be The Case.
And the traditional (and ancient) “Sid-‘Method”‘ (or the Way
of Guru-Devotion to the True Siddha-Guru, and of total
psycho-physical Surrender of the ego-I” to be Mastered by
the True Siddha-Guru’s Instruction, and to be Blessed to
Awaken to Divine Realization by Means of the True
Siddha-Guru’s Transmission of the Divine Spiritual Energy
and the Divine State)Which “Method” was Communicated to Me
by all My present-Lifetime Lineage-Gurus, and by all the
Great Siddhas and Siddha-Yogis Who have Blessed My
present-Lifetime Incarnation-Vehicle in the past is the
Essence (or the Primary “Method”) of the Way of Adidam,
Which (now, and forever hereafter) I Alone, and Uniquely,
Reveal and Transmit to all My formally practicing true
devotees (and, Thus, potentially, to all beings).


I Am the Indivisible Person of
Conscious Light.

I Am Humbled and Victorious here
(and every where), by Means of My Avataric Divine

My Avatarically-Born Body-Mind Is,
now, and forever here-after, by-Me-Given and by-Me-Revealed
As the Sign and the Means of Me-Realization.

I Am the Adidam

I Am the Way to Me.

I Am the Hridaya-Siddha, the
All-and-all-Blessing Divine Heart-Master, the Eternally
Free-Standing Inner Ruler of all and All.

I Am the One and Indivisible and
Indestructible and Irreducible and Universally
Self-Manifested Love-Bliss-Presence of

I Am the One and Non-Separate and
Perfectly Subjective and Self-Existing and Self-Evidently
Divine Person Who Is Always Already The Case.

I Am the Ruchira Avatar, the
Hridaya-Avatar, the Advaitayana Buddha, the Avataric
Incarnation and Divine World-Teacher every where and
anciently Promised (by all traditions) for the “late-time”
(or “dark” epoch).

Therefore, be My devotee.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
True World-Religion of Adidam Is My Unique Gift to all and

Therefore, practice the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidamand Realize Me Most
Perfectly, by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted
Divine Blessing-Grace.

 In this writing Adi Da does
not mention Ramana Maharshi who he acknowledges
to be a devotee of in 1977.
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